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Comment Re:Google (Score 1) 95

Back when Web directories could keep up with changes or something like that, I tried a lot to use them. My bookmark collection is practically one of those sites. When I find a bookmark where the link it is pointing to has disappeared, I go to and plug it in to see if it got the site. If it does, I update the bookmark to point there. I start out with a alphabet sprawled across the bookmarks toolbar, and then topics under that letter So I have P on the toolbar and under that I have Programming, and under that Game for game programming. I also have a G which has a Game folder for more general game playing topics. I would like most of my bookmarks to sync across all browsers but there are some sites that won't render very well with how I have a given browser set up, so I want those links exclusive to the browsers that they work right in. None of the search engines index and under A I have an archive folder that points to various collections on

Comment Re:Put some effort into it (Score 2) 95

Little is said about real management features like making certain bookmarks exclusive to one or a set of browsers or devices, checking for dead links and maybe even looking them up on

Are the features I want, but to say that the reviews said little about such features may be generous, because they actually said nothing at all about it.

Submission + - Is there a bookmark manager that actually manages bookmarks? 1

hackwrench writes: Most reviews of so-called bookmark managers focus on the fact that they can share bookmarks across browsers and devices and whether or not they can make your bookmarks public or not. Sometimes they mention that you can annotate bookmarks.

Little is said about real management features like making certain bookmarks exclusive to one or a set of browsers or devices, checking for dead links and maybe even looking them up on

I'm sure this isn't an exhaustive list of features that would be good to have. What bookmarks managers do you use and why, and what features would you like to see in a bookmark manager?

Comment Re: Novella (Score 1) 316

Thanks. You write well by my measures. It is possible for there to be router firmware that makes the routers work together to pass data around all the DSL lines. I'm not sure it actually exists yet, but I've been trained on non-wireless Cisco routers, so Cisco's another place to look into. I'm not sure there are competitors at the level of Cisco that can provide the solution you are looking for. You can even bond the cellular connection, but depending on your plan you may not want to do that if you might run out of data during an emergency.

What works for me with bookmarks is that I have letters across the bookmarks toolbar and topics are filed under the letters. Games is under g, but game programming is under P|Programming|Game. Places that sell steam games is actually under B|bundles, though I think a link to is under S On Chrome and Firefox Slashdot is under "/." but it isn't in the Microsoft browsers because they won't import directories that contain characters forbidden by filenames.

I get phone service from MetroPCS and the terms and service has said in the past that torrents were not to be used. MetroPCS now offers free tethering for the $40 plan. I had to manually switch to the upgraded $40 plan from 2GB to 3GB at 4G speeds before it switches to 2G speeds. The $60 plan has unlimited data at "up to" 4G speeds, which means that data at any speed counts against that total. I had a 3G phone previously but could only get a 2G signal with that in a location I frequent. When I bought a 4G phone, in that area I discovered I would sometimes get a 4G signal and sometimes a 2G signal but never a 3G signal.

Comment Re:Not stupid persons. (Score 1) 431

Eveerybody is stupid when it comes to a vast number of things. It's not sufficient to uncategorically say that a group of people aren't stupid when it comes to making a point. From my perspective your description of how addiction works is so lacking details and seeming to get some of the details it does present wrong to be completely useless. That goes for how overdoses happen as well.

Comment Re: Black boxes (Score 2) 471

The black box situation ebbs and flows. The car diagnostics apparently used to require a specialized apparently rather large computer at a mechanic to run through paces or maybe just for the code, I'm not sure, but now a car parts store will hook a handheld device up to the car to read the codes stored in the car and give you a printout of their values and meaning for free. My brother-in-law said he could fix her Kia based on the codes and explanations, what he already knew and what he could read off the internet. She had to pay $160 bucks for two coils, but look what a search turned up. I even just put in kia coil and it offered the other search terms.

Comment Re:Getting a car repair (Score 1) 471

Oh, want your car serviced? No problem, just conveniently schedule an appointment for 3 - 6 weeks out with our friendly regional call center representative in Bangalore. His name is Steve. Oh, and your service center will be conveniently located someplace within 50 miles of you where we can get cheap rent too. I hope the car will make it that far needing a repair and all. If not, I'm sure towing is pretty cheap too, right?

You sound like you've never heard of the independent mechanic that as far as I can tell, practically everyone who buys a used car takes it to. If it's cheap enough for someone who buys used and might not have the money for better, then it's cheap enough for someone who has the money to buy a new car too.

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