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I arrived late to the party, but am quite rapidly becoming quite a prolific poster to this story. I haven't seen a Slashdot feature that easily allows people to keep track of number of posts, so how do you compare how many posts everyone has made here?

Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 1) 460 460

Would you care to point out where in the Constitution the government is given the right to classify information.

My search for it turned up this page:
which does not list the United States as having a constitution that protects its citizens right to information from the government, but that is not the same as saying the government has the right to classify information.

Comment Re: Yeah, be a man! (Score 1) 460 460

Have you bothered to consider the number of classified documents that were leaked that had nothing to do with his accusations?

I know I haven't. But that's mainly because I've only heard people like you saying there sure are a lot of them, without any research performed on the matter.

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