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Comment Re:What I've been suggesting (Score 1) 51

The mass spectrometer is to determine precisely what all the things in the room will do when various things like electrons and light at various frequencies are lobbed at them. I don't know if more than one projector will be necessary to get light to bend in such a way that an arbitrary image will come into focus onto the retina. There are plenty of "Mirascopes" or "3D Mirror Scope Illusion Creators" that use this effect.

Read a few of the links on the Wikipedia entry and you might be able to grasp how you can change where the focal point of the light is. The links I followed were a little light on math, though. Then there's Pepper's Ghost.

Comment What I've been suggesting (Score 1) 51

Combine a mass spectrometer and a projector that can bounce an image off objects in the room that puts the focal point of the light in front of or possibly behind the object, (my math isn't all that good, but I think I know enough that indicates part of what I'm saying is possible) and you may have something better than what we have now, without glasses and more than one person at a time can see it.

Comment Re: Well isn't that lovely (Score 1) 30

I like it for buying not quite the newest but still contains useful information programming books. A lot of times they can beat Amazon on price and one vendor had/has a buy three get one free deal. I can't look the vendor up at the moment because I'm on my phone and Chrome has a nasty habit of dumping buffers when you switch to another tab and Slashdot's preview function is oddly missing. But anyways, it's rare I have to spend more than $5 for any book. Sometimes I don't get an item matching the description but sellers are generally good about either refunding the money outright without sending the item back, or at least an offer that is better than going through the process of sending the item back. Oh, and ink, can't forget ink. Sometimes people sell lots at good prices, but stay away from the onea that offer around 50 assorted DVDs that are chosen at random, because the DVDs are low quality. I say this while acknowledging that many people might say my standards for entertainment are low.

Submission + - Exploitable backhole accidentally left in some MediaTek-based phones (

Lirodon writes: MediaTek has confirmed findings by security researcher Justin Case, who discovered that some devices running Android KitKat on MediaTek processors (often used in lower-cost devices) had a debug function, meant to be removed on production devices, accidentally left in by their manufacturer. This hole could be used to trivially gain root access, among other possibilities.

Comment Re: I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

Well, if you've taken one biology course, you've taken them all.
And have you taken them all?
I've taken one.

So tell me mister one class biology class expert, how can the people who grow the animals "fatten" meaning in this case producing meat instead of fat, do so while keeping them confined.

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 414

Preprocessing tags allow you to keep any changes that are necessary in the same file. QB64 first translates a superset of QBASIC to C++ and then compiles it against the QB64 library code also written in C++, and is implemented for PC, Mac, Linux, and the Windows version will also write code that gets compiled to Android.

Comment Re: no thanks (Score 1) 458

The customizations available in 98 were quite advanced allowing you to customize scripts that altered how viewing a given folder appeared and also floating toolbars, and a channels feature that a lot of vocal people insisted were a bad idea. Too bad it crashed too much and so I upgraded the laptop I had with 98 on it to XP which didn't have as many crashing problems but took out most of the customization options. Stability issues aside, I never thought of a Windows release as not finished until 10. "Recently used files" in File Explorer? Just a placeholder. Searching without Cortana? Non-functional when I first installed it and never really bothered to check on the status in part because it would mean figuring out how to turn Cortana off. Speaking of Cortana, she can tell you when a package ordered through eBay has shipped, but nothing about what's in the order itself. I think it may be able to cough up weather info search for applications but not files, that's still a File Explorer only function, not counting third-party search programs, of which I recommend Agent Ransack, which has a tamer named version for the squeamish. A file comparison tool isn't provided, of which I recommend WinMerge for some tasks and Meld for others. It really wants you to divide your collection of media files into Music and TV & Movies, ignoring eBooks, lumping audio books in with Music and Music Videos in with TV & Movies. The Edge browser is missing a lot of control elements. Okay, now I'm tired and so for now I guess that means I am done.

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