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Comment Re:Never understand jailbreaking an Apple iOS devi (Score 2) 205

There are quite a few nifty features and tweaks available to a JB device that aren't possible on stock iOS. As others have mentioned, finer grained OS controls like f.lux, the ability to actually interact with the filesystem (on the device or plugged in), disallowed apps like emulators, removing stock apps, etc. It drove me nuts that on my first iPhone, I could silence every singe sound and vibration--but every time I plugged it in, it buzzed at me. I had to jailbreak to get rid of that.

As another poster stated, Apple are kind of design fascists. Phones, they decided for me, are just too small to support many of the multitouch gestures that the iPad uses. Jailbreak and you can have that (very useful, IMHO) functionality back. The quick access buttons are the ones they decide you need. Jailbreak and you can choose from a huge set of functions that, again, are really handy to be able to toggle quickly. I was turning certain device features (BT, hotspot, invert, etc) on and off frequently enough that creating buttons for them made a huge difference in user experience.

Many of those features would be trivial for Apple to implement as advanced settings (hell, solitary coders are writing this stuff and giving it away for free), and not against the Apple ethos (unlike, say, emulators). But for now you have to expose yourself to security risks in order to do all this useful stuff with your expensive pocket computer.

And Android is its own bag of cats. I've been in that bag with those cats and it's a longer story that I have time to write about here. Suffice it to say that not everything in the Adroidverse as universally open and moddable as it might appear from the iSide.

Comment Re: Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 205

When I purchased my Android phone I wanted a true Open VPN client and native access to the filesystem. Fortunately I could do that without rooting it. On the contrary I would have had to root an iPhone to get those features.

This, I discovered the hard way, is not a universal quality of Android devices. Depending on the manufacturer and carrier, some are quite a bit less open than even iDevices.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 5, Funny) 587

Bring in a portable faraday cage and have him sit in it.

Sounds like reasonable accomodation to me, problem solved.

"Thus arose, in the early 20's, a small subculture of spherically encased children known as 'Faraday Hamsters.'

Enabled by a 2017 Supreme Court interpretation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, these 'Faraday Hamsters' could frequently be seen running their electromagnetically impervious cages down school hallways along special troughs--evocative of the famous boulder chase scene in the 20th century classic, Raiders of the Lost Ark."

--Collected Histories of the Twenty-First Century

Comment Re:Not sure if Google abandoned Lenovo... (Score 1) 163

The news on for instance Ars today is that they want PCs to adopt the same persistenting software Apple devices have where they reinstall OS X even after you wiped it completely from the system.

If it's the "undeletable" OSX partition you're talking about, it's doable (have completely wiped a MBP drive and reinstalled fresh). Pain in the ass, but doable.

If it's a BIOS thing like TFS, I got no dukes. Wouldn't be surprised, though.

Comment Re: Relativity (Score 2) 199

No, AC has a point. It's clear from AC's post that he recalibrated the relativistic equations to account for the fact that Earth exist as 4 - 90 degree opposite corner quadrants, but not as a 360 degree circle--4 Simultaneous Days Rotate In Same 24 Hours Of Earth, 4 Earth corners rotate 4 Time corners.

Earth is Cubic opposites, nothing as circle. Duh.

Comment Re:"Heat death"? (Score 1) 199

IIRC, there are some theories where, out of the sea of nothing* that is a heat-dead universe, and on unfathomably long time scales (~10^45 years?)**, a new cosmic expansion event could happen randomly and birth a new universe. (Mumble mumble, quantum field fluctuations, symmetry breaking, mumble.)

Thus, infinite universes could be born and die, on an infinite timeline. Even if this is true, it's still pretty special to exist.

*Nothing except for virtual particle+antiparticle pairs popping in and out of existence.
**Assuming "time" really means anything in an era where there is no greater state of entropy to give time its arrow.

Comment Re:Already patched (Score 1) 105

Thanks for the explanation, +5 Informative.

I'm still getting familiar with the Android world, having recently stormed away from iOS (frustrating lack of control over the OS, even when jailbroken). I was headed for freedom, baby! So imagine my surprise when my new Android phone is locked down tighter than my old Apple phone. At least that I could jailbreak and it never had forced OTA updates (wtf?).

I've been keeping an eye out for a workable root solution. Tumbleweeds. (And pingpong has an expiration date prior to any Active builds.) This phone is going back anyway, since it is less waterproof than advertised. :(

The new Nexus looks promising, and the OnePlus 2 could be cool if they made more than 50 of them. I dunno, even the upcoming iPhone will probably be hackable before the Active...

Comment Re:Already patched (Score 1) 105

Good point, it'd be much harder to do a bunch of nasty stuff on a feature phone that just can't do much other than make phone calls. I use so many apps and smartphone features on a daily basis that it'd be tough to go back, though.

But you're right, it is just a matter of wanting my device to work exactly how I want it to, and fiddle with the guts. And not compromise on any other features (waterproofing notwithstanding... that has been less effective than advertised).

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