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Comment Re:Whistle blower (Score 1) 580 580

I don't follow. It appears that when you use the word consequences and I use the word consequences we are talking about different things. There are good and bad consequences to everything we do. I used to post my full name, address, and phone number on my user page on Wikipedia. Now the city I live in is still there, but circumstances of vandalism have as a consequence caused me to curtail the information there. I had to choose between two different consequences. I avoided one set of consequences, but I did not avoid "the" consequences of my actions; I chose among certain consequences.

Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 1) 580 580

I didn't say I didn't believe in keeping secrets I said I didn't believe in governments keeping secrets. The social security number shouldn't have the property of needing to be kept secret. Social Security numbers have taken on a role that they shouldn't have.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 339 339

Then there are the languages like VB.NET which came from VB which came from QB, which came from GW-BASIC but QB is compatible with GW-BASIC but the first two are incompatible with each other as well as with the latter two, but QB64 which can do a lot of what can do out of the box, is pretty well backwards compatible with QB and GW-BASIC and getting more robust.

Comment Re:Um... you're not nearly cynical enough (Score 1) 339 339

Except sometimes Nunzio comes around, but it all goes to the Great Skeeve, who uses magic to keep the Fairy Godfather from taking even more money from you. Oddly enough the Fairy Godfather's niece, Bunny, is the Great Skeeve's accountant, but we won't go too far into that.

Comment Re:You want to know how I know you're not a... (Score 1) 339 339

Person 1 rips you off to the tune of $200.
Person 2 demonstrates how to get Person 1 to rip you off only $100, for $25.

So now you're ripped off $125 instead of the original $200. It doesn't matter how many people are ripping you off except to determine the total amount you are getting ripped off and figure out who to keep around.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 580 580

I arrived late to the party, but am quite rapidly becoming quite a prolific poster to this story. I haven't seen a Slashdot feature that easily allows people to keep track of number of posts, so how do you compare how many posts everyone has made here?

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