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Comment: Re:Why not include the original IBM design? (Score 2) 190

by pcjunky (#48685025) Attached to: Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

I bought a bunch of model M's a few years ago at the Miami Hamfest. Payed $3 each for them. Still have about 8 of them. Been using them ever since. My wife Lesley who is a touch typest at around 70/80 words per minute loves hers. Newer machine require a USB adapter thats cost around $5 but they all still work great. I play CounterStrike, TF2 and Mech Warrior Online with mine.

Comment: Re:Not as bad as it sounds. (Score 1) 197

by pcjunky (#48540001) Attached to: Orion Capsule Safely Recovered, Complete With 12-Year-Old Computer Guts

It's true that my system has been somewhat upgraded. The GPU is faster than anything I could have gotten in 2006 (maybe twice the speed). Still that a basic system could still be viable after 8 years is unprecidented. I would have been nuts to be using a computer built in 1986 (386 16MHz) in 1994 (486 100MHz) or a system bult in 1996 (Pentium 133MHz) in 2004 (2.4GHz P4). These improvements have been on the order of 10X or more over 8 years. Performance gains since then have maybe been double, a big slowdown.

I'm not sure where all these extra transistors are being used but it doesn't seem to have enhanced overall system performnace to nearly the degree it did in the past.

Comment: Not as bad as it sounds. (Score 1) 197

by pcjunky (#48538079) Attached to: Orion Capsule Safely Recovered, Complete With 12-Year-Old Computer Guts

I have been in computers since the very early 80's starting with an Apple II. From then to about 2008 I have aquired or upgraded my computer about every 3 years or less. I am currently using a machine that is over 8 years old. Quad core Dell Precision 390. Still performs well enough to play modern game titles like Mech Warrior online. At no previous time could I say I would be satisfied using an 8 year old computer. Moores law has slowed to a crawl compared to what it was doing in the 90's. So a 12 years old computer today is closer to modern perfomance that at any time I can remember.

Comment: Internet servers (Score 0) 348

Plenty of companies do. This is standard Operating procedure for ISP's and online services. Google, Facebook, Ebay all do. If your server needs to be accessible from the public Internet then yes. Firewalls are overrated as a protection measure. If you can run them from behind a firewall then I see no reason not to unless you have to open a bunch of ports to allow access to the server in which case the firewall won't help much. This is usually port 80 and it's where most of your attacks will come from anyway.

If only a select group of people will be accessing this server from the Internet then the safest way may be to make it accessible only via VPN. Users would have to log into the VPN first. Much stronger protection than a server behind a firewall with ports open.

Comment: Re:The state of Linux (Score 1) 220

by pcjunky (#46523891) Attached to: Malware Attack Infected 25,000 Linux/UNIX Servers

My experience has been the exact opposite. We started way back in the day with all Windoz servers. These were a constant source of headache. They would crash and need reboots weekly. Sometimes things would fail for no apparent reason without any means of fixing them short of reinstalling Windows. We started installing a few Linux servers for radius, DNS, HTTP. These didn't fail and one by one we replaced the Windoz boxes with Linux boxes.

Life is much better now and I spent very little time with server maintenance vs when we ran Windoz boxes. The few Windoz servers we still run take 90% of my time to keep running.

I look back now at what a mistake not using Linux from the start was.

Comment: Yes Yes Yes (Score 1) 306

by pcjunky (#46515101) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can an Old Programmer Learn New Tricks?

My wife, who started programming in the late 1970's went back to College in 2008 to complete her BS degree. She learned PHP, Java, Java script, CSS. Graduated with honors from UCF. She is very skilled at web development now. She is 53.

She even completed a MS style Thesis in the honors in the majors program.


Is it possible that software is not like anything else, that it is meant to be discarded: that the whole point is to always see it as a soap bubble?