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Comment: Re:what is this nonsense about 3D printers and gun (Score 1) 113

by HiThere (#48676809) Attached to: How Laws Restricting Tech Actually Expose Us To Greater Harm

Yes/No. When you can build stronger materials under computer control, then computers allow you to build smaller/lighter airplanes.

OTOH, it isn't the computer itself that facilitates the improvement, its the computer as a part of an improved process, that couldn't be improved (that way) without the computer.

So. Currently 3D printers are toys. Did you ever even see the Sinclair computer? (I forget its model.) It was a toy. But that didn't make it totally useless, and other computers were not only much more useful, they became both more useful and smaller and cheaper over time.

P.S.: There *do* exist 3D printers that aren't toys. They also aren't cheap, and the ones I've information on aren't small. But different models can print in Titanium, Aluminium, Concrete, etc. I don't know whether they all require hand finishing, I expect so. OTOH, this is early days yet.

Do you know how long the laser was called "The development looking for a use?" It was over a decade. Of course, the original lasers were big, expensive, and difficult to use. They required specially polished rubies, cryonic conditions, and they only worked on microwaves. They were also called masers, but that word has dropped out of existence, so now we have uv lasers, ir lasers, green lasers, and for all I know X-ray lasers.

I doubt that CNC machines will ever drop out of use. I expect that they'll continue to become easier to use. But they won't be used for small runs for much longer. Already Car companies use expensive 3D printers to print their design prototypes, and I'm sure there are many uses I haven't heard of.

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Journal: Windows 8.1 is a great tablet operating system and is better than Android

Journal by squiggleslash

Unfortunately third party support for it sucks. It's the AmigaOS of tablet operating systems, kinda sorta. Hey, Microsoft, have you heard of this new, 30 year old, technology called MVC? Developers love it, and it makes it relatively easy to produce frameworks that allow completely different user interfaces that use entirely different paradigms to be targeted by the same application. There's another company that makes both desktop and tablet operating systems (ironically, currently not merge

Comment: Re:Knuth is right. (Score 1) 82

Discreet mathematique are the basis for computing

Not at the semiconductor junction level.

You are confusing computing with computers. Indeed, a "computer" used to be a human being implementing algorithms with a mechanical adding machine, and then were tube-based electrical systems, and in the future may use something wholely other than semiconductors; computing, however, remains the same. A bubble sort is still a bubbble sort.

Comment: Re:Cue Liberals (Score 5, Insightful) 76

by CrimsonAvenger (#48675621) Attached to: NSA Reveals More Than a Decade of Improper Surveillance

Authoritarians have infiltrated both the Republican and Democratic parties,

Got bad news for you - this is the norm.

You don't spend gobs of money and time running for office if you don't want to tell people what to do.

You may tell yourself that telling them what to do is "for their own good", but it's really about the rush you get when large numbers of people do what you say.

In other words, there is no "infiltrate", there is only "that's the whole point of politics"....

Comment: Re:Scam (Score 1) 136

by drinkypoo (#48674899) Attached to: Bill Gates Sponsoring Palladium-Based LENR Technology

Once you understand that "lefties" encompasses all evil dictators and genociders of the 20th and 21th Century AND drug cartels and mafia AND practically all terrorist groups AND most billionaries and CEOs of evil corporations on Earth AND most owners of the big and corrupted media (including MPAA, RIAA, Hollywood and Disney) that control the narrative, you stop listening to their lies, as they serve ONLY to their interests

Wait, really? Are you trolling, or just completely batshit bingo ball crazy?

Comment: Re:Cool, but not as cool as the N9 series... (Score 1) 45

There are millions like me who are waiting for the successor of N900.

Well, you should stop waiting, and get a case with a keyboard in it. Then, you can have the best of both worlds, because you don't have to carry the keyboard around when you're not using it. I understand that the TF series can be a bit big for one's pockets, but there are other options.

Comment: Re:Not that much less (Score 1) 45

When you're making a consumer decision, do you ask yourself, "what do the vast majority of people do?"

Of course I do, and furthermore, the more important the decision is, the more likely I am to follow the herd. If I'm buying a car, for example, I want to know that I'll be able to get parts for it. If it's used and cheap then I can afford some expensive parts, no big deal. If I'm buying a new car, I want something good yes, but also something everyone else is buying so that I know that parts availability will be high, and parts cost will be low.

Of course, the mast majority of people who buy mobile devices buy Android devices, not iOS ones, so the herd is still no argument for Apple.

Comment: Re:3 in lb? (Score 1) 82

by drinkypoo (#48674845) Attached to: NASA Makes 3-D Printed Wrench Model Available

I think that at this point in the technology, materials science in not yet at a place where a metal object built as a composite of liquid or powdered material could take the same stresses that a drop-forged or milled object can.

You can mill an object out of wood, or you can 3d print an object in Inconel. Many cheap tools (notably ratchets!) are just cast, and they work just fine unless a fastener is rusted on, or was grossly overtorqued to begin with.

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