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Comment Re: Is systemd involved at all? (Score 1) 378

I'm glad you have total success with windows sleep, but unfortunately I'm not so lucky. About 10% of the time when I wake from sleep, the monitor never turns on...the power light just keeps blinking like it has no video signal. Most of the time, I can just push the power button on the front of the computer to put it back into sleep, then wake it up again a second time and all is fine. But every now and then, it seems to be hard locked after the wake, as I cant force it back to sleep, shut it down with keyboard shortcuts, or anything. I have to do the 4-second-power-button trick to force it off and do a full reboot (and then I've lost the state of all my apps, along with anything that was unsaved.

I assume it's a video card issue, and have tried updating the nvidia drivers multiple times, but no luck. For the record, it's not a hardware compatability issue, because it actually worked flawlessly for the first couple years after I built it. And I never update drivers unless I'm trying to resolve a specific issue (which is rare), so this issue wasn't related to a driver update. So it started either in relation to a windows update that broke it, or some system configuration that was randomly corrupted somehow.

Also, on my work laptop, I've also twice had an issue where the hibernate (as opposed to sleep) fails to reload properly and I have to tell windows to discard the hibernated state in order to get it to successfully boot.

Comment Re:Maybe someday (Score 4, Informative) 119

I like the flash chip with a hardware switch/jumper to enable writing to it. You've got the hardware read only protection but you can update it without replacing anything socketed.

Correct...except I think it needs to be clarified that the jumper or switch is actually a physical cutoff that would prevent flashing. You need to make this distinction, because I'm pretty sure I've seen hardware jumpers that just toggle a bit in the bios/firmware config, thus telling the bios whether or not to allow it, and if the bios/firmware is hacked, the physical jumper is not actually a physical obstacle.

Comment Re:Altough I agree (Score 1) 61

Yes, it appears they use the aerial imagery to build out and texture map 3d models of buildings, but only in select areas, and not in that many areas, honestly. Around me, none of the area is supported. They simply take the satellite view and use it as a texture map for a 3-d modelled elevation map (so you can see the major elevation changes very roughly modelled, but that's about it). Even in a big city like Chicago, they seem to have a it supported for 10-15 miles from the shore of Lake Michigan, but after that it reverts back to a crappy perspective view of the satellite imagery.

Bing, on the other hand, appears to have the aerial photography in a LOT more places. At least in the cities I've dealt with, they seem to have pretty much everywhere. But bing isn't better everywhere. Just as an example, I picked some far off little farm in the middle of nebraska, a ways from any major city. Bing's aerial view there is pretty crappy. Google satellite imagery is MUCH higher resolution.

So it's really a tradeoff, depending on what you are looking for. For that reason at least, I like having 2 options. Near me, bing often has the better imagery, and I'll miss it for that.

Comment Re:Altough I agree (Score 1) 61

Although I prefer google maps, bing maps had a few things I liked about it. My favorite feature is Birds Eye view, which uses aerial photos rather than satellite photos. Sometimes that can get you better info from that, since they usually have 4 different perspectives you can rotate through, and they are much closer and more detailed.

Comment Re:Obligatory reply to a vanillaJS post (Score 1) 126

Anyone who is considering learning jQuery should also check out Vanilla JS.

Vanilla JS is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.

I love it every time "Vanilla JS" is brought up in a jquery post. Please see my previous post on the topic, which demonstrates why that website is both dishonest in its comparison, as well as a perfect example of why you should use a proven library instead of reinventing the wheel (and all the bugs that come with said reinvention)

Comment Re:three setings (Score 1) 207

really if your router can truely penetrate walls then maybe “pregnant women” is actaully a useful setting... my router works the old fashioned way and bounces the signal off walls to get to the other rooms. very little penetration going on

one of three possible things is true.
1) your joke just whoooshed over my head
2) the walls in your house are extremely dense
3) you are extremely dense.

Comment Re:How about fixing the send first? (Score 1) 95

I don't know about any increase since January, but I have (for many years) experienced multiple emails sent from gmail that have failed to make it to their recipient. The commonality I've noticed is that they all involve yahoo mail recipients. They are not getting bounced back to me, not showing up in their spam, or anything else. One user was technically savvy, and couldn't find anything on his end to cause it. Another user I actually looked at her account and I could see no sort of filters that could explain it. And it's not just spurious emails here and there. One user I emailed 3 or 4 times over the course of a few days, and he never got any of them.

Comment Re:When there is a will ... (Score 1) 212

I think that all horses that are in the three races should be required to race in all three races. If you pull out and do not race in one of the races you should not be allowed to enter any of the others that follow. Similarly, you should not be allowed to enter a new horse in the middle or last race.

Why? These are 3 completely independent races. It's not like this is a tournament and someone is saying "I'm going to skip the quarter finals and just go straight to the semi finals". The races are completely separate. The people who know they have little chance of winning all 3 chose the smart thing to do and focus their effort on training for 1 or 2 of the races. Those who think they have the ability to go all the way risk going for it all. Bigger risk, bigger potential reward. That's all there is to it.

Comment Re:We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 2) 356

How is it 'growing'? Tesla's factory runs under capacity and has been doing so since 2012.

"In December 2012, Tesla employed almost 3,000 full-time employees.[3][26] By January 2014, this number had grown to 6,000 employees."
"Number of employees - 10,000 (Nov 2014)"

3000 to 6000 to 10000. Nope, that certainly doesn't sound like growth. But just in case any of those words were too big for you, here's a graphic:

" In August 2014 the company announced it, in conjunction with Panasonic, would establish a "gigafactory" battery manufacturing plant in the Southwest or Western United States by 2020. The US$5 billion plant would employ 6,500 people, and reduce Tesla's battery costs by 30 percent."

So in additional to however many other employees they add over the next 5 years, they will then add another 60+% of today's employee count, and in doing so be able to greatly decrease the cost for the most expensive part of their car...the one part that is MOST responsible for pushing Tesla cars out of the price range of the average person. But I'm sure that won't result in any growth, either.

Comment Re:So, the other side? (Score 1) 422

France has a lower poverty rate than it's unemployment rate, while the US poverty rate is 3.5 times higher than it's unemployment rate.

So you can be unemployed in france without living in poverty, while in the US you can work 2 jobs and STILL be in poverty. I do wonder how the 2 definitions of poverty compare, though.

Comment Re:After my Transformer Infinity, never again (Score 1) 48

Yes. I agree completely. Fuck Asus. I bought the Transformer Prime from them, with the shitty ass wifi and GPS reception. The only thing they would do for it was give us some crappy ass GPS dongle to attach to the damn thing. Thankfully Amazon stepped up and honored people's requests for a refund due to it being essentially defective and the manufacturer refusing to help.

So I bought the Transformer Inifinity (two for me, one for my wife). The thing was pretty nice at first, but with every single software update, performance got worse and worse. My wife's is at the point where I've tried uninstalling and stopping as much stuff as I can, but I routinely see 10+ second delays between me clicking on something and it actually responding. For mine, I wiped it completely. It's much better than my wife's, but still it can have a couple second lag on click or drag events. It's an unusable piece of crap.

I'll never trust that damn company again. Fuck em!

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