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Comment Re:Can the new buyer be worse than DICE? (Score 1) 445 445

Probably more than the site is worth from an advertisers' point of view.

What do you get with the site? Basically, a lot of eyeballs. That's it. You can use it as an ad platform or as a platform to get your information out.

That in turn only is something you benefit from if you have something to offer that will not IMMEDIATELY be ripped apart by tech-savvy people, along with people who pretend to be tech-savvy but are essentially just here to run their mouth without any measurable knowledge in the subject. You have a crowd here that is rather toxic to anything even remotely "big business" or corporate. Anything that comes out of management or C-Level is by default regarded with suspicion or outright hostility, and any legal changes are at the very least met with the same sentiments.

You can't even do the FOX bit and drone on the same political agenda with the option to reinforce and resonate the agenda you wish to push, for this the audience is far too diverse, ranging in the political spectrum from the far right to the far left.

This all makes it a great place for a discussion and to get input from various opinions and stances, but it' horrible from a corporate point of view. Corporations want consent about their agenda. They don't want you to question it.

Comment Re: Swift (Score 1) 214 214

I have a strong aversion to XOR hacks (and bithacks in general) because of the freaking crazy precedence the operator has in C/C++. Fine for well-reviewed library code, but I cringe when I see it used offhandedly for terseness.

// If foo is green, handle the green case
if (foo & COLOR_BITS == GREEN) { ... }

Eesh - that can be a frustrating bug at 3AM when you don't see the problem reading through the code, and it's working fine for some cases.

Of course, if you're only using ^ on Boolean values, then fine, I'm with you. I've never seen anyone do

if (GREEN == foo ^ RED == bar) { ... }

like that without parens, but at least it would do the expected thing.

Comment Re:Is it going to matter much? (Score 1) 139 139

It sure sounds like the outcome could be cheaper, faster, more reliable and possibly even denser storage. How about a 10 TB drive that can saturate a SAS link for the price of a consumer 1 TB SSD now? It sounds appealing to have 40 TB of home storage at performance levels that would make a $200k enterprise storage buyer jealous.

Or that makes for 240 TB enterprise san shelf for the price of an existing 10 TB flash/rust hybrid shelf at speeds that will melt 16 gig fiber channel?

And who knows what value fast/cheap storage would have in terms of software applications. Maybe it would enable machine learning in more of a real-time basis by enabling analysis of vast datasets on demand.

Comment Re:Raising questions about freedom of speech? (Score 1) 292 292

Refusing to allow a specific speaker is pure content-based censorship. You could argue that allowing a wanted fugitive to appear in person was a public safety issue, not content-based, but of course that's not what happened here.

Remember, the government usually has some wonderful-sounding reason for censorship - their stated intentions count for nothing, it's the result of the action that matters.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 445 445

that's because Gamergate wasn't about ethics in game journalism, hilarious memes be damned. it was PRECISELY about white men continuing to be gatekeepers against gaming opening up to other people, including women.

People actually believe this? Really? Game companies just want money. Gamers just want fun games. The only corner of "gaming" where misogyny can be found is Call of Duty and a handful of similar games where the player base is predominately teenage boys. That's a very small part of gaming these days.

"Gaming" is not the small "first person shooters played on consoles" games market: it's Plants v Zombies, and Candy Crush, and Angry Birds, and MMOs, and Necrodancer, and a million rogue-lite single-player games (and far too many shitty Unity-engine games and visual novels). Last time I saw the stats, the median gamer was around 30, and most game-buyers were female, and the game companies certainly know the stats.

Comment Re:Everybody List What You Think Went Wrong (Score 1) 445 445

I've been a software dev for that long, and I've never seen an idea rejected because a woman proposed it (and I've worked in some extremely shitty places with overt racial discrimination).

You say you work "in tech"? Where? IT? Dev? Ops? Is it a regional thing?

I hear terrible things about misogyny in Ruby on Rails dev jobs, but not yet a firsthand account.

Can you share some examples or details to make your point? At least what industry and region?

Comment Re:What's the temperature of molten lava? (Score 2) 63 63

Now THIS would be interesting.

Think about it, complete a Dyson's Sphere of this stuff around the sun, in time it is likely to melt a hole in it or blow out a side. When the side blows out the sun is doing what? Creating pressure in the remainder of the cylinder. Assuming we have the technology to pull this off I'm going to assume we have the technology to position the hole as we desire - a rocket propelled steerable solar system. Sure there would be planets freezing during the covered times, until they're cooked in the jet's exhaust wake during that part of their orbit, assuming they could remain in orbit, but it would be cool none the less.

Comment Re:Blimey (Score 1) 438 438

Also any zero propellent drive is also an over unity device. Easy to prove.

If such a thing has actually been discovered, the very likely result is that it's neither "zero propellent" nor over unity, but instead has something being emitted that we don't understand.

For example, one could imagine an engine that seemed to have no propellant, but was in fact creating and emitting dark matter. On the lab bench it would be consuming energy that would be going somewhere mysterious (e.g., not heating up enough for the energy inputs), generating measurable thrust, and having no measurable propellent. Obviously that's not what's going on here, but something like that (emitting a propellent we don't know how to measure) would be the only rational explanation for any such device.

It's also theoretically possible to have a "warp" drive that produced thrust without propellent by altering the local spacetime metric. But this would not be "over unity", would be quite obvious as it would be turning local space into a lens, and likely isn't actually possible, for all that the math allows it, as you'd think we'd have seen evidence of it by now.

I guess "negative mass" drives also aren't ruled out yet, which also would have no propellent and while they are perpetual motion machines, they aren't "over unity" due to a technicality. Negative mass seems even less likely to be actually possible, despite the math allowing it, given the lack of evidence of its existence.

Comment Re:Blimey (Score 1) 438 438

Particles with mass move slower than the speed of light, experience the passage of time, and can thus change state (e.g. decay). Mass-less particles move at the speed of light (when in a vacuum), do not experience the passage of time, and thus cannot change state. Photons are clearly the latter.

Oddly enough, whether a kind of particle has mass can change over time, and it's thought that all particles were massless in the very early universe. The reason the Higgs Boson discovery was exciting was that it confirmed the idea of a particle changing from mass-less to massive in the early universe (the Higgs Boson itself is pretty dull).

Comment Re:No Compromises (Score 1) 137 137

Have you looked at any of the BLU phones? I picked up one (the Studio Mini LTE) after a customer was raving about his and I have to say I'm VERY happy it it. Its a quad core with a GB of RAM, 4GB storage with a MicroSD slot, gets great battery life, easy to root, just a real sweetheart of a phone.

The nice thing is they have a ton to choose from so you can just pick the features and price point you want. Want Windows instead of Android? They got that. More storage? Octacore? yep. Hell they even have a $60 entry smartphone and a $20 dumbphone for those that don't want a lot of bells and whistles. The only downside is since they are a relatively new company there isn't any mods that I have been able to find yet, but considering its low price and easy of rooting I have no doubt they'll be coming. All in all I'm quite happy with my BLU...You're my boy BLU!

Comment Re:Most people won't care (Score 1) 101 101

They won't care because of one simple fact, a little rule I pointed out years ago which has always proven to be true, lets call it "The Hairyfeet Rule of Open".

The Hairyfeet Rule of Open....If the only selling point you have is that you are "open" by some arbitrary definition of the word? Then YOU WILL FAIL because being open in and of itself is simply not a big enough selling point for the vast majority to care about.

We have seen this rule played out dozens of times, from "open" phones to "open" tablets, from "open" GPUs to "open" CPUs, if your ONLY selling point, the only thing you have going for you is "open"? Its over, hit the lights on your way out. Mark my words they will run out of funding and close down within a couple years because they will not be able to generate enough interest to keep going because you have to have something, anything, other than just "open". Be it faster, easier to use, more power saving, its gotta have something other than just open or its screwed.

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