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Comment: Re:Discrimination (Score 1) 435

by Pharmboy (#47785875) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

Wikipedia's WikiProject Editor Retention has looked at the same problem, but from a retention point rather than the perspective of attracting new women. There were no real answers, just lots of speculation. Lots of people blame the culture, or say the place is too "rough and tumble" but I found that conclusion rather sexist, as it says that women can't compete for ideas in the same environment as men. There doesn't seems to be a difference in retention of men and women, they just aren't coming to Wikipedia to begin with.

Comment: Re:This is good! (Score 1) 512

by lgw (#47779881) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio

It sounds like you've memorized your multiplication tables, but are ardently proclaiming that you didn't. There are many different ways to commit something to memory, but one way or another you need to know what the product of any two 1-digit numbers is without reaching for a calculator, or spending any time thinking about it.

Comment: Re:All new passenger cars and light trucks (Score 1) 255

by lgw (#47779749) Attached to: DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications

The government airbag mandate injured many and killed a few children and elderly. That's not at all unclear. Airbags became safe about the same time the car companies were originally intending to bring them to production. The government did only harm.

But I'm guessing that for you, safety is a smokescreen, that your actual agenda is "more government control is always good", and so my argument that "but it kills children" is irrelevant. It did in fact increase government control, so to you nothing else matters in counting it a victory, yes?

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