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Comment Open source. (Score 1) 1825

Open source the code. Allow code enhancement submissions. Don't be afraid of competition, be afraid of not keeping the quality high enough.

Never would have happened under Dice. I wouldn't have even bothered asking. I'm actually expecting no change on this front, but I can't help but ask.

Comment Re:Do not reward "karma" with more points (Score 1) 1825

I get what y86 is saying, but I think there should be some way to improve the system without sacrificing the drawbacks. Maybe additional votes for a 5 point comment only have a +0.75 option, then comments at 6 get a 0.50 option and so on, full on Zeno if that's what it takes.

There are times I want to skim the best of the best comments because I don't have time to go through 200 +5 rated comments. Toward that end, I'd like to be able to set my preferences to "top 10" or "top 50" or "top 100" instead of only being able to set the minimum ranking.

Comment Re:Fix mobile (Score 1) 1825

1) Remove the mobile version of the site. When I load it on my cell phone, I spend more time trying to find the link to the full site than scanning headlines
2) Make the slider bar to show more levels of comments work on mobile

Those two things seem a little contradictory. I second the second. I'd really like a good mobile site. Making it functional would be a good start, but I'd really like to see it go beyond merely functional and turn into the site I want to use on my phone rather than the one I'd need to.

Comment Re:Not enough content (Score 5, Insightful) 1825

Should we weight firehose voting more heavily so that highly voted stories make the front page regardless of an editor?

What I'd like is an option in preferences to have the highest firehose voted stories included on the front page. I already get preview stories highlighted in red, maybe have the five highest ranked firehose stories highlighted in yellow.

The temptation will be to push them as a default option, but resist that temptation. Advertise it like the firehose is advertised (and there ought to be a link on the footer all the time) but don't make it the default for established users and only make it the default for new users if adoption and feedback are consistently positive.

Comment Re:Open to Questions (Score 1) 1305

Wow. I've been going back over your responses and appreciate all the effort you're already putting in. I should expect no less, but it does come across as different from what we've come to expect.

I can't expect you to go through the background of everybody who's commented to you, so here's my relationship with slashdot in a nutshell:

  • Long time and frequent visitor
  • Regular commenter
  • Rare story submitter
  • Rare financial supporter

Despite all the issues, which you seem to have gotten an earful of, I still visit daily. I am often surprised by the depth of experience and knowledge shown by commenters here. That's why I come. I suspect it is people like me that you'll be focusing your efforts on, so if I were in your shoes I think I'd want to know what we value most. I value the insightful comments by people who really understand the topics. I value people who can disagree civilly and help me understand both sides of issues. In short, I value the community. I imagine much of your job will be giving the community a feeling of belonging, being welcomed and being heard.

Welcome to a tough job, I wish you great success with it.

Comment Re:The Entire Subject Article is Wrong (Score 1) 352

I'll have to check it out, but just for reference, PuTTY can save session logs or configuration parameters and there is a command line associated program psftp for an sftp client along with a handful of other handy things in the suite.

Personally though, I prefer KiTTY for the transparency and system tray options. For a GUI SFTP/FTP/FTPS/Whatever client, I use WinSCP.

Comment Re:The message in question: (Score 1) 572

I mentioned my frustration at having to learn a new way to manage my systems along with my acceptance that times change and knowing my skills have to be updated in turn. I mentioned this to someone who admins a system we use and he said that he appreciates systemd.

I replied, "oh, so you're the one!"

I don't feel like I have the expertise to judge the fundamental issues for or against systemd. I do feel like it's in the best interest of an admin to learn how to use the systems likely to be encountered, regardless of personal preference.

Comment Re:I don't get this (Score 1) 56

Good points. I'd add these:

  • Phones have PINs or passwords or fingerprint access protections
  • A phone may have several, even dozens, of financial institutions as sources to pay from (I have a half dozen cards, most of which I'm not usually carrying)
  • Phone based payment systems can add multiple layers of authentication cards can't
  • A picture of both sides of your card are sufficient for internet fraud, but not with phones

Comment Re:I don't get this (Score 2) 56

While this is true, the problem is that it's still often normal to hand your card to a clerk rather than inserting it for a chip transaction. Even where that's not the case, it wouldn't take much for someone to use cameras to gather the information necessary to use EMV cards fraudulently online.

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