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Comment It shouldn't be based on the franchise... (Score 1) 116

... but rather on a novel or something based on the game.

I don't trust hollywood to write something about a game or fandom with any competence unless they do it for years... fucking up repeatedly along the way and only after going through that do they finally figure out the rules.

Comic book movies are starting to get decent... how many years of comic book movies did we have to go through before we got the Chis Nolan batman movies etc?

I just don't trust most producers/directors to do it correctly.

Comment not practical (Score 4, Interesting) 278

Getting rid of AC for off grid applications makes sense. I'm all for it and look forward to the new DC appliances we're seeing come on market.

however, this article is not going to have people following suit.

I'm not giving up my quality of life. I don't have to and I don't want to and its the 21st century so anyone that disagrees can eat a rail gun round to the face.

I do believe in sustainable living. However, more in the way of breaking free from crumbling infrustructure and gaining a certain amount of logistical indepedence.

I'm a big believer in the backyard green house. I think solar panels and wind mills are a good idea AT YOUR HOUSE. And I am looking forward to economical energy storage systems that work at a personal level.

Am I dumping my refrigerator and cooking food on a camping stove? No.

Really none of this sustainable stuff works in an urban environment. Its sort of odd that so many people that like the idea live in the one place where it isn't possible. Logistically you're going to be depending on a very energy and resource intensive infrastructure and there's just no way around that in a city. That "IS" the city. The city is all the things the sustainable people say they don't like. Live in the suburbs and you have a CHOICE. You have enough property that you can do something. Live rural and you can go completely off grid for everything... food, water, power, whatever... live like the Amish or something. Yabba dabba doo. But in a city you're on the grid. I don't care if you shut off the breakers in your apartment or drink your own pee. You're on the grid because everyone around you is on the grid and you depend on them whether you're drinking your own pee or not.

Here is my suggestion for the urbanites. Support nuclear power. Worship the fucking atom.

Comment I've been using CIS systems for years (Score 1) 154

... Its nice that epson is finally offering CIS in their consumer printers but the reality is that people have been buying third party CIS systems and using them with their epson printers for ages.

My real worry here... I know some great third party ink companies... they make really really good ink. And this will screw them.

I'm going to stick with what i have for now. I bought about half a liter of ink for 50 bucks last time... identical to the epson ink so far as I can tell.

Still, nice to see the old ink model dying I guess. I've always found the business model to be hateful and offensive.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 445

Why should you create an account in a community you wish to have a debate in?

Fuck off. First, I think you do have an account... you're just trolling. And second, I've never heard of such a fucking stupid rebuttal. It takes you two seconds and you're just not going to do it?

Fine. Who needs to talk to you in the first place. you're sitting here going through the comment section of a social media site and you said something to me.

I told you that I'd debate the issue with you if you logged in... you're saying you can't bother to do that. Fine.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 445

Nope, its just that sock puppet trolls like you that use the AC title to harass anyone in the community that is smarter than you forces me to do things in the light.

You're going to keep scuttling under the fridge and hiding because you're too incompetent to actually hold your ground when I know so much as your nickname. All your bullshit about "oh your record your record your record"... none of it means anything when people can see your own and realize that you've no grounds to accuse anyone of anything.

You're a shithead. And anyone that isn't a shithead themselves can see it.

Login and prove me wrong by showing yourself to be credible. You won't because you can't.

You're garbage.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 445

And for my position to be based on policy the Russians would have had to have accepted the deal. Thus your position is that no offer the US makes to the USSR is sincere or citable in this context unless the Russians accepted the deal.

Your position remains retarded.

Good day.

Comment Re:She won't be president (Score 1) 502

She doesn't act like a politician. She acts like an incompetent politician.

Her husband acted like a politician.

The difference is experience and talent. She has neither.

She's never had to fight her way out of obscurity as a politician and she's entirely unable to be even remotely credible without the Clinton machine backing her up.

Her husband built that machine brick by brick from the ground up. Hillary is nothing. That CEO from HP that wants to be president is more competent... and I wouldn't put her in office either. Her track record at HP isn't exactly impressive and I don't think being a CEO makes you qualified to be president of the US. Hillary doesn't even have that. Her most impressive job qualification is Bill Clinton's wife. If THAT is what you consider qualifications and the country agrees... we're headed to banana republic status.

Comment Re:The issue is not title 2 (Score 1) 124

1. who is allowed to run cable is restricted to the franchise holders and that's frequently one or two companies.

2. high ways are more expensive than dirt roads... one becomes more practical than the other as traffic increases. If you only have a couple people running cable then the poles are fine. The criticism you're laying is what happens when there is too much cable to run on a pole... to which I responded... conduits. If your'e running that much cable then you can use the fees you're collecting to run conduits instead of poles. This is obvious. I don't want to hear about "we don't have space on the poles" again. Its a problem that solves itself.

3. As to there being limits to how much you can run in a cable... how much cable do you think people would run if you let people run however much they wanted? You keep presuming things would get insane and I see no reason to do that. First, the cost would be based on the demand for space in the cable. If there was very little left then the fees would go up as space became more limited. This is basic economics. Existing lease holders wouldn't pay more until their leases were renewed. So lets say your lease is for a year or five... when that comes due if you want to keep running cable through that pipe and competition for that space in that pipe is very competitive then you're going to have to pay more to do it. The increased fees collected would encourage the muni to expand pipes in places where things were getting too congested. The pipe would pay for itself and the width of it would be variable to demand. And no, we're not talking about tearing up the street every year. If there were very fast growth in demand you might see them tear it up once every five years or so. And the width could be anything people were willing to actually pay for. Current demand is being met by a tiny bundle of cables. If you had a conduit capable of handling 10 times that it wouldn't be a that large. And I really doubt its going to get more extreme than 10 times existing cable runs. At some point the competition over last mile pushes the prices down to cost. And that means there are diminishing returns to running more cable beyond that point. All we need to do is have ENOUGH cable that no one can inflate prices or reduce service because they have a monopoly.

That's all.

If you have several very comparable services all competing then they're going to lower the prices as low as they can and services will be as extensive and permissive as possible.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 445

Don't like the taste of your own medicine? But its so thick and salty! You're the one that started claiming to have knowledge of the Japanese culture. Never mind that you had no knowledge of this specific topic.

As to your comical rebuttal that it isn't the japanese government that wants them gone but the locals... you have clearly not read a fucking thing I've said.

I said the dispute is between the locals and the japanese government. The locals want the japanese government to pay them MORE money for the US bases. The LOCALS want more money from the japanese... that is the dispute. The japanese government pays the island rent for the US bases. The locals want the rent payments increased or they want some of the land returned so they can build mini malls on it or golf courses or whatever.

That's all this is... Everything else is bullshit to put leverage on the japanese to pay up. The japanese are not paying up because its fucking extortion. So the island makes trouble. Beyond that, the islanders and the japanese government don't get along for a lot of reasons. For one thing, the island doesn't consider themselves japanese in the first place. They were a separate kingdom or something and want a separate government. So your knowledge of japanese culture is frankly f'ing pointless. The entire situation is something you don't even begin to understand.

Inform yourself, worm. :D

I know this because i know something about this incident.

You know nothing. Absolutely fucking... nothing. You thought the Okinawans were bog standard Japanese. I suspect you picked up some japanese by watching anime or something... and from that you presume to be an expert on all things even vaguely related to japan.

Allow me to respond with the appropriate anime response:

Feel shame or admit to being less than scum. :-D

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