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Comment: Re:Its too bad... it was a good idea (Score 1) 208

by Karmashock (#49569751) Attached to: Valve Pulls the Plug On Paid Mods For Skyrim

I'm happy to leave that up to the devs to decide. What is more there is an argument for giving the devs something just so they keep releasing patches for the game, assist the modders in making the game more moddable, and generally keep the community alive.

If the devs get nothing then they have no interest to spend any further time on the game and will abandon it.

Comment: Re:Until it actually happens, I don't care. (Score 1) 453

If you understand the pros and cons of hydrogen fuel versus hydrocarbon fuel... you know that hydrogen doesn't make any sense.

The issue with hydrocarbon fuel is that we're extracting them from sequestered carbon sources which is increasing atmospheric carbon. However, if we do not create the fuel from sequestered hydrocarbons then there is no net increase in atmospheric carbon.

Biofuels make FAR more sense than hydrogen.

For one thing, hydrocarbon fuels can be obtained from any biomass. You can create hydrocarbon fuel from garbage, saw dust, grass clippings, crop field dross, etc. There is no need for some sort of magical genetically engineered oil producing algae. That would be nice of course, but it is not required. We can make hydrocarbon fuel from ANYTHING that is already made of those compounds.

And if you don't like that for no fucking reason what so ever, then batteries make more sense then hydrogen as well. Tesla's "lets put laptop batteries in cars" idea is better than hydrogen.

My beef with the laptop battery idea is that it is just not as scalable as the biofuel systems. We can have micro refineries across the country. At every landfill, every agricultural area, possibly even small units for rural house holds. And then the fuel can be locally consumed saving transport costs and the differences between what is needed and what is produced needs to either be imported or exported.

It is vastly more efficient and scalable because you can store the fuel in vast fuel tanks just like we currently do for oil. We have vast fuel depots that could literally fill lakes with oil. And those tanks smooth out the distribution of oil throughout the world. It doesn't matter if some region produces a lot or stops producing for awhile because we have reserves in the tanks to handle all our needs for months if not a couple years.

And the point is that we can do the same thing with the biofuel. During the summer months we'll produce more than we need because of the production from agriculture. And in the winter we'll burn those reserves because during those months consumption will exceed production.

Its hard to do that with electric power since we still don't have good means of storing it.

Comment: Its too bad... it was a good idea (Score 1) 208

by Karmashock (#49566569) Attached to: Valve Pulls the Plug On Paid Mods For Skyrim

The idea is good the implementation was terrible.

Valve was taking too big of a cut, pressure needs to be put on the developers to take a reasonable cut... and of course, whether or not anyone actually charges for a mod must remain up to the modder.

I think if valve charges more than 10 percent of the gross they're being greedy.

And as to the devs... they should be able to decide precisely how much they charge as a percentage of the sale. People have to know that the reason why dev X charges Y is because dev X decided to charge Y. And Y can be anything from zero percent to one hundred percent. They charge too much and people direct their ire at the dev for being greedy and people don't make mods for that dev. They charge too little and mod makers can kind of make a living maybe?

Anyway. Very good idea very poorly executed.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49566549) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

I actually did take responsibility and I pointed out that they were due to your own vagueness forcing me to infer and guess as to the meaning of your words. I then invited you to correct me specifically.

Until you do offer a falsifiable argument you have not in fact offered any argument or reasoning what so ever. And absent that, your entire presence in this thread is null.

I predict you'll continue to make more empty insults and continue to fail to make a rational argument about anything. Know that until you do, all further comments will be taken merely as whining at your own mental weakness and general inability to form a rational thought.

I find this pitiable though not especially uncommon. Also noteworthy is that you're another AC waste of oxygen. I rarely run into non-ACs that are utter voids of value. But with ACs it appears to be incredibly common. I've never understood why they let you comment at all without at least forcing you to use a fake name. For one thing who can tell you idiots apart? For another, you feel no obligation to represent yourself as anything but a troll because you've literally no reputation to protect.

You're garbage. Fuck off.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49566535) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

And you decide to conclude with more baseless insults?

Very well. Your devolution into nothing more than another stupid zero contribution troll is your own choice.

You're an AC so that was likely to be expected. Most of the ACs appear to be trolls and sockpuppets. So that's fine.

I showed you respect and invited you to have a rational discussion. You responded with stupid insults.

So be it. Your forfeiture is accepted, fuck off.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49565711) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

And yet you're not correcting me by specifically stating your beliefs. Thus rendering your argument non-falsifiable because it is so vague that it could mean almost anything.

I admitted that I could be wrong about your position in the previous post but pointed out that I can't be held accountable for such errors if you make no effort to clarify things.

As we see in your most recent post, you've still made no such effort and are now merely throwing off stupid insults.

Either clarify your position rendering your arguments falsifiable or you will concede by default for failing to offer a coherent and rational position.

Choice is yours. You can either define your position clearly enough that I can rip it to shreds while laughing at you OR you can cowardly refuse to explain yourself at which point you just surrender the field to your superior... me.

Its heads I win and tails you lose. Pick which ever one you want. Insects like you aren't even any fun... you're too stupid to put up a credible fight.

Comment: Re:Our democracy is broken (Score 1) 152

by Karmashock (#49565691) Attached to: Think Tanks: How a Bill [Gates Agenda] Becomes a Law

As to trolling, I'm not trolling you.

As to hyper intelligent ants, I've seen no compelling argument for why the parliamentary system is superior. You've also contradicted yourself in a few places saying it is both good and bad that something is run by more people.

As to the binding nature of treaties... without ratification you really don't have much. Lets look at Kyoto again and how could that treaty work without congressional ratification? How are you going to limit emissions for example without passing a law internally within the US? And no such law will be binding unless the US congress passes it. So no.

As to Iran, no there are sanctions etc which prohibit US businesses from engaging in business with the Iranians. You can't lift that without the cooperation of congress.

As to dystopian hellscapes, the president is largely in the same position, he just has additional checks on his power. And the US is hardly a distopian hellscape either... so you can jam that bit of hyperbole right back into your shithole.

As to your notion that decentralization makes it easier for the elites to control things, you got that backwards. The more centralized a system is the easier it is for elites to control it. That is why elites like centralization. Those that want to control everything want everything controllable by as few people as possible... aka them. A decentralized system is harder to control because you have to control more people to wield the same power and it is just less effective.

As to your arguments being the same... Your arguments have a bipolar nature to them that is difficult to parse. You switch between two contradictory extremes without any notion or explanation leaving me to try and figure out what the fuck you were thinking.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49565433) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

ehm, depends on what you mean by the rest of the world. Canada, the UK, Australia, and Germany are roughly as fat as we are... so I don't know what kind of superiority you're trying to claim here.

What is more, I'd much rather live in a country full of fat people than one full of skinny people.

We can feed ourselves. We're net food exporters. Come to the US and enjoy a big juicy steak.

What is more, we've eaten very well for a long time. The initial English colonists for example to the Americas generally ate much better than their European cousins. They also had more land... and generally a higher standard of living. And that has mostly not changed.

Our weight is largely a consequence of being well fed and not needing to move around so much. This leads to an increase in weight.

Send Americans back to physical labor instead of having robots do everything and we'll trim up quite quickly.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49565333) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

How does that undermine anything I said? The fellow took a comment I made about artificial sugar and caffeine and started talking about calorie intake.

Diet soda has no calories. So he was basically just trolling. The various stereotypical anti american comments were fairly typical of his argument. And when I responded to his bullshit in detail he basically evaded because he isn't able to actually have a conversation. He just knows how to make some dumb insults to piss people off. Well, I am annoyed by him but not mad. I responded to him and he ran away like the intellectual coward and lackwit he always was... that is all.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49565277) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

That's physically impossible.

Are you telling me that if I spent all day burning calories by working out and maintained eating what I currently eat while not excersing, I would not lose weight?

Not only would I lose weight but I'd need to eat a good deal more or I'd actually start to starve.

Laws of fucking thermodynamics call bullshit on this argument.

People that I find more informed on this issue are body builders. I don't know if you've talked to any of those people but they are a neutritional gold mine. Not because I think what they do to their bodies is healthy or desirable but because they have a better idea of what leads to what then either you or I. They have a whole culture and information pool sourced from the collective experimentation of their entire population.

Now, do body builders eat fewer carbs than the average person? No. They do very carefully monitor their intake of EVERYTHING. That includes protein, carbs, and various vitamins. They literally measure out their meals by the gram in precise amounts of everything. Go to a body builder nutrition store and look at those big jars of powdered everything.

From what I've gleaned from those guys, you have to balance all these things out to suit your ACTIVITY and your goals. If you want to build lots of muscle, they recommend lots of protein and they even say that consuming actual meat is better if your goal is to get bigger. So just big slabs of steak. But of course you need to exercise while you do that and your exercise needs to be focused on encouraging that muscle growth. So cardio for example is less useful in that situation then lots of weight training.

Now, as to your BBC study... I repeat... Egyptians and Romans... oh and the chinese and japanese with their rice.

How much rice do the Japanese eat? Isn't that a major part of their diet since always? And how fat are they? What fatty thing are the Japanese eating that is in your opinion making them thin?

See, the incurious nature of your position is something that bothers me. These statements are made without any attempt to connect them to anything else and it makes me suspicious that its just more medical bullshit.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49565247) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Actually that was your argument. You blamed all hunger in the world and the obvious incompetence at the root of most of it on the US.

Now, you may not wish to maintain that argument, but then you're going to have to limit your argument to specific countries and specify what the US did to create famine in those societies.

Absent that, your position is so vague that you're effectively blaming us for everything and that is obvious not sustainable.

So. Limit and specify or concede.

Those are your options. Make a falsifiable argument like a rational educated human being or you will have not made a sustainable argument.

Comment: Re:But if it is a addictive... (Score 1) 595

by Karmashock (#49565001) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

First you seem reasonable and intelligent. That's refreshing. Congratulations I am also reasonable and intelligent. Lets see if we can have a spirited discussion on this issue. :)

As to people eating fewer carbohydrates way back when... you do realize that the modern world was built by carbohydrates?

Staple crops.

Wheat, Rice, Maze, Potatoes, even Poi (Polynesians liked this stuff on their little island paradises... completely gross. Like eating paste.)... no major culture rose without a staple crop.

So your argument is that past generations didn't eat so many carbs? The Egyptians were huge fans of it. They drank a thick beer like drink as the energy drink of the ancient world. Full of carbs. Were the Egyptians fat?

What about the Romans? One of the big things the Romans offered anyone that lived in Rome was free flour. And they offered because Egypt's tribute to Rome was regular shipments of wheat. That wheat was then ground into flour in huge water powered flour mills in the heart of Rome. Water from the aqueducts was run through water wheels to turn mill stones to turn out huge amounts of flour. This flour was given to the people at no cost as a kind of ancient welfare. As you'd imagine , the Romans ate a LOT of wheat in any form you can think of because the flour was literally free to the common people.

Were the ancient Roman's fat? They'd have to have been because they were consuming a lot of simple carbs. No?

As to your reading... All of that just sounds like you've made up your mind. Can we have a discussion for the sake of argument? Is it possible for me to propose alternative theories and have them be listened to with an open mind?

You tell me. What sort of evidence would you like to see?

The biggest problem I have with modern statistics is that they conflate entirely different lifestyles and suggest that the only change was diet. This ignores changes in exercise etc.

As to heart disease etc... I question the accuracy of statistics going back in time. What is more the human body rapidly starts having all sorts of problems after the prime mating and reproductive phase in the life cycle. Pass the 30s or so and everything starts to have problems because evolution stops caring about you. You're just running on inertia at that point.

And to that point, there are some people that can eat cheeseburgers every day and smoke a pack of cigarettes and be very healthy into their 90s. This has been studied. And their DNA has been studied. What they found was that people that seem to be able to do this don't have any one special gene but rather they don't have a lot of genes which generally make us unhealthy. Most people have some of those genes but some people have none of them. Those with literally none of them can abuse their bodies horribly and suffer no consequences from it.

This is the 21st century... this is slashdot... Yes, I am suggesting the genetic engineering diet. Fuck GMO food, I want to GMO me.

The absent ones are always at fault.