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Comment: Re:Useless without a surrogate (Score 1) 30

by Karmashock (#46806811) Attached to: Women Increasingly Freezing Their Eggs To Pursue Their Careers

It runs both ways. I'd be interested to see if any men are buying these stored eggs... I know their is a market for them. Then contributing their own sperm and hiring a surrogate to bring it to term. Its not a great deal different from the women that have been going to sperm banks.

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by Karmashock (#46804395) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

So... just to be clear... you wouldn't mind the CEO of a company scheduling a meeting with a congress person to talk about a problem they're having with a new law etc? Because if that's okay, then I don't have a problem.

Look, we have a right to redress grievances with the government. Corps should be able to do that just like anyone else.

Where I think we agree is that neither the corps nor the unions should be able to donate MONEY to politicians.

Talking is fine. I don't mind the union talking to the politicians or the corps talking to the politicians. Talking is fine. The money can't change hands. That is the issue. The money. Not the lobbying. I know the two are often seen as the same thing but they're not. Lobbying is just asking for a law to be changed or giving congress your perspective on things. I have no problem with that. Its the bribery and quid pro quo activity that needs to stop.

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by Karmashock (#46804207) Attached to: Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

Actually I'm not saying that keystone is single handedly responsible for all price cost increases in the petroleum industry both in the US and internationally...

That is your rebuttal... and it is stupid. What I am saying is that ALL the anti petroleum policies collectively are just raising the price of oil which increases the incentive to produce it.

Now might the oil companies make less profits if you tax and regulate the shit out of them? Sure... but their revenue is still going to be sky high. That revenue means that SOMEONE is making a mint in the transaction. And the more you screw with the supply the higher the costs will get and the more money will flow into the petroleum industry to compensate.

Understand. I want to get us off petroleum as well. But I'd like to do it in a way that is ACTUALLY effective and doesn't inadvertently harm lots of people that are just trying to live their lives.

This is because I am neither a moron nor a sadist. Which in my opinion everyone pursuing the current policies is of one flavor or another.

What is my grand idea for getting us off this stuff?

1. Invest in RESEARCH for green technology.

2. Offer tax breaks for investments into green tech companies. You could even go so far as to offer ZERO capital gains taxes on specific types of companies. That would cause wallstreet to flood the industry with hundreds of billions of dollars.

3. Be patient and wait for the tech to develop. Do not force people to use the new tech. If everything works properly, then the new tech should simply out compete the old tech.

4. Consider decentralizing the utilities. Green technology lends itself to this model. We have off grid houses that are entirely self sufficient. The trend should be to push more and more homes especially in suburban and rural areas in that direction. Urban areas are problem because they're so dense that they require large centralized facilities to supply them. In the case of urban areas, explicitly link the population and consumption of every given city to specific sources of power, water, etc. And then limit growth through zoning to what those supplies can offer the city. If a city exceeds its ability to supply itself then it should be compelled to either build additional infrastructure or forbid additional growth.

The above are just some simple ideas that would have an effect not immediately but over time. Attacking the petroleum industry when we have no alternative is idiotic or sadistic.

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by Karmashock (#46802473) Attached to: Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

Everything is an exploitation.

There is no solution.

All you will EVER get is an exploitation.

The goal is to have an optimal exploitation that has the most reasonable cost benefit curve.

Fuck with the energy supply and you make it more profitable to supply it.

You're not helping anyone. You're just hurting people. You're not even helping the environment which is to say the interests of non-people.

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Only if you're corrupt.

If you have principles then you won't move on the issues that matter.

What troubles you is that the silicon valley people haven't chosen a political side yet. They could go one way or the other.

Well, your own damn fault for fucking with them in the first place. Washington DC started shaking silicon valley down for campaign donations. They did it by fucking with their industry and then saying "well if you want us to do something differently you can lobby us... and by the way lobbying means giving us money."

Its a game. And Silicon valley has enough money to play it.

So now you're upset that they're expecting something for the money the politicians extorted from them?

Boo hoo. Cry me a fucking river.

Tech companies stayed out of politics for years. They were conspicuous for it.

DC hated that... so they poked them until they started paying. Now they are... just like everyone else... and just like everyone else they expect their money's worth.

Want it to stop? Stop fucking with people.

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