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Comment: Re:Public Work should not be "proprietary" (Score 0) 214

by shaitand (#46790201) Attached to: VA Supreme Court: Michael Mann Needn't Turn Over All His Email
Exactly, if the data is proprietary it belongs to the entity that paid for it's collection, namely the public. If that entity were a private one there might be an advantage to hindering competition by keeping such data secret but it is in the public's interest to speed up every project, both public and private that might make use of it.

Otherwise the public might well be paying for the same research and collecting more or less the same data over and over again.

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by shaitand (#46788917) Attached to: Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0
True enough.

The reason it all exists the way it does it to maximize the appeal of these arms on paper when it comes time to drum up valuation for them or sell them off. Additionally, the way they have it structured likely makes it look like they should owe little to no taxes when that time of year comes.

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by drinkypoo (#46788553) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

Mercedes have produced a few concept EVs over the years, like their all-electric AMG, but nothing serious. They clearly viewed it as a far off technology, much like many of the people on Slashdot who still can't quite accept that it works and actually makes pretty much the best luxury performance sedan you can buy.

Well, as I've stated above, the problem is selling them. The kind of people who buy their cars aren't buying the arguments about electrics, it doesn't matter if they're right or wrong. They're the ones with the money.

If Mercedes became convinced tomorrow that they could sell more EVs than dino drinkers, that's the direction they'd head. If they can make balls-out concept EVs, then they can make an actual car.

I just (yesterday) found a module with a bright sticker that says PROTOTYPEN in the E-Box of my A8... egads!

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I don't find it to be ugly, it just looks like another car to me. If you compare it only to the insipid selection of blandmobiles that we get here in the USA, I suppose it looks a little fruity. However, it is definitely better kitted than a base econobox. You can get all the same features on your shitpile, but it will cost more than 10k.

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Let's be honest, if you have an S Class, you would likely travel by plane/first class, not sit 10 hours in an S Class, as comfortable as it is, it's a matter of time lost.

Actually, a lot of people buy an S Class (or the equivalent Audi, a well-kitted A8L) and then put many, many miles on them. It's not a coincidence that there's a bunch of 80's S-Classes with over 300k on them, and 90's S-Classes and A8s with over 200k. These are being driven by businessmen who will be able to write off much of the significant recurring expense of putting many miles on a german car.

In short, these cars are not made worth a fuck. They use components guaranteed to degrade when components which would hold up just fine are available. Rubber bushings (not sure of the material) and EPDM vac hoses when they could be made of polyurethane and silicone respectively and last the life of the vehicle. And everything is crammed into as small a space as possible, because that's how it is today. I have big fat meaty hands, a lot of these cars require me to take some stuff off so that I can take some other stuff off before I can get at a third thing. Even if you have a lift you're best off removing the engine in many cases because you still can't get access otherwise. But sadly, they don't have an engine harness, so you have to disconnect forty things to pull the motor. Perhaps literally; just the coil packs and injectors account for sixteen connectors on a V8.

S-Class and similar are for people with lots of money, and/or people who are playing games with taxes. Not for the plebes. You can own one only if you are a mechanic. The saying is that there's nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes. The same applies to VAG cars. You can't afford to own an old Audi if you don't turn your own wrenches.

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but for the money I would rather have an $80,000 Mercedes over a Tesla any day.

For the money that Mercedes will cost you over its lifetime with major mechanical failures, nickel-and-diming you with electrical problems, et cetera, you could buy a Model S for the weekdays, and a used roadster for the weekend.

I suppose you could also buy a land rover or range rover to go next to the Mercedes. I see that a lot. If you get really lucky they won't both shit themselves at once.

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Ummm, if you bothered more than a cursory glance at my thing you'd notice I AM advocating open solutions. Monowall is FreeBSD, with some mods and a nice WebUI stuck on it for configuration. EdgeOS, that runs on the ERL, is a fork of Vayetta, which is a fork/mod of Debian.

Both are open solutions but both are under active development and support by a team. Hence I'm a pretty big fan. Monowall was last updated in January, and they still support their legacy version for old hardware like WRAP systems, and their new version for more powerful systems. EdgeOS was updated in March, and they have an alpha for the next version going you can opt in to.

On the other hand the OSS firmwares are half-abandoned it seems. When I Google for Tomato I get a page that talks about it as a WRT54G firmware and looks like it hasn't seen updates in 5-8 years. Further down there's a "Tomato USB" mod on it that was updated in 2010 and still runs on 2.6.

This sort of thing does not engender trust in long term viability or freedom from bugs/exploits.

Also there's the issue that some of us have high speed needs. My Internet connection is 150/20mbps. So I need something that can support that. Triple stream N is pretty much the minimum (dual stream N maybe can in ideal cases) and AC is a better choice. Also the "router" part of the router needs to be able to keep up with that kind of speed, even when I've set up my firewall rules and such.

Finally you seem to confuse reliability with swappability. Sure, you can have a whole host of cheapass old routers and if one dies, put in a new one. However it is hard to do when you need more powerful, and thus expensive, hardware but also that isn't reliable, that is just having extras. I'd rather just have something that has less issues, that works for years on end with no problems, and not have to mess with it. That's what you get with something like a monowall box.

Also like I said, one component may need replacing before others. My Edgerouter Lite will last me a long time, unless it breaks, since it can handle around gigabit speeds with the setup I have (I've tested it). However if I get much faster Internet, I'll need a new cable modem, since mine is only 8x4 stream, and to go much above where I'm at you usually want 16 streams down. Likewise if my WAP is likely to get replaced sooner than the ERL, but probably not as soon as the cable modem.

I can have latest tech where I want it, older tech where I don't and it is all good. Also in my experience setups like that are extremely reliable.

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Mercedes may pooh-pooh that market, but I know of another German automobile manufacturer who seems interested enough.

All the automakers are working on making EVs, including Mercedes. But they have to sell more cars, and they have to make their customers feel good about the money they've already spent. What do you expect they to say when they produce a bunch of petrosuckers?

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In my country, you may or may not actually be able to even get three phase in the city. But you can get it in the country... where EVs don't work for most people yet, due to range issues.

Actually, where I live I could almost use a GEM car for trips to the store. It's hard to justify spending 5k on a discontinued deathtrap and then another 5k+ on battery upgrades, though

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from a previous story, how would you handle the quick charging of electric vehicles en masse?

The best way is probably battery-swapping. Right now battery tech is moving too quickly for it to make sense to come up with a cross-platform standard for batteries. But when that happens, I suspect that EV battery ownership will largely be a thing of the past, and that the majority of EV owners will join a battery co-op.

battery tech that lets cars go 500-1000 miles on a charge.

You don't need this if you have quick charge/swap. And even if you had it, you would need significant charging and infrastructure improvements to make use of it. "Normal" cars generally have less than 400 miles of range, so if you can solve the charging problem you've solved the whole problem.

Comment: Re:Mercedes, BMW engineers are dimwits. (Score 1) 329

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No battery, no regenerative braking or fancy nancy stuff.

I think you will find that batteries are still required.

Just a super sized alternator and a supersized starting motor, some mechanical linkages, clutches to get the damned car to second gear speed. Subaru is apparently coming out with something like this.

Subaru built a prototype where they replaced the torque converter between the engine and a tiptronic slushbox with an electric motor. Because the engine is not run by fluid, it's much more responsive and basically eliminates the problems with a slushbox, and it also provides motive starting force and performs regenerative braking for all four wheels. Presumably they'll need to use 2-way limited slip in all differentials for that to work properly. The Germans seem to have largely gone to using Torsen differentials (which are generally two-way) and solving their problems with ABS. Sadly, the ABS modules are made by Bosch...

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I bought a used, formerly $70k Audi A8Q. Leaking from every pore. If you don't wrench you can't own an old German car, it will fucking rob you blind. This ain't cheap as it is, but it's a shitpot more car than I could get from a stealership for the same money.

I have the full service history (with receipts) for this car. It has had practically everything done, down to a new transmission. Had a timing belt 50k ago but the coolant wasn't properly maintained so the water pump failed, so I just did one of those.

Basically, german cars have been unreliable as shit since the 1990s, when they went full-balls-electronic. Before that, they really really cared. Features like snap-together connectors with soldered-on pins, that you could order separately and cheaply (packets of pins, individual connector shells) and easily replace in the workshop. Now you need a $2k kit to service all the different snap-together connectors. Instead of putting the connectors someplace sensible and protected, now they're just all waterproof connectors. So when you get some kind of fluid leak other than coolant, now you get a terrible mess that you get to clean up with about four different solvents.

If you're not wealthy or a mechanic you can't afford to own a German car.

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