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Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 3, Informative) 117

Netflix is always dropping content to rotate in content they didn't already have (note I didn't say "new" content). They've always operated this way. The other option is to charge more and have a larger selection. I think I'm with most people in saying I would rather them rotate in new content than have a totally static library of movies after they hit the limit of what they can afford to license.

Comment Re:Wrong dates, and more info ... (Score 1) 491

What this dating refutes beyond a doubt are the now discredited theories about Muhammed being a mythical figure, and the Quran invented in the late 7th century. For example, the Hagarene theory by Crone and Cook and the Nevo-Koren Crossroads to Islam theory are untenable now. This manuscript is earlier than all these theories claim.

That is totally incorrect. The dating cannot refute that at all. I have had a long interest in the Voynich Manuscript, and it is the same kind of thing with the dating there (the vellum has been dated as contemporary to when the manuscript *appears* to be from, but not the ink). The parchment could have been reused, or could have been unused for many decades. The text on the manuscript may have been written a century after the animal was killed to create the parchment.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 491

Jesus is God, but is evil, and deliberately refrains from actions that would save sentient beings he presumably loves and who are capable of suffering from an easily preventable eternity of suffering.

In order to be sentient beings that are truly free, one must be given a choice. That choice was in the form of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Placing Adam and Eve in a walled garden that they could never leave, nor ever ascend or descend out of, is nothing more than a pet hamster in a cage. They could not have enjoyed Free Will had that been the case. Mankind is unique in the bible compared to other entities, such as angels and demons, as mankind has the ability to procreate. Angels, on the other hand, are each individual creations that cannot reproduce. According to the bible, angels wonder after humanity, because humanity has the ability to procreate and reproduce. (as a side note, it is not biblically correct that people who die "get their wings" and turn into angels) Anyway, back to the choice (aka tree). Mankind was given a choice, as a whole. When Adam and Eve sinned, their sin affected their offspring as well - aka all of humanity - because they had the power to procreate. Nothing mankind was capable of could ever atone for that sin, because mankind was then flawed and imperfect. The best that could be done was to take the purest, best fruits (both animal and plant) and offer them up as a sacrifice to atone for the sin committed by the forefathers. When Jesus came he was both man and God. He lived a sinless life as a human, and was sacrificed by humanity without justification. He offered himself as that perfect sacrifice, and as he was sinless, he was able to atone for Adam and Eve's sin, and provide a route for humanity to once again become pure in God's eyes. The only thing that any person has to do to receive this atonement is to simply believe that Jesus Christ was both man and son of God, and died for their sins.

Comment Re:Not really ... (Score 2) 40

The real solution is something like xPrivacy (or on iOS, PMP), where the app thinks it has all the permissions it ever will want, but it gets fed bogus data. Contacts? Gets garbage. Location? Fake. Advertising ID? Sure, pick one. ESN/IMEI? Whatever the RNG says, its all yours.

It is surprising what apps ask for, permission-wise. If one uses a firewall program (Firewall IP on iOS, others on Android), you will find that a lot of apps communicate with tens to hundreds of sites that are pretty much irrelevant to anything you are doing, but usually are related to ad-based stuff, be it analytics, behavioral tracking, or other stuff that has no benefit to the end user, but a windfall for a snoop.

I've found the only real solution is to either move to a more user-respecting ROM like CM or whatever the talent in XDA has built, which almost always works better than what came from the factory.

Comment Re:Dangerous, stupid lies. (Score 1) 491

Huh? Here is the 2nd paragraph of the linked site. It certainly does refute the post above. I think your reading comprehension needs some work:

"Radiocarbon analysis has dated the parchment on which the text is written to the period between AD 568 and 645 with 95.4% accuracy. The test was carried out in a laboratory at the University of Oxford. The result places the leaves close to the time of the Prophet Muhammad, who is generally thought to have lived between AD 570 and 632."

Note that "AD 568 to 645" is different than the Slashdot article lead which says "545 AD and 568".

Comment Re:Not really ... (Score 1) 40

Problem is that we will see this problem "fixed" by things similar to Samsung's KNOX, where if someone tries to manually install their own ROM or unlock the bootloader, the device blows an e-Fuse, rendering it either incapable of using a factory ROM, or showing it has been tampered with on boot.

Comment Re:Business and Bitcoin? What could go wrong? (Score 1) 57

That is the classic problem we have had since the early 1990s and PGP.

PGP 2.x and its descendants solved a lot of issues. It is transport independent [1], supported a good web of trust, did well for backing up keys, had a decent provision for revoking keys that were lost (assuming you made a revocation cert), and many other things. However, it took some active knowledge to use, and that is what made it unpopular.

Bitcoin is similar. MtGox presented a point and drool user interface to a protocol, pretending to be a bank. Of course, because the coins were in MtGox's wallet, they were really not belonging to accountholders, so when they went out of business, possession is normally 9/10 of the law, but in this case, possession is the law.

A lot of the exchanges just capitalized on people new to the protocol, and were expecting the currency to behave like dollars with a PayPal account.

Like the above -- this is an education issue, not a BitCoin issue. However people seem to rather deal with a lack of security than have to pack their own parachute. S/MIME versus PGP comes to mind for E-mail.

[1]: E-mail, SMS, MMS, NNTP, I've even used Paperbak (now spelled PaperBack) by Michael Mohr to pull larger from printed codes.

Comment Too early (Score 1) 29

Clinton looks like being the Dem nominee, but it's way too early in the cycle to say she absolutely will be. She has a popularity problem to overcome, and there's a sizable ABH contingent within the Democratic Party. She's stunning for her almost complete lack of charisma, her ability to make any displays of empathy or emotion look fake, her enthusiastic embrace of clearly flawed establishment positions on every issue, and a resume that looks like a set of check boxes rather than useful experience.

I can more confidently say I think Sanders is toast, and I don't see Warren as terribly likely either. Sanders is too much of a Ron Paul candidate to do anything but make a lot of noise. Warren has future potential, but she would have had to start "campaigning" four years ago. She's shown herself to be "tough on bad things", but not really anything else.

On the Republican side:

- Again, too early to completely rule out Trump but I'm finding it ridiculously unlikely he'll get the nomination. That view might change if he actually polls well in any early primaries.
- I honestly can't tell about the others. Well, I think the Republicans are unlikely to nominate the religious or ideological extremists (who are mostly positioning themselves for future jobs on Fox anyway), so that leaves - of the ones Fox is picking for their main debates - Bush, Christie, Kasich, Rubio, and Walker. It's tempting to find reasons to disqualify each. Bush is an establishment figure loathed by the grassroots... like Romney (2012). Christie is a populist pseudo-centrist loathed by the grassroots... like McCain (2008). Walker and Kasich are merely known as right wing governors at this point, like numerous former nominees. And Rubio is treading a relatively untrodden path and is fairly popular.

So, TL;DR, I just think it's too early to assume anything. Clinton may win, but if she does, she'll be our McCain (2008) candidate, and we might just lose as a result.

Comment Re: Well now Patrick will have to make a change (Score 2) 120

LILO has been a fundamental piece of the OS for many years, and has worked quite well. GRUB has eclipsed it for most uses, but for applications where every byte of storage is at a premium, it still has a place.

It is something that is well maintained, and can probably be retired, but still be useful, mainly since BIOS booting won't have the security changed and enhancements that UEFI comes with, so there isn't much that may change with the old BIOS based process in the future.

I'm grateful that it has been well maintained for so long. It is a piece of software taken for granted... but yet essential to the function of a machine.

Comment Overreaction. (Score 1) 774

So, how would you deal with Notch's problem?

Put money into funds/trusts.

And then get a job.

Wealth in itself is not the problem. It is the overreaction to the "success" which is the problem. Most "rich" folks are douchbags not because wealth makes them that, but because they believe that they are better than the rest.

Distance yourself from the money. Give yourself few years to get back on then feet. And only then (very) slowly start thinking what to do with the money.

Money is ultimately the choice. It is only social perception - the status - that if you rich, you have to have an expensive car and huge house. In reality, you can still drive a cheap replaceable car and live in a small comfy house.

P.S. It is easier when you have family and tight friends. It is changes nothing when you burn money on them. Do not lend/give away money to the close people: giving money would only distances you. Instead, for example, go to together to the expensive vacations destination, renovate house, etc.

Comment Re: Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cr (Score 2) 333

OS X is a completely different thing than System 1-7 or OS 8 and 9.

The main thing OS X offered that many a Mac person just hated Apple for not having... was true, preemptive multitasking. Before that, if an application or a desktop accessory didn't use WaitNextEvent(), the entire system ground to a halt, requiring a hardware reset. In fact, because OS 9 and earlier behaved like a chain of primitive Christmas tree lights (one bulb goes out, the entire chain does too), one wound up having to reboot every so often, just for safety. Some applications crashes could be recovered from... others, it was full down. To boot, there wasn't any real multi-user capability, other than what was grafted on via AppleShare servers or security programs like FileGuard or others.

Is OS X perfect? Nope. It desperately needs a new primary filesystem as HFS Plus is getting long in the tooth (it really is at best, competition for ext3) [1]. However, as an OS, it does its job well.

[1]: With all the cash Apple is sitting on, they could either license ZFS from Oracle, or if they don't want to deal with the licensing issues, hit up Symantec, license Veritas for VxFS, and extend that. One can use OSXFuse, but having a native filesystem on par with ZFS or btrfs would be nice.

When a fellow says, "It ain't the money but the principle of the thing," it's the money. -- Kim Hubbard