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Comment Re:Android update weakness (Score 4, Informative) 69

You think you have it bad? My barely two year old xperia z ultra, another "flagship", has already been pretty much abandoned, after releasing a half-assed update to lollipop with many bugs introduced which make you question if they even *have* a QA department (tapping the alarm icon in the status bar, for example, fails to open the alarm app... as it does in kk), I assume to please the masses.

Their "user forums" are filled with idiots who either can't use their phones or poor sods who face actual problems but more often than not are asked to do a factory reset.

Android had such potential, but google knly needs it to be popular for ad views thus it has become a shit operating system, development cycle and "ecosystem" in general.

Comment Re:Dis gon' be gud (Score 3, Insightful) 231

see, that's the problem. consumers don't care for a better product, or rather, they do not select a product based on objective criteria, their sense of value is distorted by marketing tricks. That's why i mentioned human nature. Companies know this and they use it to their best interest.

Comment Re:Info needed (Score 1) 243

the memory effect is very very unlikely (practically impossible) to happen in commercial hardware, even if you try to demonstrate it.

it can only present itself when the battery is discharged and recharged under the exact same cycle for thousands of cycles

it's been observed in satellites but there is no scenario where this will occur in commercial usage. Only under laboratory conditions.

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