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Comment: "nutritional facts" (Score 1) 237

by gTsiros (#49793595) Attached to: How a Scientist Fooled Millions With Bizarre Chocolate Diet Claims

Did anyone pause to just look at the numbers?

it's mostly fat and sugar. Neither of them are detrimental, of course, but one 100 g chocolate bar has something between a third and a quarter of daily calories. Do people realize what does that mean?

and more interestingly, at least for the ritter sport i happened to have checked earlier today, the 73% cocoa variety has *more* calories than the 50% one. Initially one might be excused to think that it is weird... it is more bitter, how can it be less "healthy"? Doesn't take long to think that 1) it is cocoa *butter*, which is *fat* 2) you won't need to eat as much to satisfy your tastebuds. The 73% one is 100 g portioned into 64 pieces. That's less than 2 grams per piece. Tiny piece, yes, but they pack a punch and they are less than 20 kcal.

Recently i've started noticing that to eat properly healthy is very expensive and time consuming if you are preparing only for yourself. Certainly, as one finds tricks and combinations, to save time and money.

Don't read this as gloating, but where i live i have access to really high quality foodstuffs and i consider myself lucky that i am not in the UStates. I'd sell my granny for a proper texas burger tho... Wendy's and mcdonalds don't really count, do they?

Comment: Re:"without garbage collection" (Score 1) 211

by gTsiros (#49405105) Attached to: Rust 1.0 Enters Beta

You can write good code and bad code in any mainstream (just so that exercises like brainfuck, malbolge or dis are excluded) language.

Android is just horribly written. They make monumentally bad engineering decisions. Remember one of the major flaws of os/2 4? Yeah. Same thing. Horribly designed UI? Yup. hidden meat interface, interactive elements moving around on their own, windows popping up and disappearing, no deadzone between buttons... But ok that's not coding, that's UX design.

Android is a clusterfuck of bad decisions on every single point and i say that as a proud owner of about a dozen of the blasted things (x10 mini pro, x10 mini, xperia arc, z ultra, z1, milestone, etcetcetc).

but it sure is pretty! look at all those animations! "material design" they call it these days?

Comment: Re:Why does it need a 5 speed gearbox?? (Score 1) 167

by gTsiros (#49370431) Attached to: At the Track With Formula E, the First e-Racing Series

google brushless motor efficiency, look at images if you don't fancy reading.

i said rarely. consider that in f1 the clutch is to be operated 4-5 times. once at the start, two or three for pit stops and one left over for emergency/unforeseen events.

once again, you don't need a clutch for an electric motor, whether it is mated to a gearbox or not

Comment: Re:Why does it need a 5 speed gearbox?? (Score 1) 167

by gTsiros (#49369553) Attached to: At the Track With Formula E, the First e-Racing Series

the whole "max torque from 0 rpm" phrase that is thrown around is quite misleading. While true that a motor exerts its maximum torque at zero rpm (and drops linearly as rpm increases), it also has the worst efficiency. maximum power draw (it's a short circuit!) and minimum power output (it's not moving is it?). peak efficiency is at a specific rpm, thus a gearbox is needed *for efficiency*.

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