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Comment Re:Uber and pirate bay (Score 1) 42

Jaywalking isn't illegal anywhere in the world. Illegally crossing the street is against the law in some places. And jaywalking is a term some people use to describe illegal crossing of the street.

Yes that matters in law. If everyone tomorrow were to call murder "ham sandwich" Then giving someone a "ham sandwich" would be illegal, but it wouldn't be illegal to give someone a sandwich made of ham. What people call the illegal act has no bearing on the legality of something that sounds similar to the common term for an illegal act.

Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 121

Change the building codes to require PV on every roof, and we'd power the country. Add in grid solar for night, and you can run the US off 100% solar without a problem(other than cost) but the cost is only bad because it's a lump. Spread the cost over the lifetime of a power plant, and rooftop PV is cheaper than coal.

Comment Re:It's their money... (Score 0) 66

So they should call it a Windows Religion. Religions have all of the benefits, and none of the accounting. Religions do blatantly illegal things (like buy spare land, then rent it out for a profit, and roll the profit from that business venture into the church losses, while getting the extra land tax-free). But since nobody wants to go to hell for arresting God, nobody cares about the abuses by religious charities.

And if B&M Gates is poor, try the United Way and the piles of other charitable organizations who exist to solicit donations, skim admin fees off the top, then redistribute the funds to charities they see fit. Any charity that actually does something, even if that something is bad and unneeded, is still better than 90% of the charities out there.

Comment Re: Ministry of JUSTIVE prevents access to INTERNE (Score 1) 58

The prisoners have electricity and water, even if monitored and controlled. They have lights out enforced on them and such. Internet is provided at most prisons, on computers that are locked down and heavily monitored, which is why prisoners want other means of Internet, to use it without oversight.

Something can be a fundamental right and still denied to prisoners. The US bans prisoners from voting, owning firearms, and a variety of other things that are "rights". Though many places allow prisoners to vote, i don't know if the UK is or isn't on that list.

Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 161

You apparently don't know what the Prius C is. Try again. And it's you changing subjects, I've always had the same subject, Diesel is a poor choice, same as the mayor. You are a Diesel worshiper and are all bent out of shape, so you are making up lies. But if I call you on them, you'll just pretend to be a different AC.

The Prius C is sold as the Yaris hybrid in Europe, and the Yaris is not a D-segment car. You should learn what you are talking about before wrongly lecturing others on it.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 189

I would never trust a "journalist" that isn't willing to open themselves up to public feedback. That is likely a sure sign that you are dealing with someone with an agenda who doesn't want inconvenient facts to interfere with their chosen narrative. They probably don't even acknowledge the autonomy of their own staff.

Comment Re:Some people don't understand the word "former" (Score 1) 264

You reasoning is faulty. This is not intelligence tactics. This is PR. (Also, I do not hold a security clearance, so I can post whatever my pertaining observations are, unlike the about 5 million US citizens that have been muzzled that way...)

It works like this: Have a known former employee or close associate to who you maintain close ties spread some information or statement. Most people will see it as coming from you, but if it causes a stir, it will just be their "private opinion".

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.