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Comment: Anti neutral (Score 1) 131

by fulldecent (#47912737) Attached to: The FCC Net Neutrality Comment Deadline Has Arrived: What Now?

It is good to see this topical announcement from Google today in which they are directly supporting application-specific unmetered internet:

"In an effort to reduce data costs, if you have an Airtel SIM card, you’ll get these software updates for free for the first six months. As part of this same Airtel offer, you’ll also be able to download up to 200MB per month worth of your favorite apps (that’s about 50 apps overall) from Google Play—all without counting toward your mobile data usage."

This is directly against the principles of network neutrality.

Comment: Non-solution (Score 0) 50

Google has found the solution for people that can't afford data plans, or expensive smartphones with too many cameras and big screens and contributing to e-waste:

Data plans, expensive smartphones with too many cameras and big screens contributing to e-waste! And tiered network access!

That's right, just like the aftermath of the financial crisis, Google has found another solution that is identical to the problem!


Of course the better solution is: eBay.

iPhone 2g is available for $50 shipped. Androids and shittier phones are cheaper.

Reduced e-waste, lower price, can still "connect with family through a live video chat", "use mapping apps to find the closest hospital" and "simply search the web".

Comment: Solution (Score 3, Informative) 418

by fulldecent (#47908645) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

The solution is not to cancel your Comcast service (assuming you live in the United States in many of the places with no legitimate competition).

The solution is to record your phone calls (when legal). For Android, my dad uses

Then post your calls online (instead of transcripts).

Lastly, and this is the important part: call your local utility regulation board.

Don't forget: you are not the customer, the utility regulation board is the customer, you are just the one paying.

Comment: Re:I never liked those state/city incentives (Score 1) 149

Please look closer. The reason why states are discounting their "prices" is because the prices are higher than the economic cost and value. There is zero economic cost to the state of a corporation generating income in a specific location. The solution is to eliminate corporate income taxes.

Comment: Math (Score 1) 146

by fulldecent (#47525819) Attached to: Comcast Carrying 1Tbit/s of IPv6 Internet Traffic

Percentage of US consumers using broadband 74%

Percentage of US marketshare served by Comcast 25%

Percentage of Comcast customers on IPV6 30%

Percentage of people that use Google 100%


Google says 4%

Nobody said computers were going to be polite.