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Comment: Re:kernel developers on Macs - that would be me (Score 1) 87 87

I've been a developer for 17 years. My name is in the kernel changelog. I've designed and built custom servers with power tools. I use Mac Pros for work.

It seems GP might think that Apple only makes iPhones. Mac Pros, which run certified Unix (OS X) are possibly the _best_ option for serious professionals. There are also a couple other companies making one or two choices in well-built hardware you can install enterprise Linux on, of course.

You don't say.

My name is in the kernel changelog

Man, dude is thirsty.

Comment: Re:iOS is toys, OS X is Unix. Learn the difference (Score 1) 87 87

I've been a developer for 17 years. My name is in the kernel changelog. I've designed and built custom servers with power tools. I use Mac Pros for work.

It's a shame Apple doesn't really care about Macs any more. Could that be what's making you so insecure that you feel you have to flash all your bona fides in a story about an Apple product's intrusiveness?

Comment: Re:Looking to move off of iTunes (Score 1) 87 87

"Did the really, really obvious"

It doesn't happen until you SELECT MULTIPLE SONGS.

I didn't have to do that unnecessary extra step in Winamp or AIMP2 - it's called a fucking ID3 tag, and if Apple had them done PROPERLY a "This is a compilation" checkbox wouldn't be fucking necessary.

Comment: Re:Looking to move off of iTunes (Score 1) 87 87

So it's not smart enough to realize that being in the same folder likely means it's on the same album.

As if it couldn't fucking scan the ID3 tag and learn this?

What a shit piece of 'advanced' software.

Even shitty old Winamp and AIMP2 can manage to get this right, with TWO clicks.

Comment: Re:Is that all it is for Independence Day? (Score 1) 98 98

Please, don't hate.

Oh, look who's being the SJW now. Don't mistake laughing at the ridiculous for hatred.

Here are some of Alex Jones' "mark my words" predictions:

Bank runs in February 2009. 9/11-scale terror attacks in 2010. 50% of the U.S. population will be killed in a bio-weapons attack in 2009. 16 year-old soldiers will enforce nationwide martial law by 2012. A major terror attack will occur in the U.S. by the end of summer 2009 (oh, and it’s a false flag). The U.S. will go to war with Russia in 2009. Texas stores are being looted and National Guard troops are moving into Austin right this minute (December 31, 1999). The UN will announce the presence of ET intelligence during 2009 to stage a NWO takeover. The U.S. dollar will be devalued by 50% by 2012.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Even David Icke laughs at Alex Jones for being dopey.

Comment: Re:Holy Mountain (Score 1) 178 178

If a movie violates canon, it should use a different name. If the movie isn't good enough to be made without using a name it doesn't deserve, then it isn't good enough to watch.

Tell that to The Godfather and Wizard of Oz, two movies that are both in just about every top 10 of all time list.

"Canon" only comes into play in sci-fi, video games and comic books, which is one reason those wonderful art forms have such trouble getting taken seriously as art.

Oh, and of course, "canon" also comes into play in religion, which also says a whole lot.

Comment: Re:"Name" all you want. (Score 2) 37 37

Thanks for saving me the typing.

She won't give a shit. Most people voting for her don't understand what crime she committed and even think it's something great because ... terrorists, child molesters, whatever, I don't keep track of the boogeyman du jour.

Name her what you want. She'll laugh it off 'til someone misses the brakes accidentally next time she crosses the street.

Comment: Re:The inherent problem with electronic voting (Score 1) 84 84

Again. The problem is not whether or not manipulation takes place. The problem is that someone can cry foul and there is no way to convince the computer unsavvy that he's full of shit.

You can verify your vote with some device not under your control. That alone gives room for doubt.

Political processes are complicated and intricate. That's already plenty of room for people wanting to claim that politics is all shenanigans and foul play because it's so complicated that most people don't understand it and rather follow someone claiming to understand it.

Voting, at least so far, is something rather simple. Take a sheet of paper, make a mark, toss it in a big box, then count the slips with the same marks when everyone tossed his paper into the box. That's simple enough that people understand it and that they trust such a system. Anything making the process more complex makes it easier for people wanting to create doubt in the process.

An optimist believes we live in the best world possible; a pessimist fears this is true.