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Comment Depends on exaclty where you go (Score 1) 108

If you know where you are going, you'll be able to get the best solution for you by seeing who offers good service in those locations.

Otherwise, go with one of the big carriers like ATT, Sprint, or Verizon or one of their re-sellers. If you were only traveling in big cities I would add T-Mobile to that list but since you say you are traveling in rural areas, I would only get them if you are sure they cover the areas you are in.

If you a lot of data (say, more than 10GB/month or so), you may be better off getting a multi-SIM hotspot or multiple hotspots, and use the one that gives you the best bandwidth at the time you need it. I say this because in some areas you'll get 4G or LTE on one carrier but only 3G or even worse on another carrier, or you'll get a very congested signal on one carrier but a much less congested one on another.

Sadly, in many rural areas that are away from heavily-traveled roads you'll be stuck with either less-than-3G coverage or "roaming" coverage from a non-major-brand cell service provider, which can get expensive fast. Make sure your plan includes free or at least reasonably-priced off-network data roaming so you don't get sticker shock at the end of the month.

Comment Re:What about manned aircraft (Score 1) 120

I was thinking more along the lines of a jumbo jet taking taking off or landing from a typical urban airport.

When easy-to-conceal-until-you-use-them, cheap anti-aircraft weapons that can take down a passenger jet that's less than 10,000 feet in the air hit the black market, you'll start to see suicidal murderers who want their 15-minutes-of-infamy using them on US soil.

I say "suicidal" because once you fire one of these, you will be found, and once you are caught, you can plan on spending the rest of your life in jail or if you are death-penalty-eligible, getting the state to help you in your suicide wish.

Comment Is it that they are Asian... (Score 1) 183

... or is it that their parents encourage, empower, and outright pressure them into doing the very things that will make them more likely to enter a high-tech field?

You show me a 100 kids that live for 18+ years under a pressure-to-perform environment and I'll show you 100 kids that are generally less happy, better educated, and more likely to suffer burnout than their peers. Those that don't burn out or rebel in a self-destructive way will be much better prepared for "brain work" when they are in their mid-20s than their peers who weren't pressured so much. I'm not saying they will be happier, only that as a group, they will be better prepared for "brain work."

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