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Journal: How to store your private key "in the cloud" safely

Journal by davidwr

Storing a private key "in the cloud":

Key is K1. Key is thousands of seemingly-random bits, probably based on a pair of 1024-bit-or-larger prime numbers. You typically store K1 on your computer using a good encryption algorithm. Your password to decrypt the key is P1. P1 is typically tens of characters. Decrypting K1 with P1 is a fast (in human-time-scale) operation, under a second.

Comment: Nevermind - I'm an idiot (Score 1) 265

Okay, I'm more ignorant than I thought an I'm an idiot for posting without verifying that what I thought I knew was actually true.

5 minutes of Google should've made me realize that some of the things I thought I knew about EMP are based on mis-information I got years and decades ago.

Memo to self: Do homework fist, THEN post to /.

Comment: Car crashes (Score 1) 265

The people who die in the first few minutes are going to be those who's lives are dependent on technology. That's list contains almost exclusively those in planes and those dependent on medical devices.

You forgot automobile drivers who are caught off guard by their engines stalling at the same time as those in the vehicles around them stall. There will be some car crashes and some who die as a direct result or as a result of not being able to get immediate access to adequate medical care.

If you extend "minutes" to "the first 59 minutes" then you can add more people to the list.

Interestingly, some older, non-fly-by-wire planes can be landed after a complete electrical shutdown if there is no other damage to the plane, the pilot knows what he's doing, and there is a landing strip available.

Comment: Jurisdictional issues (Score 2) 155

by davidwr (#46797765) Attached to: New 'Google' For the Dark Web Makes Buying Dope and Guns Easy

National Security Letters work if the person receiving them is subject to US law.

The "bully stick of diplomacy" may work of the person is subject to the law of a country that wants to stay on friendly terms with the USA.

If this site is hosted in a country like North Korea (which we can probably rule out to to their self-imposed Internet near-exile), Iran, or one of a small number of other countries openly hostile with the US Government, it's highly unlikely that the US Government will be able to use "the force of law" to compromise the site itself. Far more likely is that they will have to sneak in covertly to compromise either it or the pipe leading to it, or they will find a way of "taking over" the URL without taking over the site itself.

Comment: Re:"Llets you find?" (Score 3, Insightful) 155

by davidwr (#46797747) Attached to: New 'Google' For the Dark Web Makes Buying Dope and Guns Easy

ack -- posting to undo mod error

Ah, you must've found the +1 solameitscool super-secret modification option that people with "6" Karma get to use if the computer throws a 20 on the roll of the dice when it give you mod points.

Sorry you mis-used it, it will be awhile before you get another chance.

Comment: Re:It's not just the language, but the implementat (Score 1) 188

by davidwr (#46760321) Attached to: The Security of Popular Programming Languages

DOH! I *knew* I should've read the freakin' article before writing that.

Obviously, the article is talking about scripting languages, languages that (typically) run inside of a hopefully-OS-independent-behavior runtime rather than a traditional compiled language that doesn't contain a lot of "runtime" between the compiled code and the operating system.

Comment: It's not just the language, but the implementation (Score 4, Insightful) 188

by davidwr (#46760015) Attached to: The Security of Popular Programming Languages

If the language specification doesn't expressly say what happen when things "outside the design" happen, then different implementations may work differently.

For example:

If the language design spec says

"If an array index is out of bounds, exit the program and return a value of ABEND_ARRAY_BOUNDS_VIOLATION to the calling program,"

that may seem very specific, but if how to "exit the program and return a value of ABEND_ARRAY_BOUNDS_VIOLATION to the calling program," isn't specified by someone (usually the operating system), then it may not be specific enough. if different operating systems specify how to do this differently, then expected "under the hood" behavior will not necessarily be consistent across operating systems.

For example, does "exit the program" mean simply returning control to the caller, or does it mean explicitly returning any resources that were previously granted to the program by the operating system first? Or is that optional? If it's optional as far as the operating system is concerned, does the language provide a compile- or run-time switch to force such a cleanup? Does returning memory to the operating system guarantee that the OS will sanitize the memory, and if not, does the language guarantee it? If the language doesn't guarantee it, does the language provide a compile- or runtime switch so the program will sanitize memory prior to returning it to the operating system?

These differences in language implementations and even differences in how operating systems handle the starting and stopping of processes can lead to differences in what the code actually does. Usually these differences are unimportant but sometimes they are very important.

Comment: The distinct "black middle class" is dying/dead (Score 5, Interesting) 510

by davidwr (#46710051) Attached to: How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

Back in the days of race-based "red-lining" and "Whites-only" legally-enforced racially-segregated neighborhoods, rich and middle-class African-Americans had to live in the "non-white" part of town, along with the poor African-Americans and other non-Whites.

Once the zoning laws, deed restrictions, and race-based morgtage- and homeowners-insurance redlining disappeared, non-Whites had as much choice as white people when it came to where they wanted live. Money or lack of it still limited their choices, but their skin color was no longer a barrier.

Now, middle-class African-Americans who move into a city are likely to move into a "middle class" neighborhood, not a "Black" neighborhood.

We went from a society that had a more distinct "Black middle class" that was created out of racial discrimination into one where if there is a "Black middle class" that's distinct from a "Middle class" the distinction is much weaker than it once was, but where there is no legally-enforced racial discrimination and much less (and someday soon I hope, no) racial discrimination denying African-Americans and other non-Whites the same rights and opportunities enjoyed by White people.

I for one don't want to undo the last 50 years of racial desegregation just to bring back the distinct "Black middle class."

Likewise, I don't think we should deny today's children the ability to hear - albeit in a limited way - just to preserve "Deaf culture."

Comment: Free flight ... to prison (Score 1) 144

by davidwr (#46661637) Attached to: Hacker Holds Key To Free Flights

Getting on the plane is only part of the "game."

Unless you plan on doing something bad on the plane that will get you arrested or killed anyways, you also have to never be caught, even after the fact. Or at least delay your capture until all relevant criminal and civil statutes of limitations have run out.

Given that there are cameras everywhere these days, "Good luck with that."

Even then you have to worry about countries retroactively extending the statutes of limitations if their Constitutions/Basic Laws/whatever allow for it (In the last 10-20 years, California [USA] retroactively re-instated the right to sue for damages for certain decades-old torts).

To those who say "it's the bad guys who plan on hurting themselves or others once onboard" I say "You are right, that is an issue that needs to be addressed, but that's outside the scope of my comment, please start another thread."

Comment: Alternative suggestions: Encourage bus use (Score 1) 273

by davidwr (#46661527) Attached to: Algorithm Challenge: Burning Man Vehicle Exodus

For people who are packing light ("what fits on your backpack, no more"), increase the use of buses and provide (more?) safe/monitored parking in a "nearby" town at a reasonable price. Better yet, increase any fees paid by attendees to subsidize the cost, so those who do not use the in-city parking pay for part of the cost so as to encourage more use.

I don't know if this 2-lane highway has "full-service" shoulders on it, but if it does, get a permit from the state to allow these buses and other very-high-occupancy vehicles to use the shoulders, the same way that some roads in hurricane-areas have "full service shoulders" that are open during a hurricane evacuation.

Heck, for that matter, if the 2-lane road "could" be safely re-striped as a 3-lane road, pay to have it re-striped with the middle lane going inbound at the start and outbound at the end. Yes, that's a lot of money so barring a big donation it may not be feasible, but it's worth at least looking into.

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