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Comment: Re:Phones getting too big .. (Score 1) 258

by flyneye (#48236691) Attached to: Preferred smartphone screen size?

In the future, your phone will be a big screen and keyboard held in front of you with straps and rigging. It will have a third forward facing camera, so you can see where you are going. Since you are texting and talking while driving, the camera interfaces with the Google control module to get you where you are going safely. On your legs, your phone takes over and alerts you to oncoming collisions and hazards. It will have a bluetooth headset with it. Behind the screen it even has an airbag to protect you from your cars airbag.
            Phones get bigger, because we want the power and convenience of a laptop, we want Netflix and FPS games on our phones, we want to use them for readers, we want to see the damn things and we want portability. Now, hell; YESTERDAY!
              Kinda like finding out there's no Santa or Dalmatians aren't very friendly....It's just the way it is.

Comment: Re:Time for a revolution (Score 1) 421

by flyneye (#48234543) Attached to: Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

Since this is mass civil disobedience I'm talking about, I doubt it would get that action from law enforcement for very long.

I've paid my mortgage with money orders before.

You don't need a bank account for the timeframe it would take to put things back in order.

Ohh , they oversee them and the unelected make a dandy front for blame, but it is the elected that make the rules that the unelected toadies operate under.
The whole bunch is the problem.

Comment: Re:Time for a revolution (Score 1) 421

by flyneye (#48234489) Attached to: Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

Of course, we are talking about MASS civil disobedience here, not just a few pissed of activists, but, people who want to truely enact a protest that has the effect of nudging the economy enough to wake them the fuck up. When a significant amount of the population pulls the chips off the stock market roulette table, a hiccough occurs, big enough to say" hey, my money, MY RULES, get off your payola sponsored asses and fix this!"
In case you didn't get that.
Let them TRY to punish a significant amount of population, completely within their rights, to do what the want to in this situation.
Sometimes you can talk, sometimes you have to growl, now and then you yell, even scream. The last bull that wouldn't go up the chute was persuaded to do so by the force of a Louisville Slugger between the eyes.
It's about appropriateness and etiquette .

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by flyneye (#48233739) Attached to: Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

I agree. Close your bank accounts, use check cashing services and pay everything with cash or money orders.
Done by enough people, loudly enough, would be incentive to get stodgy steak-fed Congress-clowns to fix their blunder.
Likely? No. But , I can see there will be outcry if they abuse this law publicly enough. More stupid bullshit from the "superior" overlords we elected. Wait! You elected them! I didn't vote for any Repubmocrats! You did!
You Goddamn fix it! You made the mess, now clean it up! And quit voting for the one-party system or quit complaining about the current government.

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by flyneye (#48233697) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Make a High-Spec PC Waterproof?

Scotch-Guard every bit of the machine that you can. It will REPEL water. It may not be a perfect solution, but, if you keep incidental water OFF the machine, it isn't as likely to wind up IN the machine.
Unrelated, but handy, use Scotch-Guard on ANY speakers you have. Both sides. This keeps humidity (and water, beer, piss) from expanding the speaker fibers randomly to allow the balance of pull on the frame to become unequal and start scraping your speaker coils on the cylinder walls or magnet, causing heat and eventually fusion.(blown speaker)

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