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Yes, I want to live in a world where I can leave my keys in the car. Amputee ex-car thieves are a good idea.

I'm willing to let competitiveness between companies decide the quality of any product. Amputee criminal hackers are a good idea.

Bugs ARE found and exploited privately with/without disclosure. These zero day groups could easily be providing support for each other in an amputee support group.

Security exists to protect the interests of the customer, who, is always right. No sacrifice except the offending limbs of the guilty is necessary for this scenario.
The only way to maximize security and therefore convenience is to remove the problem from our midst. Let starvation do the rest.

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I am one of the 51%. I don't see things changing, the computer is a convenience device for most of the world. It needs to be convenient. As per usual, attention must be called to the fact that stolen and misused passwords constitute a crime and examples should be made. I would recommend cutting off the arms of computer criminals at the elbow, so they still have something to scratch their ass with. Enforcement is the answer, failing that, vigilance. Too much money has been spent for personal computers/devices to have every Tom , Dick or Harry trying to make a name for themselves finding and publishing weaknesses. Yes, I am glad bugs are worked out, but, publishing them causes more crime than it prevents and puts black hats on to the right trail. Simply remove the human designation, mistakenly given to the scrubby bastards and open a trophy hunting season.

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We have an overabundance of carp here. Normally eating carp seems to be an ethnic thing around here.Even then, only an older generation bothers with it. I would like the world to come and rid the Mid U.S. of carp, so I have included the only recipe I know for carp.
        1 pressure cooker
          1 5-lb. rock
          1 carp
          Pressure cook the meat till it slips from the bone (about 2 hours) let cool, discard the fish and eat the rock.

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Yes, there are many kinds of Jews with varying opinions. Nothing new there.

I believe that separating scripture from mans teachings would do the Muslims a world of good. The massacre part seems to go with the Mid East Package, but there are severe doubts that the Jews will do it. The Muslims have a track record of killing their own. I suppose you can label me whatever you want to make it easier for you limited mind to file. Like I said 4 times and you missed it again, although there is nothing anyone can do about it, it is what it is, so, I'll pick my winner and go with it. Go change your shoes you reek of piss.

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It is never said YHVH would take their land away. NOWHERE. Further I read in Hebrew where appropriate. Someone poured smoke up your butt. The Tanakh is full of stories of the punishment of the Jews from Cain to Babylon. The Gospels and the Writings don't say this either. Not even in Hebrew Matthew. The Revelation of John has some "prophesy" about Israel. Further I doubt the Pharisaic scholars will be able to give you ANY useful answers about ANYTHING important.( That was the object of the MTW 23: 31-36, he was speaking to the "Orthodox" Jewry , which was obviously not every Jew.)

Yup, the Muslims claim the same and here I sit with the belief that they are mistaken and have been led wrong. They still claim to follow Torah and it is only changed and twisted by their prophet, by all I have seen. Not a drop of that part of their faith can I believe, knowing what I know. If they gave up "their" teachings of man and just followed the instructions, I'm guessing they could share in Yisrael. BUT, that is not the case, so once again, since it's been over your head twice now and from an Eastern ( NON WESTERN) perspective, I will say that I'm betting on the Israel given to the Jews. It has nothing to do with your political fantasies or wishes or any image anyones press or government wish to promote. I will leave you with a big fat SO WHAT? You're not going to change the situation by WANTING as hard as you can, you'll only distend your colon from the effort. People have continually died for that chunk of property and you honestly think anyone outside of the battle is going to change their minds and bring peace? Dream on sheep boy. Nothing you can do but watch.
Atrocities, shit, we are downright civilized if you compare all your "film evidence" of violence in the Mid East to the history books. This IS as good as it gets.

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You've proved my point, you're a herd lackey without an independent thought in your head. It would be fun to guess that you're a first year journalism major.
I don't deny that from your perspective, my position is extreme. That it is like a Muslims position is akin to comparing it to a Methodists position or a Democrats position for all the input you have to reach a conclusion.

You've had the approved herd history pill, but from an Archaeological standpoint I will point up the Greek background of the Philistines that's been known since before Azimov published his set of Biblical guides in the late 60s.( my oldest reference,out of hand, reachable on my desk) I will go with what the Jews and Muslims can agree on, even Christians; The land was given to them in a covenant from their Elohim, this remains immutable unless said Elohim changes it, regardless of who temporarily occupies it. Because in the end, it is these groups of people involved, not the world. They ALL follow the same set of instruction which they ALL still hold higher than any laws of man. Nothing anyone can say will change this. Therefore, it is not so much that I support a political position, I support what I see as the inevitable. Kind of like supporting Gravity or Taxes or betting that it will snow in Canada this winter. So, I would suggest the best thing for everyone concerned, in the end, is to mellow out and leave Israel to the Jews and either get along with them or go somewhere that it will be more peaceful and profitable for you.
          Your socks are surprisingly absorbent.

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Oh St.Kazmi, patron of the politically correct, I sacrifice this beer from my bladder, to wet your parched feet. Your views are patently accepted by the majority of sheeple and you stand shining in their eyes. Your reward in the afterlife, as mankinds hall-monitor will surely smell of roses, or fertilizer, whichever way you see it. I see a people fucked out of their homeland and abused by every country around, since before Rome ruled the world and to this day. I'm talking about the landlords, not the tenants or the squatters. Whatever Israel can do to restore itself is supported by me. The word Israel makes itself synonymous w/Jews, don't be an uneducated post, read some history. Understand what it is about at more than a superficial level, provided by your, uhm, peers.
That's right, I abhor anti-semitism, call spades; spades, and interject whatever connections I see fit into a post ,even if it whizzes over your head. I whiz at your feet.

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LOL, how many times would a 3 year old roll from the kick of firing a .50 cal? It could turn up on Americas Funniest Home Videos, right between a " cameraman getting knocked in the nuts" and "LOL cats on parade" I could see some jokers letting a 5 year old blast off a 12 ga. @ a clay target to see him land on his ass, but a teenage girl with a goose gun would really be funnier.

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The Brady Bunch move to Sweden, vacation in Israel, go home and download Urban Terror; Sometimes , the best things in life, are free and that is a good value to teach kids. To squeeeeeeze the trigger on exhale is an early lesson that has served me well through life. Thanks, Grandpa!

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