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Comment: Re:60 Minutes Pushing Propaganda? (Score -1) 409

by flyneye (#48513629) Attached to: Is Chernobyl Still Dangerous? Was 60 Minutes Pushing Propaganda?

60 min. barely had any credibility when Cronkite worked it.
There isn't a single news program out there, from national to local, that isn't involved in ratings chasing SPIN.
Just because you want news, the facts, to know what really happened, doesn't mean you get it.
You get whatever keeps their program afloat, news doesn't provide enough security to run a show.
Try this experiment; Want the news, as hard as you can in one hand, shit as much as you can in the other hand, now, observe which hand has more in it.
And that's the way it is; Dec.3 2014......

Comment: Re:Consider this (Score 1) 262

by flyneye (#48511405) Attached to: Obama Offers Funding For 50,000 Police Body Cameras

No, no. No action, nothing to see in victims misery.
I'm talkin live action CRIME. Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? They can blur the innocent, hell, the gov't redacts docs, no difference.
I don't want to see every damn kitten up a tree saved, but I do want to see the shootouts, the thieves caught, the assaults halted,the meth labs closed and ALL the other shit the two bit swine ARE supposed to be doing with all this high tech equipment, instead of the usual patrolmen driving too fast between donut stops, traffic stops,piss stops, food stops,domestic disputes(also not on the menu, because it doesn't affect ME), hassling ethnics/teens/homeless, sneaking a joint under the overpass, etc. I think they should be subject to random camera checks where the boss looks in through their cams, whenever the mood strikes.
          So fuck you and your self righteous, poorly thought attempt at condescension.

Comment: Re:There are issues to resolve... (Score 0) 262

by flyneye (#48505293) Attached to: Obama Offers Funding For 50,000 Police Body Cameras

If the crime happens in public, and it IS a crime, I paid, I want to see it. Even if I have to wait til court is over, but as public OWNER of the footage I demand to see a return on my investment.
Protect the innocent by holding the film 'till after court. If they are guilty release it, if not, it wasn't a crime and it's no ones business. Whatever I do with MY footage then, is MY business. Fuck the guilty.

Comment: Re:Birds Get Drunk Too, and maybe the squirrels (Score 2) 89

by flyneye (#48502715) Attached to: Ability To Consume Alcohol May Have Shaped Human Evolution

My dog got sloppy drunk, eating overripe mulberries off the ground. My wife pointed out he was staggering,aimlessly, falling, over and over. Then it hit me, I'd seen him eating some mulberries and put it together. He was a sorry dog the next day and hasn't eaten mulberries since. I notice that doesn't stop many people from repeatedly bashing their brains and organs with far too much alcohol. Hangover, vows of abstinence, shower, a short time cycle, tequila shooters or Long Island Iced Teas, silly behavior, sleep, rinse, repeat.
Dogs should be studied far closer.

Comment: Re:Of course it did (Score 1) 89

by flyneye (#48502619) Attached to: Ability To Consume Alcohol May Have Shaped Human Evolution

I've seen this phenomena in Texas. But noticeably Massachusetts is a FAIL even as likely as they consume twice the state of Texas.
These questions should be probed in further depth, with random samplings in the thousands,aclohol and women, from both states, by a team, I would assemble.
Their objectivity and focus would have to be completely on the job. With a grant or a kick start, the research could go on for years and provide valuable information, for anyone in the science community, who needed a drink or to get their pickle tickled.

          The political implications could be staggering as well. But my money is on Colorado and other marijuana states to attract a higher chickadeer population.

Comment: Re:Diamonds and guns (Woo Hoo) (Score 1) 329

by flyneye (#48490717) Attached to: Taxi Medallion Prices Plummet Under Pressure From Uber

I'm still trying to get by that bit in the article about ;" the government realized they needed to make sure drivers weren't psychopaths luring victims into their cars. "
Not sure medallions were effective, correlated or even an oblique strategy against the near-human species driving cabs today.
Basically, they only existed as a token of taxes/bribes paid, a lot like just about any "license"(permission) you grovel for from perceived authority today! You may as well just get in the Manson Family SUV to catch a ride to the store.

Comment: Re:I disagree (Score 1) 257

by flyneye (#48490635) Attached to: The Driverless Future: Buses, Not Taxis

Brilliant! We need a large vehicle that slithers through traffic. It could be based on those robotic snakes from a few years ago. I could see it crawling along on a tread lined belly, making clean corners, gobbling up riders, pooping their nutrient drained husks out. Perhaps it could squeeze buildings for passengers or tankers for fuel.
That would be efficient. It could crawl over traffic jams, park in unusual places, maybe there are military applications!

Bus error -- please leave by the rear door.