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by flyneye (#47573209) Attached to: The Problems With Drug Testing

It's alright this is how Obama-care works. If we got rid of the questionable doctors doing it, they would be replaced by illegal Mexican aliens. So relax and take another pill. The government wouldn't allow anything to harm you, would they? Of course your medicine is safe and we have more medicine to treat the side effects of the medicine, and more medicine to treat the side effects of that medicine. Just think of Obamacare as a subscription service for the latest, greatest pharmaceuticals that Big Medicine can manufacture. Every month you will recieve a new bottle to add to your collection and calm the effects of the previous prescriptions. As an added bonus, the doctors will scratch their head, stare at the chart and say" There's a new clinical trial I can put you in for a pill that cures all this". It won't of course, but it will add to the drama. Support your pharmaceutical companies and they will continue to give you the best medication they can mass produce at maximum profit, within the bounds of their intellectual property.
Take a pill!

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by flyneye (#47573173) Attached to: Reglue: Opening Up the World To Deserving Kids With Linux Computers

Unions and their agendas applied to teachers ARE a large part of the problem. Besides promoting liberal ideas that have killed public education over the years, they help keep bad teachers comfortable in their jobs to continue harm and elevate costs of said bad teaching. I deny right or left leanings and purport to relying on observation and experience, unlike sycophants of either right or left.

Parents are half the problem, Teachers, the other half.

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Of course my sidearm will help protect my liberties. Me and every gun owning person, at that.
Yes, I do say whatever I like to whomever I like.
I never said I killed a cop, I said; if the case warranted it, I would kill a cop as easily as anyone threatening my life.
Never changed my mind, I abide by any laws that do not conflict with my integrity or religion.
Feel free to clean my boots and there's a tip in it for you boy.
You're odd enough, I figure distended anuses would make you feel right at home.
Nope, the reason the U.S. is under tyranny came around a century ago. Go read a U.S. history book.
Nobody fantasizing about killers and vigilantes, except the over-zealous jealous Aussies who are subjects to their masters.
I have several guns.
I stand up to bleating anti-gun morons who rely on regurgitation of disinformation, rather than brains or fact all the time.
I'll repeat myself.
To deny my right to own a gun, is to open myself and family up to the dangers of criminals who would still own guns, should they be taken away.
This is the equivalent of anti-gun nuts threatening my safety and they will suffer for their threats.

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by flyneye (#47564545) Attached to: Reglue: Opening Up the World To Deserving Kids With Linux Computers

Agreed, I've made note of how computers are used in both public and private schools. Academia=10% Fun and bullshit=90%. Putting a computer in an otherwise happy home, already dealing with money problems is more harm than good. Adding malware, computer addiction, inevitable hardware and software problems isn't promoting family values.

I understand that people want to do something for education. There are a load of things that CAN be done, from donating time to stumping to eliminate unions, to purchasing better text books, to spending time at home helping your own kid, and on and on and on.

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by flyneye (#47564507) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

I would suggest that it is worse than the catch phrase. When the buttload of jobs got outsourced overseas, a couple months after I had gotten a student loan for an IT school, I saw getting Microsoft Certified as an expensive waste of time and money. I was right.The government approved school that I had a government loan for was scuttled by the government. I quit and they haven't seen a penny toward my loan since then. Fuck 'em. It hasn't affected my life yet and if it does, I'll drag my feet and cause a LOUD fuss. I can ignore collections all day long and have for years. In fact, I want any money back that I put toward this fraud in the first place.

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Couldn't matter much anyway, with all the "as yet unknown" effects of any number of "medicines","vaccinations",cleaning chemicals, fluoride, meth labs down the block, plastics everywhere inducing hormonal effects, butt picking fingers of the cook @ Taco Bell, McDonalds food,cosmetics, soaps, and any of the other things your wallow in all day , every day, something else will fuck up your zygote even more. Have a cigar!

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