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by c6gunner (#47513073) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

That said, I'd imagine that penetrative rape - the type commonly suffered by females - is a lot more traumatic.

Assuming a completely unwilling and unaroused victim, yes, I very much suspect it would be. However, feminists and victim-advocacy groups have spent the last couple decades telling us that "rape is rape" and that they're all equally bad, so it would be a bit hypocritical for them to now start screaming "BUT WE HAVE IT WORSE!".

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by flyneye (#47512665) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

You seem to have imagined a generalized assumption of my circumstances.
I associate cheating with an abstract action, I associate stealing with a concrete action. Either will put you in harms way, in arms reach.
Yes, the problem is age old and universal no matter what government, class, walk of life, religion it is filtered through. In my case, even with a job I had just acquired that paid MORE, I found myself in circumstances brought about by the actions of others that had me losing 100 lb in 3 months, not due to drug use, but starvation so my woman and child could survive as I plotted an escape by whatever means presented themselves, in an unfriendly environment. I stole, I conned, I inadertantly wound up mugging an attacker for his wallet and left him with no front teeth and a broken nose. unconscious in FRONT of a bar in a major city.I cheated many, some deserved it, some probably deserved it, some didn't. It was winter and our fuel was stolen, even as I dodged rent and saved every penny to get us and a few items to a safe place in a distant city. I gave up my possessions, used up my resources and we survived. In the good ol' U.S.
Yes, most of my "victims" were those who put me in my circumstances, others I just scammed money from. I've tried to pay it forward over time, but, if you are ever REALLY there, you will too.

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by flyneye (#47512461) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

Yup, we should all just ditch the modern world with modern conveniences and technology as well as ANY of the current governments and go back to being nomadic tribesmen living off the land. That would take us back to a natural order of things, any other solution is just self-protective rationalization, doomed to failure, on the part of the chump.When we can all live simply and depend on each other, then we don't need money, government or class. When we all live with less, then there is no scarcity.

Til then we've all got bills to pay and blood to let in every aspect of life.
Bitcoin isn't the answer.
Credit isn't the answer.
Debt isn't the answer.
That leaves trading.
If you really want to eliminate a world that generates crapitalism,communistosis, socialist diseases and any other number of competitors for supremacy amongst cockroaches, we need to release some imagined needs and grow some brains.
See that happening?
We can't get past " DAD!, ROBBIE STOLE MY FRIES!" in our homes,round the globe. How are you going to balance the load for a world of strangers?
Most people couldn't survive a week without their current belongings. No knowledge of how to feed or clothe themselves without a government as a go between for mass trading.

          So we adapt as our ancestors did without the answer either. We cheat, lie, con, finagle and it can get so bad that you steal, mug, burgle,injure and could possibly kill, dependent on circumstances. All classes, with their own perspective on what level of living constitutes survival. Even non-capitalist governments are vampires depleting their constituents. Two classes there Government/Non government, predator/prey, parasite/victim.
Sad. True.

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by c6gunner (#47512227) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

No matter who you are, what your personality is, etc there will always be some people out there that don't like you, won't hire you, or otherwise throw negativity your way even if you've done absolutely nothing to earn their hate.

Very true. So when that happens to me, is that because of the matriarchy trying to keep my manliness in check?

Your reaction is what I've noticed most women get if they even gently bring something up. It's 100% complete denial and blame the messenger.

What I can't figure out is why?

Because that's what we do when people are wrong?

I've noticed when people bring up the idea that the holocaust never happened, they get 100% complete denial and blame the messenger. Hrm ... I wonder why.

True, this behavior may be a small group of bad apples, but by denying the problem exists at all you're enabling those bad apples to continue doing what they do.

Nobody is denying that the problem exists. That's the kind of absurd strawman that always ends up derailing these discussions. What people are telling you is that:

1. Everyone gets harassed at some point. You don't see me going around talking about what an unsafe environment comicon is just because some chick grabbed my ass.
2. Problems caused by a small subset of individuals should be dealt with INDIVIDUALLY, rather than by writing long-winded articles about how the whole system is horrible. Only an idiot attacks an entire community over the actions of a few individuals. We usually call that "bigotry".

Seriously, why can't we just admit women catch a lot of shit just for being women in tech?

Because it's insignificant. I've caught more flack for having a slow connection than most women catch for being women. I've seen far more men bending over backwards to help "women in tech" than I've seen trying to tear them down. Men tend to be far more cruel and destructive towards each other than they do with women. If harassment in the tech community is a problem then it's a problem for everyone, and it's absolutely ridiculous to single out women as being some special class of victim.

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I tend to agree with you, in general. However, I do think it is disingenuous to name a company "Girlfight" in a clear attempt to cash in on their sexuality, then contribute to an article complaining about it.

That's feminism for you in a nutshell. The "skepchick" website rose to fame in no small part thanks to putting out a (artistic-ish) nude calendar of their members, and encouraging male adoration. Then once they had enough of a following, they decided it was now misogynistic for men to comment on their appearance or think of them in a sexual way. Lots of women have gained prominence by using their sexuality to their advantage, only to later go on long-winded rants about how nobody should be "objectifying" them.

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