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Comment Oh, Com'on Robin (Score 3, Interesting) 98

The very best thing you could have done with that particular posting of Eric's would have been to ignore it, and run the story about that nice woman without mentioning it. She can stand on her own and nobody but Eric should be held to account for what he said.

Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 403

IF Apple were to offer it, do you think they'd price the product BELOW what others could conceivably sell for? Effectively price "below market value"?

If you're a 3rd party, and you want to offer that kind of a dongle, with active electronics (digital and analog) inside of it, it's going to be a ~$50 product. If it were simply an IAP2 chip and some wiring, you could do it for $4. Apple could do it for $2. But then, Apple sells that very thing (Lightning cable) for $19 - so they're pricing it at market value (typical 5X markup of COGM to MSRP for consumer electronics, based on the $4 build cost for non-Apple companies). Which would put a Lightning-to-headphone adapter probably around $50 - what everyone else would pay.

I've been playing in the consumer audio space for nearly 2 decades, heavy design AND production (including living in China full time for the better part of a decade, and still spending 30-40% of each year in China), and even worked for Apple for a while (audio systems on Macbooks). I have a pretty good idea of what it would cost a non-Apple vendor to make this kind of a device - and my experience says that Apple would in no way price lower than what other vendors would have to price at.

Comment Re:Tested in the courts (Score 1) 117

We should change the patent system so that it works more like how you imagine it works, namely that patent examiners only do some simple sanity checks, and that validity only gets established through court challenges. But that's not the patent system we have right now.

Those systems exist in other countries, and they're uniformly terrible. Remember all those stories about someone patenting the wheel in Australia? That was a registration-only system.
They're also much more expensive for people accused of infringement, since the trials are much more involved, with having to first examine every aspect of patentability.

Comment Re:Tested in the courts (Score 1) 117

The USPTO can (and does) award patents for almost anything. The patent examiners aren't experts in every field and if they receive advice that an item, method, or process is unique and non-obvious, they will award a patent.

Nope, they're experts in their own field. The USPTO is divided up into several thousand art groups, and Examiners only review applications that are in their field. You don't have chemists examining crypto any more than you have computer scientists looking at a new drug formulation.

Comment Re:Education... (Score 1) 230

All of those countries have better education system than any state in the US, because all of them have free, or essentially free higher education!

Since I grew up in one of those European countries with free education, I can tell you from first hand experience that you are wrong.

Having free higher education is by default a huge advantage compared to the US. You have not provided any argument against my claim. Just "you are wrong".

Comment Re: Refugees? Not so much. (Score 1) 230

The actual sea level data shows little if any increases. It's a nice sinusoidal function that tracks a 24 year period. The ONLY way you can get that data to show sea level rise issues is with a linear regression and a terrible R^2 of 0.11 (meaning - you're trying to fit essentially random data with a straight line). The sea level isn't changing.

Comment Re:AGW deniers... (Score 1) 230

Take a look at the actual sea level data from Majuro records. The data fits a nice non-inclining 3rd order sinusoidal function with peaks and dips in the average sea level. And no sign of acceleration (unless you do a linear regression with a terrible R^2 fit of 0.11).The sea level isn't really rising much, if any. If the level of the atoll is falling, it's either subsidence or natural decline that comes from living on a pile of coral in the middle of the ocean.

Comment Re:Education... (Score 0) 230

Better than what? I was under the impression that we'd put schools and infrastructure in place post WWII.

Per capita GDP in the Marshall Islands is $2900, compared to Arkansas's $31000. Arkansas, while near the bottom among US states, is better off even compared to EU members like the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, and Croatia.

All of those countries have better education system than any state in the US, because all of them have free, or essentially free higher education!
It just happens that I have lived in or visited Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Czech Republic and Hungary (long story why) and can also tell you that their primary and high schools are top-notch. Notice my command of the English language? Thanks to the education system of a couple of the abovementioned countries. I speak three more languages, again thanks to those education systems that you think are poorer than the one in Arkansas (based on your flawed and entirely idiotic metric of GDP).

It's aggravating that a post so obviously devoid of any intelligence or correct information, would get modded up.

Comment Re:Not doing his job? (Score 1) 415

Unfortunately, it's not true they just say "no". They say "no" to big stumbling blocks, not everything. In fact, the record shows plenty of laws passed. Somewhere upwards of 95%. But on big issue items, where the two parties have fundamentally different approaches/solutions, there is nothing moved forward. As it should be.

Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 403

One other datapoint... Silicon Labs has a Lightning-to-Audio converter (CP2614) available. it's $3.39 in 100K quantities. You still need an amplifier on it, as well as some power supply filtering and protection. It's still a $5-$6 electrical solution, on which a package needs to be placed, then assembly costs, etc. It's not cheap to do a Lightning-to-analog conversion adapter, not cheap at all.

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