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by nschubach (#46783871) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Router Firmware For Bandwidth Management?
I love how easy it is to setup QoS, VPN and such with Gargoyle. With OpenWRT the only real solution to this was to open an SSH and edit files. I normally don't have an issue with the command line, but trying to setup a VPN server on OpenWRT is a lesson in humility. The first point in the document tells you to learn every minutia about different VPNs and their technology. That's great if you want to learn about it all, but if you just want to set up a server and connect your laptop to your home network when you are away... you don't need to know that. There's also a lot of terminology thrown around that may not be necessary.

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by nschubach (#46032617) Attached to: Code Is Not Literature
If musicians read sheet music like programmers read code, then why do a lot of programmers insist that everyone else comments their code? Do musicians insist that every other musician make comments on why they chose to raise the octave or what they were thinking when they chose that chord?

// WTF was Beethoven thinking here...

// This note wasn't right, I dropped it twice.

// This part is the chorus, it will be played several times.

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