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Comment Re:Why was he modded up? (Score 1) 1136

You raise an interesting point.
Check out graphs 3&4
and here

So it sucks to be black and under 30. but what really surprised me was the white suicide rate and how it keeps climbing with age. So it also sucks to be old and white!

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1136

Just WOW. You yanks are so indoctrinated in your gun culture you have lost leave of you common sense.

Guns can kill people because of
- Accidents, exp Kids
- Suicide
- Partner Violence
- Mental Illness
- Criminals & Gangs

When you have SO MANY FREAKING guns you are going to get more gun deaths.
In fact you are 10 (yes 10) times the gun death rate of comparable western countries.

Comment Why was he modded up? (Score 1, Insightful) 1136

You are drinking the NRA's cool aid + your links were crap and had nothing to do with statistics of Gun homicides per capita: a real measure of the social impact of Guns.
Since you like the Washington Post, try this
or the BBC

For civilized western countries, the USA gun homicide rate is 10 times that of comparable countries.

This is because
- You have freaking guns everywhere. Accessibility increases the homicide rate (kids find them, a bullet does more damage than a punch etc.etc)
- You have an African American problem. When a people group you beat on for hundreds of years get their freedom & guns: you've got a problem.
- The USA celebrates violence: You as a culture group are not mature enough to have guns as freely as you do.

It will take multiple generations to solve your gun violence problem. If you put in sensible gun reforms like Australia, you will have 20-30 years of criminals having a vast supply of weapons, while law abiding people don't: thus the laws will fail from the outcry of the innocents.
I'm afraid your goose is pretty much cooked.

Comment Re: Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 571

Turkey is obliged to let them stay if they are truly refugees.

They are not obliged to hinder them from leaving, though.

And European countries have some agreements too, where the outer border countries can offload some of the burden on other countries, as agreed on.

Comment Re: None of my cards have a chip! (Score 1) 315

Australia is unsually used as a 'test bed' for new banking tech, as we are small but early adopters of technlogy.
Australia also has a nearfield RFID payment system called paywave.
For transactions under a certain value (normally $50), you can just tap you card on the POS machine. Higher value transactions require a 4 digit PIN.

Comment Re: there is no conflict between science and relig (Score 1) 268

Don't confuse amoral with immoral.
And evolution is what has given us moral. Individuals who do not commit murder, torture and other disruptive actions have a greater chance of survival and their offspring surviving. With the exceptionally long time period from birth until the offspring can survive on their own, cooperation and herd rules have been selected for.
We don't need any religion to tell us what's moral and not.
Science doesn't tell us, but it sure explains it.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 1) 391

Those coders *did* make the decision to cheat.

No, they didn't. The functionality for being able to adjust the power and emissions on the fly is useful code, and allows for both fine-tuning, troubleshooting, and the equivalent of unittests.
The third party company that delivered the components even told the customers that they should not keep this code enabled in production.

So no, the coders are not at fault here, at all. VAG management is.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 571

Movement within the EU is legal for those with an EU passport

There is no "EU passport".
The right to move and reside freely is granted to any citizen of the EEA (EFTA plus Lichtenstein) and Switzerland, and a passport is not required if you have another national identity card.

Or a residence card showing you are a family member of a citizen of one of these countries, and are either travelling with or to the family member.
And that is the case for many of the asylum seekers, who want to travel to specific countries like Sweden and Germany, where they have family. The problem is a catch-22 one, because they cannot obtain the family member residence card allowing them to travel to their family before they are united with their family.

Comment I hate to sound callous... (Score 2) 172

...but the coal industry in the States kills about 24,000 people per year - and that's just the respiratory stuff, it doesn't even attempt to find out what all the mercury that winds up in the fish is doing to people.

So sorry if it sounds callous to say, "actually, it doesn't matter whether you're arguing over zero deaths, one, ten or a hundred"...but as long as every single article about nuclear issues doesn't start and end with that 24,000 deaths per year (hundreds of thousands worldwide, though China is the really staggering toll), then all of those articles are callous.

Honestly, if 65 people per day were dying of a disease, would it be callous to say "look, the cure only kills about a hundred people in a whole year, fuck those people, deploy the cure". Maybe it would, but with a good:bad ratio of 240:1, it's the kind of callousness we all sign off on when it comes to anything else.

It's actually funny (black humour) to read those super-long posts attempting to prove this or that about the ultimate death toll...but the numbers don't even rise to the 1600 at issue for the evacuation, much less the respiratory deaths from fossil alternatives, much less the whole atmospheric chemistry issue. It's like the bar being set for nuclear is that it must be perfect..."way, way better" is not good enough...

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Journal Journal: Voyage to Earth 1

"How you been, old man?"
"Wild Bill! I haven't seen you since... damn. You haven't aged a day!"
"I've been in space, you quit. You know space travel slows aging. So how've you been? I've been doing runs to Titan since the discovery."
"Bill, it's fantastic. My beer is the best selling beer on Mars, and they want us to import it to Earth. Can you believe it? And I have the cost down really low si

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