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Comment Re:Lost in Space? (Score 1) 169

I was a little kid when I saw that show, and even then, it was obvious it was a piece of crap.

The bottom of the barrel, we scrape it here.

What next, "My Mother, the Car"?

Yep. Even as 12 year old, I thought I was wasting my time. Even land of the giants was better than the turn of Lost In Space.... gosh even the Muppets take off of lost in space was better....

Comment Re:Red Mercury = Wildly Batshit Insane (Score 5, Interesting) 330

Whenever I travel and turn on CNN (as we don't get it at home), I feel like someone served up a meringue. It tastes sweet but has no real substance and certainly isn't good for you.
Take this for example.
Its a video of Putin talking about ISIS. And I'm suddenly struck by what feels like raw honesty from a politician, not this fake pseudo speak we normally get from the MSM and western politics.

Comment Re:Great algorithm - would implement! (Score 1) 59

I bought this algorithm based on Anonymous Cowards review; and while I was at first disjointed I persisted until it gave results like no other algorithm before it. While parts of me may still be unhappy, the rest of me is feeling very fulfilled that I made the right algorithm choice. Thanks Anonymous.

Comment Re:Huge Bonus Scams (Score 3, Insightful) 54

this. +
The CIA exists to be the private political arm of big business.
They have been deliberately destabilising the middle east since their inception. Saddam used to be on their payroll. They co-funded and trained the terrorists against Assad causing Europe's refugee crisis.
I'm surprised that Americans are so apathetic against the abuses of their government.

Comment Rife (Score 2) 34

This story reminds me of the work of Rife.
The short story is that Rife invented a hetrodyning optical microscope that mixed UV light incident on the subject of interest,such as cancer cells, where the mixing difference would reproduce visible light but allow the study of cells while still alive. He then used modulated RF sources to find the resonant point of these cancer cells to mechanically destroy them. The conspiracy theory goes that the established medical community destroyed his work/equipment as his results were too effective.

Comment Re:Lame answer (Score 1) 153

Well, it may not Rot your Teeth, but bitcoin is only a partial answer to a digital currency.
Because only X many bitcoins can be created, they need to hyperinflate if they became more widely used. This is why it will always be a toy currency used at the fringe.
Our current debt based Fiat money system also sucks. Behind the scenes, central banks are working on SDR's to replace the USD. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

Comment Re:My Trip to Japan (Score 2) 360

Yeh, I shouldn't of left you hanging there.

The cab driver found the right hotel the first time. I signed to him to wait and lucky the sweedish guy was there a 10,000 yen note.

I'll tell another story form that trip.
I was trying to diagnose a fault with a custom air-conditioner on a special train that used ultrasonics to do real time analysis of the rail track (looking for cracks and other faults). We had spent a long day out and were coming back into the shunting yards to park the train in the shed. These yards are huge and you need to cross dozens of rail switches. The two Japanese drivers kept stopping before each switch point and have little conversation which other. This was getting very tedious, so I asked the interpreter to ask what was going on. The drivers turn to the interpreter, and they say something in Japanese then laugh hysterically among themselves. I look to the interpreter and he says 'They are being extra safety cautious today'. In other words, having some train driver fun.
The sense of humor in Japan is priceless, as is the seriousness and honor with which they do their jobs. I remember watching some of their TV where the traffic debris collectors would have flag waving lessons, so they all wagged their safety flags the same way.

Japan is a terrific country. I was back there 2 years ago with my family to ski; and it still has all that quirkiness from 25 years ago, but with a lot more English signs now.

Comment My Trip to Japan (Score 5, Interesting) 360

My first overseas trip was to Japan some 25 years ago. The (business) trip was organised in a hurry, so I only had a Visa card and $50. I thought since I was going to one of the most advanced industrialised countries in the world, this wouldn't be a problem.
Well, arriving in Nagoya, was like arriving in to a 1960's hospital ward. The only way of changing my money was lining up for the government money changers, and there were no facilities for getting cash out with my Visa card. So I changed my paltry $50 into Yen.
I thought, how am I going to get to my hotel? Well there was this huge ticket machine for the train. It must of had 300 buttons; all in Japanese. I flagged down a pilot and asked him to get a ticket for me, which he did; but then I thought; if I get this wrong I could end up in the middle of nowhere.
I had one contact number for the guy I was to meet up with. I found a public phone booth, and coins from the vending machine, but no idea which coins to put in to the phone to make a call or even what part of the international phone number to dial. I had to flag down a Japanese lady, held out my hand with the coins, showed her my number, and thankfully she was able to dial the right number though to an English speaking concierge. Thankfully my contact was in his room and through his optimistic sweedish/english told me to just catch a cab and he would meet me and pay for the cab.
Well the cab line was something to behold. Hundreds of early 80's Toyota crowns; all the drivers wore white gloves, the seats had whitelinen cloths on them. What suprised me though, was the trunk and passenger door were controlled by levers by the driver! I hoped in a cab, and said the hotel name MiyakoNagoya and I get a grunt back Miagonagooya Hi. I repeated it to make sure, and off we go. The speed limit is only an advisory to the driver. I'm watching the taxi meter click over the total value of Yen in my hands, and started wondering what a Japanese jail cell might look like.

I had many many other adventures on that working week in Japan. It is a great country, but back then its banking system was fairly backwards.

Comment HP - Aglient - Keysight (Score 1) 198

Remember that HP (The real HP that made electronic test equipment) was spun off into Agilent which was recently spun off again into Keysight Technoogies.

HP -> HP (Computers, Printers etc)
-> Agilent (Life Sciences, Electronic Test)

Agilent -> Agilent (Life Sciences etc)
-> Keysight Technologies (Electronic Test)

So when you talk to engineers about HP, we think Agilent and now Keysight as having the original DNA of HP

Comment Re:How not to do it! (Score 1) 157

Well, we are talking about goods and services here. Those guys deserve to get PAID and paid well. They should be able to fully exploit the capitalist system for all the work they put in.

Australia runs a hybrid public/private system. Any emergency and urgent care is free and high quality, but if is non life threatening cases can end up in long queues.
Most middle class people also have private insurance, which allows them to see the doctor of their choice in the hospital of their choice.

We have the best of both worlds.

Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been around here at quitting time.