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Comment Re:Whatever happened to the do not call list? (Score 2) 240

Maybe you should move to Australia; it works here.
We also have free health care, 'the metric system', less corrupt politicians, sane gun laws, chill work culture, and hot women! ... Ohh And for you camel pilot, we have lots of them in our outback, so many in fact we shoot them on mass from helicopters, so come to Oz and be out Camel Pilot!

Comment Electronic Engineer Here (Score 5, Informative) 220

Obsolescence is DELIBERATLEY limiting the lifetime of an object through design.
I've designed electronic products for over 25 years, and not once have I ever purposely designed obsolescence into a product, nor have I known an engineer who has (We are talking industrial/scientific equipment), and I'm not sure how you would do it for an electronic product short of firmware date methods.

Now: I have designed products, such a Alcohol Breathalyzers, that will refuse to work after a certain period of time because they need recalibration (this was to maintain a government certification), but re calibration restores functionality. The fuel cell wears out in those products; but again that is not planned obsolescence, but a limitation of the technology.

A cracked screen (user abuse), poor wifi (software driver, corrosion etc) are not Obsolescence.
Failing batteries is about as close as you can get to obsolescence.

I'm sure there are examples (especially for mechanical consumer devices with moving parts), but for electronics, it is not a 'thing' we do.

Comment Solar Roadway Bull$it (Score 1, Informative) 405

Do government ministers check their brains into deep storage when they are elected?

There are sooo many things wrong with this concept; the first being grip.
How do you make glass grip? You have severely roughen the surface which will make the light scatter severely reducing efficiency.
They are not angled correctly. They will get damaged. Very expensive because they have withstand trucks... any anyway, next time France gets invaded, the tank tracks will rip them to pieces.
Just go find a nice field to put them in,

Dave at EEVblog has already covered the concept in depth.

Comment Re:Accusation through misunderstanding (Score 1) 223

Not sure why you were modded funny.
Most of the over unity devices claim the extra energy comes from the 'ether', ie some unnamed, undiscovered energy force that their special energy device can harness. A lot of great science was by accident or tinkerers. Some will be scam artists, some mentally ill, but most are probably just drinking their own cool aid; but I'm ok with that, because one day one of them might discover the real deal.

Comment Australia (Score 1) 702

We got rid of the penny here in Canada. It was no big deal. I've hardly noticed the difference.

Well, Australia got rid of their 1c & 2c coins in 1992. We don't miss them.... but be prepared for old people to whine about having to round up/ down for cash sales.

Comment Re: RF? (Score 1) 935

What crazy logic you are using.
Guns are dangerous. They make suicide easier, accidental shootings easier, anger shootings easier, and who says your little handgun is any match for a body armor wearing human with an assault rifle: It takes a lot more effort to use fists, knives, or clubs to kill someone vs a gun.
The trouble is, you have SO MANY GUNS, it would take 50 -100 years to reduce your gun levels back to sane amounts, in which time criminals would have the advantage.
I'm afraid your gun lobby has made you a servant to the gun for your lifetime.

Comment Re: John Oliver (Score 1) 954

The United States is the size of a continent, possesses vast tracks of low-population-density wilderness (very difficult to efficiently patrol/police), ethnically-diverse (which, honestly, is the cause of some of internal divisions/conflicts/paranoia/crime).

What, like Australia? When Iwas a kid, you buy a gun from KMart. Now all guns need to be locked in safes, and assault weapons are banned. We have 10% of the gun homocides you do. The street price for a hand gun can over $10k.

Comment Re:2 C is a fantasy (Score -1) 292

I wouldn't panic so much. Climate Science has become so politicized, that I think there is not much genuine science being done now.

- Journals refusing to publish papers that don't follow the warming meme
- Trillions of profits to be made from selling carbon credits
- Deliberate manipulation of historical temperature data. https://stevengoddard.wordpres...
- The atmosphere having thousands of non linear coupled inter-dependencies which haven't been modeled and can't be tested.

If you ived in the 70's you were about to freeze to death. https://stevengoddard.wordpres...

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