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Comment Re:dry ink (Score 2) 172

I ditched inkjet printers because the ink dries out before the next time I want to print something. Toner cartridges don't seem to have that problem.

Can Epson overcome that problem?

This. To anyone who will listen: buy a color laser. They are cheap compared to the pain of most ink jets. I don't miss the
Bzzzt... Rarararar... Merrrrt.... Merrrrt..... Merrrrt... Nytnytnytnytnyt.... S$@t still lines missing on my print.

Color laser toners are cheap on fleabay.

Comment Engineer Comments (Score 3, Informative) 63

I design near field low frequency RFID readers.

It's kind annoying to WiTricity claim they invented something (resonant charging) that the LF RFID industry has been doing for the last 30 years. ie Very HiQ coils to efficiently transmit to passive RFID tags (which also have HiQ resonant coils).

Magnetic fields can be well directed by permeable materials like ferrites, but as soon as you have to bridge the air-gap, you get 1/r^3 power loss. Can you do phased array effects like steerable antennas like the article claims? Yes, but probably not in a way that is beneficial to bridging the air-gap loss.
Here is a challenge. I give you 4 little round neodymium super magnets, and I'm going to let you rotate them into whatever static position you like, with the goal of producing twice as much magnetic attraction a distance 4x their diameter. Think you can do it?
Besides terrible efficiency you are also limited in power as described in ESTI EN 300-330-1
There is a specific allowance for magnetic near field from 119 to 135kHz of 70dBuA/m.

As for safety. These magnetic fields are fairly benign. We have thousands of these transmit at the legal limit on big 1200mmx600mm air coils, and have to our knowledge have not had an incident (ie with a pacemaker).

Comment Damages Costs Absurd (Score 1) 55

Why does the USA have such ludicrous damages amounts?
As a product manufacturer, I know it is damn hard to take any idea into profit in the bank.
The idea (ie patent) makes up 1% of the actual effort needed. Taking that idea and actually making it work properly, marketing it, setting up distribution and service networks take up most of the effort.
The USA court system places way too much monetary value on the actual patent.

Comment Re:PDF link to PDF exploit (Score 1) 117

Chrome does a fantastic job rendering pdfs very quickly.
Why do you continue to use that pathetic browser?

I use both browsers. I use Chrome mostly for google sites, and anything that won't load in Firefox. I use Firefox mostly because I want Chrome to have competition, but also because noscript is still better on FF than on Chrome. And also because chrome's built-in cookie control is total shit which breaks sites so you either don't use it or you have a hard time with many websites, but cookiesafe works great all the time.

Plus it has proper side tabs with the Tree Tab control. Something chrome removed a couple of years ago.

Comment Bribery (Score 5, Insightful) 81

Actually, Google could add a lot of value here.
They could create a vote buying system, much like their reverse auction ad bid system.

Have each senator put up the issues they are happy swing vote on and then have all the interest groups bid away.
It's probably the next logical step in what is effectively now a bribe based system of legislation.

Comment Re:Freescale = SUCK (Score 1) 24

Huh? This article is about an application processor (imx6), and you are comparing it to a cortex M microcontroller (PSOC series which is more equivalent to the freescale Kinetis series)
They are different things.
Freescale are offering 10 years guaranteed availability on much of their range, have great documentation, and have moved their build environment over to yocto.

Comment Re:bye (Score 1) 531

No vertical tabs 10 years after widescreen displays started spreading widely?

Also (not so much about UI), if you have many open tabs, chrome eats much less CPU on the background, but is much more memory hungry.

Which is why I don't use chrome. Tree style tabs on ff is still the best implementation of tabs I know of.

Comment This is good (Score 5, Interesting) 1094

Australia has a minimum wage of around $17USD/hour (around $20AUD) which increases 20% if you are a casual. Our poor people do well.

You know how everyone whines about big corporates making too much money; well this is the best way to redistribute that wealth.
Paying your poor people well, helps lift them out of poverty.

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