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Comment: Re:Put your money where your mouth is. (Score 1) 233

by boristdog (#48429355) Attached to: Does Being First Still Matter In America?

There was once a time when most members of congress listened to scientists and other learned minds in their fields.

Now scientists are viewed with suspicion and distrust by much of our congress and much of our public.

Why? Ask the media, who under the guise of "fair" reporting give equal time to anyone who disagrees with science, making their crackpot claims seem equal in weight.

Comment: Not surprising (Score 4, Interesting) 306

AT&T has found a new excuse to not invest in their infrastructure.

I'm not an AT&T customer, so I can only assume that AT&T does not ask its customers to pay for bandwidth (e.g. it gives its services away for free), and AT&T relies on content providers for all of its profit? That's the only situation I can imagine where such behavior makes sense.

Comment: Re:Scum (Score 2) 253

I had a recruiter bitch me out on the phone because I wouldn't take a job that she sent me on an interview for. Why? The pay was $10K less than I said I would take, and they only offered me slightly above my current salary.

She (the recruiter) told me she would make sure I never got a good job again.

Oddly enough, two months later I got another job at the salary I requested.

Comment: Re:how many small businesses has Obama killed? (Score 1) 739

by boristdog (#48278701) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

Let me see...In the past two years, almost every person on my street has started a side business. Two of them have quit thier jobs and now just work on their small business. I hope to quit in a few years when mine is built up enough, it's doing well so far, I've gotten an effective 20% raise for a few hours a week extra work. One neighbor's business has failed, but his idea was stupid.

The fact is that MOST small businesses fail in a few years. Blaming "Obamacare" is just covering for your stupidity.

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by boristdog (#48278627) Attached to: Microsoft Enters the Wearables Market With 'Band'

This is actually done already.

My company has a program that hands out pedometers and if you meet certain fitness goals you get a discount on your health insurance. And if enough people do it, the company gets a big discount from the insurer.

And it's a good thing to do. Most people at the company have lost weight and are much healthier.

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by boristdog (#48103515) Attached to: Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated

Yep. I never claimed to be proud, but our entire factory was about to be closed and outsourced to Taiwan because they were cheaper. The changes my team and I implemented got rid of 1/3 of our people and brought our costs down well below what the factory in Taiwan could offer. Now we actually do some outsourced work for overseas companies, which has led to increased employment in other areas of the company.

It was a choice of eliminating 1/3 of the jobs, or have all the jobs eliminated due to outsourcing. That's pretty easy choice.

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by boristdog (#48101773) Attached to: Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated

It's not just computer power, it's programmer time.

I could eliminate about half the jobs at my company (I've already eliminated about 1/3) with automation, but I don't have the time, and we only have a few decent programmers. I spend most of my time fixing problems caused by the lack of automation, aka general human error.

Will my job get automated? Not for a while. I'll be retired in a few years anyway..

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