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Comment BULLSH*T (Score 1) 522

" so Congress made broadband expansion a national priority, and it offers subsidies, mostly in rural areas, to help providers expand their offerings"

As someone who lives in a rural area, I can tell you this is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

NO ONE I know in any rural area has any decent broadband. I have a choice of about 1 -2 mbps from a radio link, or spotty 4G from a cell booster, and we had to put up a tower and pay for the towers, antennas, boosters, cabling, etc. And I live only 30 miles from the center of a fairly large and high-tech city.

Telecom companies are just lying sacks of shit when they talk about using those subsidies for rural areas. They pocket the money and don't do a damn thing with it.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 5, Insightful) 412

But oddly you don't seem to be protesting spending trillions of your hard-earned tax dollars to bomb people in other lands.

I would rather my tax dollars go to helping people, INCLUDING those who don't work. I have friends who had jobs that have been replaced by automation. Hell, I'm an automation specialist and I probably helped put them there. The fact that my company makes scads more money because of it shouldn't mean they have to suffer.

And you know what? Some day my job may get replaced by a particularly clever bit of code. So I have no problem with Universal Basic Income.

Comment Re:Straw man alert (Score 1) 607

This has nothing to do with competitiveness. It has to do with cheapness. If labor can be exploited at 1/10 the cost, who cares if it takes 4x as many overseas employees to do the job of 1 US employee?

Worker efficiency and competitiveness never enter the equation. Exploitation of cheap wages does.

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