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Comment: Sexist? (Score 2) 48

by SuperKendall (#48446357) Attached to: 2014 Hour of Code: Do Ends Justify Disney Product Placement Means?

Have you ever talked to a little girl? Saying that having to Frozen characters involved might interest more little girls is not sexism, it's the most common of sense.

People like you say you want more women in coding but don't want to do anything real to make it happen, at the level it needs to happen - early education.

Comment: Not easy to go nuclear, though it's the answer (Score 1) 78

by SuperKendall (#48444737) Attached to: Prospects Rise For a 2015 UN Climate Deal, But Likely To Be Weak

It would be easier to get everyone to agree to switch to nuclear energy than to agree to meaningful limits on CO2 emissions

Even though going nuclear is the only practical solution, I don't think it's any easier - you have decades of people devoted to scaring people about anything nuclear, and those groups are still around piping that tune - even to the clear detriment of the earth and environment. They just are too afraid to do anything else.

even in countries that actually want to do something about CO2 (like Germany) are switching away from nuclear, so that tells you how hard the problem is.

Exactly my point, if even GERMANS can't be rational about this there is no hope for anyone.

Comment: Re:Arm Ukraine (Score 1) 118

by shutdown -p now (#48442535) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

The conflict with Russia will never truly end. Even if Ukraine can take back all the lands that it has lost, and expel all Russian troops and sympathizers among the local populace, there will always be a looming threat of a repeat so long as Russia exists as the state that is inherently imperial, land-gathering in nature.

Comment: Re:Go asymmetric -- tank vs anti-tank rocket (Score 2) 118

by shutdown -p now (#48442529) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

They celebrate as a great victory the drowning of the Teutonic Knights by sinking them into a frozen river under the weight of Russian corpses FFS.

If you mean the Battle of the Ice, there's nothing in the mainstream historiography about it that involves "weight of Russian corpses" or anything like that. Quite the opposite, the ice supposedly cracked under the weight of heavily armored Teuton knights, when they were trying to flee across the lake.

Comment: Re:Go asymmetric -- tank vs anti-tank rocket (Score 1) 118

by shutdown -p now (#48442525) Attached to: Ukraine's IT Brigade Supports the Troops

You misinterpret history. Russians will endure great sacrifice to defend *Russian* soil. They won't tolerate the same to take over a part of the Ukraine.

Thing is, a historical perspective on this that has always been present in Russia, and that has been enjoying a very strong resurgence lately, is that Ukraine is Russian soil.

Comment: Re:It's the API (Score 1) 167

by shutdown -p now (#48439279) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

It will now actually only report accurately up to Windows 8.1, even in future operating systems, to ensure people can't accidentally or intentionally misuse them.

Not quite. It will report the version number up to whatever OS version is the highest listed as supported in the application's manifest. In other words, you'll never get back an OS version higher than the one in existence when you were making the app.

Comment: Re:Sounds reasonable (Score 1) 237

by shutdown -p now (#48438903) Attached to: Swedish Court Refuses To Revoke Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant

A senator doesn't need to be personally giving an order to make such a threat - it could be made based on some insider information that he has (e.g., being a member of some committee that oversees secret programs - much like quite a few senators were actually well aware of unconstitutional NSA activities long before the rest of us).

Comment: Not going well is right, not the way you think (Score 1) 326

We've been conducting a geo-engineering experiment by increasing the CO2 content of the atmosphere and, so far, it isn't going well.

You're right. As an experiment to show CO2 causes warming it totally has sucked, because it shows in fact the opposite - over a decade without warming even as CO2 emissions continue to increase.

It's quite obvious at this point temperature changes have very little correlation to CO2 added to the atmosphere. Which was only logical one you realized what a tiny part of the atmosphere CO2 really is... so our percentage increases of it add little in terms of absolute amounts.

Comment: Wrong, moisture comes from evaporation. (Score 1) 326

You are assuming that a warming climate is more helpful, but you could have a warm dry desert

Wrong. A warmer climate releases more moisture into the atmosphere from the oceans, which winds up on land. You always have a net positive effect on moisture...

This has also been noted in explanations of why snowfall amounts are up in some areas.

Deserts are the result of specific weather patterns not allowing moisture to flow to a region, but it always goes somewhere...

We also have proof of this simple fact, the medieval warm period was a fair amount warmer than we are now, and it was in fact a great time for agriculture.

Lastly, you are again ignoring jungles which are as hot as deserts... you seem to think that a great amount of heat automatically means desert which is very far from the truth.

But the most rise we are predicted to see anyway is about 2-3C.

Comment: Err on the side of warmth (Score 0) 326

If the climate were generally cooling, I'd agree with the thought we need to figure out how to stop or slow it.

But a warming climate? That has far more helpful benefits than downsides for life in general and biodiversity across the planet. You have only to look at the jungle compared to that arctic to realize that...

So please do NOT screw up whatever warming process is underway and move us to a cooling phase.

Comment: Re:Global warming is bunk anyway. (Score 0, Troll) 326

It's only "warming" in the sense of a global average

Which also has not been warming either for the past decade or so. :-)

For which, there are a lot of excuses but not much warming... all that time CO2 has continue to increase so obviously what temperature changes there are, is disconnected from CO2.

Comment: Re:innovation thwarted (Score 1) 132

by SuperKendall (#48435499) Attached to: Aereo Files For Bankruptcy

They were taking OTA signals and retransmitting them across the internet for profit without paying the broadcaster a dime.

I could do that myself legally (I do so all the time, recording over the air signals and replaying them later on other devices), so why couldn't I pay someone to put an antenna somewhere for me?

The key was they really did have one antenna per customer, so it was exactly that - an antenna rental.

So why do YOU see anything wrong with that?

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