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Comment: Re:Ummmm ... duh? (Score 1) 378

by Ichijo (#49355641) Attached to: Modern Cockpits: Harder To Invade But Easier To Lock Up

I think it's more likely that the male co-pilot could overpower the female flight attendant while the pilot is in the lavatory--no conspiracy necessary.

Putting guns in cockpits only makes the task easier.

Really what's needed is to have 3 people in the cockpit at all times to eliminate the near-guarantee that a single person could take over the plane.

It would also help to give airliners a "return to home" feature that could be triggered from outside the cockpit, similar to the emergency brake on passenger planes.

Comment: Re:Not really needed (Score 1) 40

by Ichijo (#49349303) Attached to: MIT Debuts Integer Overflow Debugger
C assumes you will choose an integer size that won't overflow in your application. If you don't, that's a bug, even if C provided the run-time ability to detect overflows. So making a run-time error the default behavior when it causes a measurable performance hit on most platforms (excluding MIPS and Alpha) doesn't really make sense in a low-level language like C.

Comment: Re: RO not very expensive (Score 2) 417

by Ichijo (#49313949) Attached to: How 'Virtual Water' Can Help Ease California's Drought

Half a cent per gallon is 7,727 times MORE per gallon than a Los Angeles resident typically pays if they manage to stay in Tier 1 pricing all year.

According to your link, water is $4.832 per HFC (748 gallons), which is $0.00646 per gallon. That's more than half a cent.

Also, tiered pricing is unfortunate in the way that it rewards the wealthy (who generally use the most water) for conserving a gallon of water more than it rewards the poor for doing the same thing.

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