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Comment Re:Right Of Way (Score 1) 277

If a pedestrian weighed 3000 pounds, had four rubber tires for traction, and walked at 20 MPH, then he'd have about as long a stopping distance as a car.

What if the car were moving at the same speed as a pedestrian? Which would have the longer stopping distance, the car or the pedestrian?

Comment Re:Right Of Way (Score 1, Informative) 277

The crime of jaywalking didn't exist until cars came along. Streets were once shared spaces for everyone. Cars were slaughtering people left and right, so to protect their own interests, the automobile lobby came up with the term "jaywalking" to ridicule the victims, and they also managed to get legislators on their side.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, motorists violate the right-of-way of pedestrians more often than the other way around. (See the linked article above for proof.)

And are you aware that crosswalks can be unmarked? The details vary between jurisdiction about how to identify an unmarked crosswalk.

Comment Re:Let's personalize this a bit... (Score 1) 255

If everyone had to pay an extra $5 per cup of coffee, and if all that extra revenue were redistributed equally to everyone (even those who don't drink coffee), then I think we would collectively drink a lot less coffee, and nobody except the heaviest coffee drinkers would be worse financially. Poor people who don't drink coffee would benefit the most in proportion to their income.

Would people go for a revenue-neutral coffee tax where everyone gets free money?

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