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Comment: Re:My lawn (Score 1) 557 557

I haven't seen your house, but I'm betting that you have different types of trees planted on different sides, too. Say, deciduous trees for eastern/southern sides, and probably evergreens to the north. The deciduous provide shade and heat protection in the summer, but lose their leaves to provide light and some warming from the sun in the winter months, while the evergreens protect from northern winds.

Am I close? This used to be standard practice to help use Mother Nature for natural cooling/heating.

Comment: Well, my Nexus 6 hasn't pissed me off lately... (Score 1) 484 484

by emag (#49553391) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

While I normally reboot all my devices at least weekly, I just noticed that, as of right now, and probably since I got the 5.1 update, my Nexus 6 has an uptime of over 624.5 hours, which is over 3 weeks. Color me surprised. My N7 2013 LTE crashed in the middle of doing stuff Thursday night, again with 5.1, so... I guess the N6 wins, in my book, for right now.

As reference, whenever things get really wonky, and nothing else works, I power the devices down (as much as that pains me as a *nix sysadmin), and it seems to fix the problems. 3.7 weeks (and counting) seems to be an amazing run for current hardware/software combos.

Comment: So torn... (Score 1) 532 532

by emag (#47330505) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

On the one hand, I'm glad that people can get whatever the hell size drink they want without government interference now...

On the other hand, having dropping over 70 lbs eliminating my intake of sugar-laden crap, I'm kinda sad...

So, I'm torn... freedom vs health... where do I stand?! I... think I have to go with freedom here. I *chose* to stop consuming that crap. I don't want to force others down my path, as much as I honestly believe that it would help people. I'd rather people have the free will to choose, based on the evidence before them, but I'm too cynical to believe they will. I'd still like to naively think they will though, at least up until the point where their bad choices are costing *me* money...

Comment: Re:Anyone who trusted SuperMicro... (Score 1) 102 102

by emag (#47287181) Attached to: Supermicro Fails At IPMI, Leaks Admin Passwords

At a prior job, all of the pre-release intel tech boxes we got to preview and test for our purposes were... SuperMicro boxes. That says something to me. At this point in the evening, I'm not sure what, but all those white (well, black was the actual color) boxes were all literally SuperMicro, shipped to us from Intel themselves (with all relevant labels about proprietary blah blah blah).

Comment: Re:This reminds me of a great Simpsons episode (Score 1) 625 625

by emag (#47230255) Attached to: EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability

Thyroid conditions account for maybe 10-15 lbs of weight gain, and can be medically treated after diagnosis from a competent medical professional.

Thighroid condishuns, on the other hand, result in 100-150+ lbs of weight gain, are "impossible" to treat, and are 100% self-diagnosed.

Every time I hear someone say they have a thyroid condition and that's why they're heavy, I ask what medication they're on. They never are, because they've never actually been diagnosed with a thyroid condition. (Google "fat logic")

As a formerly obese person myself (and still about 6 lbs to go before I hit "normal" weight... *sigh*), just about any (especially obese people) *can* lose weight, just by changing what they eat. And by that, I mean what they *actually* eat, not their claim of "1 small salad then starve myself for the rest of the day while working out 4 hours at the gym every day".

As an aside, the reference Simpsons episode, "King-Size Homer", has Homer gaining enough weight, in 1995, to be considered disable at *300 lbs*. Today, that's pretty much a commonplace weight in today's world. Think about that... A 239 lb Homer is "fat", and a 300 lb Homer is now "disabled", yet a good chunk of the population is already at or above those weights...

Comment: No Qi? (Score 1) 196 196

by emag (#46826797) Attached to: OnePlus One Revealed: a CyanogenMod Smartphone

Wireless charging (preferably via Qi, as I have several Qi chargers between home & work) seem to be the only thing I'm not seeing listed in the specs.

Still, it's been a while since I got excited about a phone, and I told myself that if something cool came out, November would be a good time to upgrade my N4.

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