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Comment: Two conspiroscenarios (Score 1) 245

1. It was accidentally shot down somewhere.The country that found out about if first or has something to do with it is staying quiet because it could start a war. 2. It was forced to land somewhere, the passengers were taken hostage and that country is keeping quiet about it because it could start a war.

Comment: Zombie dog walkers (Score 1) 234

by Carnivore24 (#45574823) Attached to: Property Managers Use DNA To Sniff Out Dog Poop Offenders
A person who walks their dog really slow, most of the time with a limp. They look around real slow and bug eyed when the dog stops to take a dump hoping no one notices them and they can slowly slither away. Seriously do dog owners only take their dogs on walks to let them poop??? I thought dogs were supposed to get a lot of exercise.

Comment: Better protest? (Score 1) 388

by Carnivore24 (#45344869) Attached to: Anonymous Clashes With D.C. Police During Million Mask March
It would probably most likely be a little more efficient if people cancelled their cable and internet and didn't buy any new technological devices for 6-12 months. Hitting profits would probably mostly likely be a little better than standing on a sidewalk somewhere with a stick sign.

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