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Comment: Re:Still no 16:10 panel? (Score 1) 102

Is it a 20"? I need another one of those so that I'll have three matching monitors. I have a 25.5" IPS at 1920x1200 that I'm willing to let go of. It's very very old so it has ghosting f'reals, but otherwise it's awesome. My two 20" 1680x1050 displays are at different color temps, but I have an i1 Display LT so I can mitigate that problem.

Comment: Re:Funny, that spin... (Score 1) 229

by drinkypoo (#49766311) Attached to: What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI

To be fair, he funds the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which is devoted to mitigating existential risk from AI, and is surely getting very detailed reports from them, making him a highly knowledgeable layperson at worst (a direct expert at best).

Just playing the devil's advocate here, funding the creationism museum doesn't make you an expert on god

Comment: Re:also bladerunner (Score 1) 93

by gl4ss (#49766257) Attached to: Cute Or Creepy? Google's Plan For a Sci-Fi Teddy Bear

if the patent included the plans for the devices that make the invention happen and not just a fucking description of the invention, then it wouldn't be prior art.

but as usual for the patents nowadays, it doesn't actually describe how to build the AI for such a doll. it only describes what the doll could do.

patent office sleeping again. should not have been granted. also numerous other patents have done the same shit already, so this is more like "an idea previously described even in patents but IN A TEDDYBEARDDDD".

Comment: Re:They're bums, why keep them around (Score 2) 98

by gl4ss (#49766193) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

making an example?

they're not yet made an example. if they get busted and thrown out of eurozone, THEN they're an example. the sad funny thing is that a lot of greeks want that to happen and their goverment to go all venezuela with monetary policy.

and if greeks weren't in the monetary union, they would have done that already three times in past 15 years.

the funny thing is that the "austerity measurements" are just measurements to make the country not use more money than they have. like, it doesn't matter if someone loans them more money if they don't fix that, 1 year down the road they'll be out of money and in even more debt. but the greeks do not want to live withing budget - they promised to live within budget when they joined the monetary union, they promised it 10 times in 10 years already but never lived up to it.

Comment: Re:Funny, that spin... (Score 1) 229

by gl4ss (#49766023) Attached to: What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI


and really, a lot of ai experts, perhaps 13%, are ai experts only in the sense that they make articles about "omg SIngULArity kiLL uS alLL".

really shitty article/summary writing anyhow. even the 13% is presented as a majority - and definitions of positive or negativity.. like, if people can't/don't need to work due to ai sweeping the streets, is that a net positive or a negative? some people think that fucking metal stamping was a negative invention..

Comment: Re:Everyone is going to the Moon... (Score 1) 77

It's Planetary Resources that wants the U.S. to break the treaty. Remember that name. No doubt it will become the Wal-Mart of outer space.

If that's the price of actually developing space industry to the point of having a Wal-Mart of outer space, so be it. Then I can buy me a space ship and fly... past the sky.

Comment: Specs seem a little weaker (Score 1) 102

Apart from the display, the specs seems bit weaker on the Dell - the Macbook Pro has more storage capacity, and a faster processor even in the base configuration.

Also the Macbook Pro 15" now has the ForceTouch track pad, which will be more useful over time (and Apple makes excellent trackpads anyway, Force Touch or not).

I have a Macbook Pro 15" Retina currently, that I use in non-scaled mode (so I get 1:1 use of the pixels). I'm not really sure how much better the higher resolution would look on that small a display.