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Comment Re:Bringing a hoax bomb to school is illegal ... (Score 1) 770

In Jr High School I used to always have a pocket knife on me. I did use it a few times for opening plastic bags / candy. Also we had a shooting range sitting between the two sports fields next to the school, and got a shooting lesson once as part of P.E. when I was 14 (1993). That's in France, despite the heavy gun regs, mind you.

Submission + - Study finds that religion makes children more selfish ( 3

Enter the Shoggoth writes: A University of Chicago study that set out to determine if cultural background has an effect on empathy and a willingness to share has found that childen with an identified religious background are statistically more likely to be selfish. The journal article (Current Biology) can be found by following a link in the original source (Forbes) below.

Comment Re:Remove casing from a Wallmart clock - get invit (Score 5, Insightful) 621

He had the thing beep on purpose during english lesson. That is: he discreetly took it out of his bag during the lesson, opened it, plugged the adapter to a power outlet, and set it to beep. Then he was purposely evasive in his answers to the english teacher.

The whole event was plain race-baiting.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 822

I store my guns on a closed shelf at the top of a wardrobe, whichis out of reach of my 3-yo son. He'll need to grow at least 2 whole feet before he can even see them. I can immediately reach for them by standing on the side of my bed, but there is simply no way anyone under 5' can reach for them (provided they even know about them) even when standing on a chair. Keep it simple :)

Comment Re:Forget about the neighbourhood e-cat (Score 2) 186

And I'm still waiting for one of the LENR/CANR dudes to blow themselves up mini-nuke-style.

Any invention capable of producing enough useful energy in small enough a package can be, and will (accidentally or not), eventually turn into a bomb. It's the boom-threshold of power engineering.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 381

Hear hear.

Anarchy, in the libertarian extremist sense which I am actually advocating for realzies, isn't "absence of functioning government". What I mean by anarchy is better defined as "institutionnalized repression of coercion". That is quite a different beast, and Somalia doesn't qualify quite. However one thing Somalia does qualify for, is that it is (was) less of an offender than many of its neighboring countries, and that aspect translated into "surprising" progress (rising literacy and college attendance, huge drop in contagious diseases, formation of xeer-driven local courts, etc.) in the 00s, as observed by the World Bank analysts who went there at the time.

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