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Comment Re:He's right (Score 1) 154

The nazis are getting renewed support thanks to the swedish (and to a lesser extent, european) mainstream society turning a blind eye to some of the issues they are at least right to denounce (even if their solutions to those issues are, well, let's keep it civil and stick to 'subpar').

people who are pissed about all the dark-complexioned people invading their lovely field of vision and luring away their women ... they're pissed about not being able to get dates

This right here is part of the problem. If the sane pressure groups don't address the big rape issues in Sweden, they're leaving it to the nazis to rise support with. Dismissing the whole topic derisively is clearly not working.

Comment Re:He's right (Score 1) 154

Just because a regime is brutal, does not make it fascist. For that you would also need the militarization of institutions (like schools and charities), workers' unions being coopted by the state and taking over management of production, and plenty of xenophobic or racist rethoric to establish a nationalistic "us versus them" view.

Comment Re:75% of intelligence is inherited (Score 1) 519

I, personally, suspect that poorer US citizens feed their children more junk food than wealthier ones do.

Ding ding ding, give this man a (gluten-free, certified-organic, unrefined sugarcane syrup) cookie ! Food in the US horrifies me, especially that usually consumed among the poorest populations who do not have the means to pay the many opportunity costs required to collect the knowledge that top "public health" institutions peddle mostly nonsense as dietary guidelines.

If you also account for drugs into general nutrition, I'm pretty sure you could explain the IQ gap between poor and wealthy in the US.

Hopefully the various home-cooked/home-farmed, raw/whole foods, paleo/primal, wisdom-of-crowd/social-networked approach to medecine and other assorted health-conscious movements recently born there will reverse the trend.

Comment Re:Enjoy the drama, folks (Score 2) 104

Maduro is trying to create a whole new parliament from scratch to suit his needs and deny his people any semblance of democracy:

That's a new one, AFAIK not even african dictators had pulled that off before. Your people have voted you out of their assembly ? Decree yourself a brand new "people's assembly" in its place !

Comment Already done in France (Score 4, Informative) 563

Well here in France we're already experimenting with the idea: this guy was home-jailed based solely on his Google search history. Best part is, no judge was involved, no hearing was done, not even a single formal accusation levied, it all happened on the Police's sole authority and discretion, by demanding his search history from Google (they complied) and then issuing an administrative order.

This guy was actually documenting possible work-related health hazards.

Comment Romas = north of India origin (Score 4, Interesting) 115

The sad-but-funny thing is, Romani are actually descendants of peoples from the North of India and part of current Pakistan who were displaced by the expansion of Islam and later by the growth of the Ottoman Empire. They're unrelated to Romanians and Bulgarians (and Polish and Italians and Greeks and Czech and Irish and Germans and.. and ...) as Roms, beyond the limited intermixing that happened while they traveled for centuries across Europe. Using them to claim that the Schengen Space has failed is a ridiculous lie as well as a wild anachronism.

But let's face the real issue here: Marine Le Pen's F.N. has successfully re-marketed itself as the new center of the french political landscape, and the reigning parties are only now getting the memo. Out of sheer laziness and panderism they've been casting themselves as merely reacting to each of Marine's sorties on every new topic, so she got to define everyone's position for years now. And the recent elections have just now given her all the weight she needs to make them dance any way she wishes. All of this, courtesy of both parites' strategy of popularizing the F.N. in the hopes of being the only alternative left against it. It's like Kodos and Kang playing less-and-lesser-evil to C'htuluh.

The F.N. has made Syrian refugees, unpatriotic (read: gov't-dissentive) behavior and Islam the topics du jour, so PS and LR have happily obliged, and bipartisanly passed State-of-emergency laws as well as broad mass-surveillance laws. Unemploy-what ? Who gives a rat's ass ? We'll only worry about the smoldering ruins of our economy when the moosleems are defeated, apparently.

But only after the current government is done building up the totalitarian state that the ex-far-right-and-now-center F.N. will need to implement its crazy policies.

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 373

The salary/indemnification for the position is their own personal money, yes, and then they are supposed to be able to spend it however they like without oversight. Taxpayer money tapped according to financing laws to pay for government projects, however, is an entirely different thing (in theory).

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 373

The amount of provisioning and boat building required would indicate at least local levels of cooperation and contribution that would most likely be analogous to modern government sponsorship of exploration and colonization. These aren't the brave, rugged capitalist individualists you are looking for, either.

The ignorance is deafening here. Do you even know how tribes work ? Read anything about what a Big Man is ? How they stimulate cooperation and contribution into collective projects, in a transactional way ? Those are proto-entrepreneurs, they buy cooperation from the rest of the people with gifts from their own overproduction (can I call these 'savings' ?), and reap prestige and influence from the success of the projects they set in motion (or infamy if it turns out badly).

Comment Re:Bringing a hoax bomb to school is illegal ... (Score 1) 818

In Jr High School I used to always have a pocket knife on me. I did use it a few times for opening plastic bags / candy. Also we had a shooting range sitting between the two sports fields next to the school, and got a shooting lesson once as part of P.E. when I was 14 (1993). That's in France, despite the heavy gun regs, mind you.

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