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I use my phone a lot for communicating with students in the lab - including a middling amount of coaching how to handle various command line operations* - and for a lesser amount remotely managing servers and the like. (No, it's not my first choice, but sometimes shit happens when I'm out running, or at lunch, or whatever. It's not uncommon that one of my students will take a picture of the error message and text it to me.)

Swype is great for communicating in English, but I miss my old G2 (or even my Samsung Galaxy Relay) pretty intensely when I'm doing anything administrative or gods help me writing code. (And Swype was actually easier to use on a smaller phone - I love my Nexus 5, but the screen width slows me down a bit.) ...and really, the ability to do this kind of stuff is one of the reasons I was a fairly early smart phone adopter a decade ago. Hm, I could hang around the lab babysitting a build, or I could go hiking, and check the progress every time I get a clear signal.

* All of my students doing bench work are also in out Python club, and are increasingly comfortable working at the command line, but none came in with much of that sort of experience. They're adorably enthusiastic.

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Cigarettes and other form of tobacco are problematic since you are SUPPOSED to get addicted to them following the manufacturers instructions, hopes and dreams. Alcohol, it can be argued, you are supposed to 'enjoy responsibly' (and only get addicted to if you have some form of mental or genetic deficiency).


* to all you young folk who have never seen a real cash register, that's the noise the device makes when it rings up a sale.

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Yeah, 10 Meg isn't tremendous, so a Tor exit is probably as good as you can get. It's too small for a mirror host or a torrent seeder.

I'm assuming you're unwilling to incur 95th percentile charges on your burstable. Tor allows easy bandwidth limiting right in the .conf.

Still, that's only one machine - 10 meg is easy to saturate.

Comment: Re: Well, the GSA could start firing the contracto (Score 1) 124

You're right - advocates of privitization have always claimed that no private person will ever screw up. Wait, no. So, better to hire somebody who cannot be fired ... because they'll never screw up? Are you sure this story isn't proving the opposite of what you think if does?

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If there are many paths to a node their system should be choosing the fastest path.Verizon obviously is not doing that and deliberately allowing congestion.

And Netflix would happily give them OpenConnect appliances too, to avoid _their_ bandwidth costs as well. But Netflix competes with Verizon's VoD services - this isn't hard to figure out.

There are at least three underlying problems for the congestion issue - one is the DMCA and related copyright laws that prevent any sort of sane caching, the general fear of multicast that everybody on the Internet still seems to have (half a million unicast streams of the same show is insane - where are the global warming people on this?), and the grants of monopolies and/or prohibitions on competition that prevent local competition.

Label me shocked if the Netflix app on mobile devices does not have a P2P mode working in the lab right now, as a workaround for us running a sub-par Internet.

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