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Comment: Holistic (Score 3, Insightful) 66

by dreamchaser (#49515783) Attached to: How Security Companies Peddle Snake Oil

No point product or product line of point products is a 'security solution.' They are part of the equation, but only a holistic approach that encompasses user training, proper design, constant vigilance, and yes the right point products can really be called a 'solution', and even then I tend to avoid the term. I'll speak to solutions for particular problems, for example web filtering or fire-walling, but I try to lead my clients to understand that only a complete top to bottom approach will even come close to providing them with the security they need. Even then, it's a game of leap frog. The bad actors will always be back with sneakier malware, more artful attacks, etc.

Comment: Re:Wrong goal (Score 3, Insightful) 76

Actually the main purpose is to wound as many enemies as you can. Each wounded soldier takes 2-3 support people to care for them. The purpose of engaging in battle is to gain the specific objective (hill, town, city) as described by the mission objectives. A lot of killing takes place, yes, but it's actually the wounded that count the most from a tactical standpoint.

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