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Comment Re:$400/mo for 10,000Mbps, $45/mo for 50 (Score 1) 164

I'd have to split out the combined phone/TV/Internet bill from Verizon but I am not paying a whole lot more than you are for 75/75. Then again I negotiated when they tried to up my price and wound up getting it cut even lower than it was (Thanks for letting me use your name in vain Xfinity, as if I ever *would* switch to you).

Comment Re:It seems to work, too (Score 1) 135

Oh I agree. I rarely have to call the TAC but it can be a struggle. That's why a lot of our clients use our support services. I don't work our support desk, I do design/pre-sales/installation/consulting, but the guys who take calls are really good. They rarely have to escalate to the TAC unless it's a bug.

Comment It seems to work, too (Score 4, Insightful) 135

I do a lot of Check Point engineering/consulting services and this is one of the more exciting things they've done in awhile. Even though they didn't actually develop it they've done a good job integrating into their firewall suite. It is not a panacea; nothing in security is, but it is good stuff.

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