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Journal dreamchaser's Journal: Moderation on Slashdot - Why do you care? 5

Does anyone really care how they are moderated? Sure, I chuckle at some of the mods-on-crack or mods-with-an-agenda things I see, both mods done to my posts and those done to others. At the end of the day why does it matter?

What is your posting philosophy? I post when I want with what I want and have never cared how I get moderated. Does anyone actually try to post in ways/times/places that will result in high moderation?

Ok, my coffee break is over. I need to get back to work. Bye.

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Moderation on Slashdot - Why do you care?

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  • I respond to posts that I find interesting or can contribute to, without thought about whether it's going to be highly visible to moderators. I do put a little worth in how I get moderated, I suppose -- at least I used to, back when slashdot had a bit of a different face. I felt a need to prove my worth and nerdiness to my techno-peers, so I enjoyed getting modded up. Now I'm so busy with life that I rarely post anyway, but I still hate to get moderated down.

    I never personally saw value in getting the first
  • AFAK, only trolls care how they are moderated. Of course moderation affects karma, which in turn means that it affects your own mod rights. This means that I try not to post anything that looks trollish... ;)

    I just got me some mod points today, and as usual, I'll only use them if I think a post is worthy of getting modded. That means that half the time, i usually have 1 or 2 points that expire.


    hmm... i thought i posted this 10 hours ago, and then i found the window sitting there waiting to post.... oh wel
    • I can usually find a use for all five points, but I know what you mean.

      The past few weeks I've been posting too much to get a ton of mod points, but that ebbs and flows. Once my travelling picks up again I'll be lurking once more.
      • by mrbluze (1034940)

        I find modding a chore because I end up having to dig and dredge to find interesting posts when I'd rather just sit back and enjoy the ride, but OTOH it's a chance to influence the shape of the discussion and encourage those who dare to think. I also tend to moderate on discussions that interest me and I find myself looking for someone who says what I thought of saying - it's an unavoidably biased process.

        Meta-moderating is the most valuable thing in my opinion, because that's where you can weed out the as

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