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Comment: Windows you say? (Score 2) 104

by davidwr (#49485287) Attached to: The Voting Machine Anyone Can Hack

Unless this was a stripped-hown, hardened version with nothing but a custom kernel and custom-everything else with all unnecessary bits stripped out and hardening put on top of it, I wouln't trust it unless it had a voter-verified, human-manually-coutable paper ballot as part of the voting process for every vote.

Wait, what am I saying? Even if it was stripped and hardened, I wouldn't trust any voting system that didn't have a way to print a ballot that the voter actually saw which could be examined in a manual recount.

Comment: Has anyone waited 60 days? (Score 0) 72

by PRMan (#49479025) Attached to: Samsung SSD On a Tiny M.2 Stick Is Capable of Read Speeds Over 2GB/sec
Samsung's benchmarks apparently can't be trusted until you wait 60 days. 840 EVO performance tanks on data written a long time ago. And Samsung has been very slow to respond to these complaints. What's to say this one won't do the same? I would choose the Intel model to be safe.

Comment: Re:Just make geoblocking illegal (Score 1) 104

by PRMan (#49473071) Attached to: In New Zealand, a Legal Battle Looms Over Streaming TV

It sounds like they solve this problem by buying a Netflix subscription and a VPN subscription.

And a NZ version of Netflix just started, which actually has better content than the US (just less of it). They have things like Frozen and the first 2 Hobbit movies, which aren't available on US Netflix.

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