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Comment Re:Garbage what? (Score 1) 71

I know your ravenous hatred blinds you, but churches have had the most success in making the world a better place. Most hospitals and universities were started by churches. Churches care about addicts, unwed mothers and many other people that the world throws away. Just because they are against the things YOU like to do (which are probably contributing to making the world a worse place) doesn't make them a waste of time.

Comment Re:Cost of labor is always a problem for companies (Score 1) 417

In the past, we haven't hired Masters or PhD programmers because they only care about theoreticals and can't business program their way out of a paper bag. I had one ask me a question, after 8 hours of trying to add a single column to a CSV: "Should it be column quote or quote column?"

Comment Re:Nope... Wrong interpretation. (Score 1) 417

But they CAN seek another job. Typically, they have 3-4 weeks to get employment before going home. In IT, this is not much of a problem. I had a friend who was H1B and he was very controlled in Texas but in both jobs in California was treated exactly like a normal employee.

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