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Comment: Re:Someone Please Provide a Better Explanation (Score 1) 268

My car self-parks in that it steers correctly to fit into a space between two other cars. I am responsible for all acceleration and braking during this exercise. So, it's a self-parking car, but not a completely self-parking car.

Volvo may have 2 tiers. The original assisted parking which just steers and a new full self-parking where it does it all.

Comment: Re:funny we can't shutoff computers anymore (Score 2) 106

by PRMan (#49771157) Attached to: No, Your SSD Won't Quickly Lose Data While Powered Down
I shutdown my gaming PC all the time, sometimes for weeks or even months at a time (if I get into a console game instead). I've never lost data on it except when the painter left the heater on and then proceeded to open all the doors and windows downstairs while simultaneously closing my office door. When I got home, it was like an oven in there, and the SSD lost all data, but when I reformatted and reinstalled it it continues to work to this day.

Comment: Re:Worst summary ever (Score 2) 55

by PRMan (#49728955) Attached to: Swedish Court Orders Seizure of Pirate Bay Domains

Actually, you couldn't be more wrong.

It absolutely IS the same as "guilty until proven innocent". MegaUpload is gone permanently, even if Kim Dotcom is ultimately found 100% innocent. Any money he would have made off his potentially legal service (remember, he WAS responding to DMCA requests) is now gone for years and is never coming back, again, even IF he is found innocent.

And Kent Hovind, head of a Creationist ministry currently on trial for structuring and tax evasion, was found in contempt of court for filing a lis pendens ON HIS OWN PROPERTY to prevent it from being sold by the government despite the fact that his trial is still going on!

And in the US, cops have seized over $2.5 billion since 9/11 in cases WITH NO SEARCH WARRANT OR INDICTMENT! Only in 7% of those cases was ANY money returned at all.

So, yeah, you can keep believing that seizures are great if you like, but it's a factually untenable argument.

Comment: Re:Salespeople making salespitch (Score 0) 387

by PRMan (#49727931) Attached to: Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students

I would rather my kids learn to program than to learn Trigonometry or Calculus, which have proven to be completely useless in my life.

Why we teach everyone years and years of math(s) they'll never use instead of something that many people could use is beyond me. Save that stuff for aerospace majors.

Comment: Re:call me skeptical (Score 5, Informative) 190

He already said that this paragraph is taken out of context and that he didn't do it (on a real plane). Basically, he's saying the FBI is lying. Shouldn't be too surprising considering how many times they've lied to the courts recently, but hopefully a jury pays attention to all that.

Factorials were someone's attempt to make math LOOK exciting.