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Comment: Re:Wireless Networking (Score 2) 429

by ljw1004 (#49552825) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

In my experience many problems can be attributed to networking.

Same here. I had no end of problems with my old Buffalo running Tomato, needing a wifi base station reset once every few weeks. In the end I switched to an Airport Extreme base station. It hasn't failed once in over a year. I'm so happy with it that I bought one for my parents too.

Comment: Re:Crippling exploit in 3...2...1.... (Score 1) 273

by dotancohen (#49551653) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes
I know that he means the on-board electronics in the battery, including the temp sensors and such. I'm of the opinion that all software is exploitable, even int main(){ printf("Hello, world") } has a clever exploit when compiled on a common consumer non-posix platform. If someone wants to hack that battery, there is a way that just needs to be found.

Comment: Re:Combined with solar (Score 1) 273

by Solandri (#49551225) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

Would make sense to have pv panels charge them up during the day and release energy at night.

No that doesn't make any sense. The power companies are subsidizing this because it helps even out the day/night usage curve. Right now they have to build enough generating capacity for the daytime peak, then shut down a good chunk of it during the night. If they can keep it running during the night, store the power in people's home batteries, which then make it available during the day, it flattens that curve. They can satisfy more demand without having to build more plants.

That's why prices are higher during the day - there's more demand at that time. Time-shfting solar from day to night is pointless (unless you're off the grid). Just send the power from the PV panels straight onto the grid during the day when demand and prices are highest.

Comment: Re:A first step (Score 1) 273

by Lennie (#49551085) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

"GTAI and Deutsche Bank’s conclusion - based on the price trends of solar, batteries, electricity in Germany, and German feed-in-tariffs - is that ‘battery parity’, the moment when home solar + a lithium-ion battery makes economic sense, will arrive in Germany by next summer, 2016."

Comment: Re:One of many potential causes (Score 1) 90

by Rei (#49550329) Attached to: Bees Prefer Nectar Laced With Neonicotinoids

Yep. It's wierd because the symptoms can correspond with many different causes. For example, the climate change thing makes sense because bees can be tricked into thinking it's spring and start foraging or even swarming in the middle of winter when they really should stay in the winter cluster. The occasional warm day is good for them to be able to get out and void themselves, but longer periods of significantly fluctuating weather can be bad.

But it also matches other problems. Diseased or dying hives often lead to "desperate" swarming where bees start abandoning the hive to try to establish a new, safe place. Most of these swarms, however, will die. The behavior could be seen as a general "exteme stress" behavior. It could also be seen as a neurological disorder from pesticide exposure.

In short, it could match almost any possible cause. And probably is a result of many of them.

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