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Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 365

15% Flat rate would level playing ground and make it equal for both individuals, corporations both large and small.

Rich people don't want their taxes to go up to 15%.

Which is also why you'll see much resistance to VAT in the US. VAT is the great leveler - it allows you to precisely control with almost surgical precision even (relatively) microscopic parts of the economy while not impacting other parts.

Comment Re:That won't last long... (Score 1) 815

"I was questioned for 60 minutes and threatened with expulsion and arrest for writing a program in my programming class."

That certainly explains why you are posting as AC without supplying any links and/or citations. We totally believe you dude!

Steve Wozniak is not white enough for you? he had worse, for basically bringing a box of electronics to school.

Comment Re:That's what Daniel Craig said (Score 1) 424

Bond is supposed to be suave and charismatic while Craig's Bond has all the charisma of a rock.

You never read any of the books, I presume? Ian Fleming's Bond was a real ass-kicker, not a suave and charismatic lounge lizard. Ironically, Craig's bond was the most faithful representation of Ian Fleming's Bond.

Comment Re:"nonconsensual sex or touching" (Score 3, Informative) 399

If you look up the study, the exact quote is “nonconsensual penetration or sexual touching involving physical force or incapacitation,”.

The summary is brain-dead, but in a way that *understates* the problem, compared to the actual quote (which doesn't contain the word "rape"). After all, you're interpreting this as lower arms and shoulders, but that's clearly not "sexual touching involving physical force or incapacitation"..

Those were numbers pulled from 2 universities. A sample size of two isn't very impressive. Here's the actual rape numbers, from a study that spanned four years: 1 in 52 women are raped.

Comment Re:Will Any Effort Be Made To Validate The Report? (Score 1) 399

First, men can be the victims of rape and sexual assault too, and can use this app to report it.

Not only are men victims of rape and assault, according to CDC they are *more* victims of rape than women are.

Secondly, the app time-stamps submissions so obvious collusion will be, well, obvious.

Nope. Report things a week apart, or more.

Everyone should welcome this, because it makes false allegations more difficult to make, avoids single allegations harming potentially innocent people and allows authorities to examine evidence and allegations before starting a public investigation. It does nothing to make fraudulent claims easier to make.

I don't welcome things like this at all - if you are the victim of a crime, report the damn thing. For at least the last few years there has been *no* stigma (in the west, at any rate) attached reporting rape; not more than any other crime, anyway.

Comment Re:No more PS4, cuz terrorists. (Score 1) 275

Slowly but surely AmiMojo is tempering and starting to make a little more sense in those regards. Don't ruin it! They have some valid things to say. Just point out logical inconsistencies and don't expect a reply. If you watch, over a period of six months or so, they've tempered their responses quite a bit and seem to be relying more on facts than before. Another few years and they'll see the people they're willingly associating with, perhaps retain the views, and be willing to actually have a logical discussion. These things take time! :D (There's nothing intrinsically wrong with having empathy.)

Seconded. I've (very politely) been pointing out the lack of evidence every time I see evidence-less claim from the usual crowd; once you take the usual soundbites out of the discussion by pointing out that they are not valid assumptions then any normal person would repeat it less often. For example,

The argument that there were more female coders in the 80's/eastern countries, hence it must be misogyny that keeps them out? Well, in the 80's/eastern countries women had/have fewer choices. Females in tech is inversely correlated with the number of options they have.

Male privilege? White women are by far and away the most well-off demographic in the world by every measurable standard of living metric.

Brain differences? Depending on what is being claimed, you'll either see "there is no difference" or "there are physiological differences", often both from the same person (AmiMoJo makes both claims, often in the same thread).

It takes a very stupid person indeed to repeat a debunked claim.

Comment Re:Targeting Civilians (Score 1) 519

Here I actually agree with you. I think that overwhelming force is going to be the only possible solution here - to utterly remove the enemy's ability to wage war of any sort.

Haven't Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam demonstrated that this doesn't work either?

Didn't world war II prove that it *does* work?

Comment Re: Real smart fella (sarcasm) (Score 1) 519

'An eye for an eye' will leave the whole world blind.

Ironically, in support of a non-violent response you use the quote of one of the best known peace-brokers in history, but this man you quote, Ghandi himself, was not able to broker a peace with islamists. He eventually caved, broke of a bit of India, called it Pakistan and gave it to islam in the hope that their violence would then be contained.

Comment Re:Do you look like your photo? (Score 1) 518

Do you wear the same clothes every day that were in your license photo?

My clothes aren't religious symbols - an outward expression of my beliefs. Your argument fails.

A priest's collar is an outward expression of his beliefs, but he is not required to wear them at all times. Your argument fails.

Comment Re:Another attack on Christianity (Score 1) 518

It's an attack on a special privilege only granted to religious people.

What frightens me is that you actually believe this is the message that wearing a colander on your head in a photo ID sends to others.

You appear to be alone in your interpretation of the message. Just about everyone with enough brain cells to rub together gets that this is parody. Regardless if they are offended or entertained by it, they agree that FSM is parody.

The point of parody is to act exactly like the object of the parody, minus the context, thereby displaying the stupidity of the object of the parody. In this case, the object of the parody is religion. FSM appears to have worked beautifully as a parody of a belief in an invisible all-powerful sky-friend who has no power.

Comment Re:Sometimes there are no innocents (Score 1) 488

Anyone working with ISIS is not a "civilian" in the classic sense.

You realize that Raqqah is one of the largest cities in Syria, right?

You think Dresden was a village?

People there don't have a choice about "working with Daesh".

You think that Dresden residents had a choice with the Nazis?

You realise that GP made the remark about Dresden precisely because It was carpet-bombed, residents and all.

Seriously, look up some of the WWII literature. You are hopelessly clueless about what will actually happen once countries go to war. They have, can and will bomb civilians in order to win.

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