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Comment: Re:You realize... (Score 1) 185

On the other hand, humanity going extinct would be exceedingly bad for humanity.

Are you suggesting nature gives a f about us?

He didn't. It's right there - "humanity going extinct would be exceedingly bad for humanity". He's not claiming that it will be bad for nature, or the earth, or ecology in general, he's making a specific claim that it will be bad for humanity. Of course he's correct - that's practically a tautology and may indicate lack of sleep and/or concentration on his part :-)

Comment: Re:Photo? (Score 1) 185

your link is still broken.

It is not broke. It is just not view-able if not logged in.

You do know there's a difference between public content and walled-off content? From this thread it appears that you consider walled-off content to be just as public as actual public content.

Comment: Re:NO MORE GIRL-CODERS FUCKING STORIES... (Score -1, Redundant) 410

coding... yes, its "masculine"!

Nobody told this silly female:

You point to an outlier and expect... what, exactly? Surely you're not making the ridiculous claim that all women, hell even most women, are budding Lovelace's or similar?

Comment: Re:no power (Score 1) 410

Of course, the basics that help make good STEM students - teaching kids how to learn instead of just rote memorization and regurgitation of facts, how to solve problems using the tools at hand, how to think critically - are very useful no matter what field someone ends up in, be it programming or performance art.

When I was in school, just after the last ice-age the teaching methods of the time relied heavily on rote memorization (times tables, for example). Thanks to that I can do extremely quick calculations in my head and get approximate answers (good enough, anyway). Hand me a slide rule and I'll do even more complex calculations.

There is nothing wrong with rote memorization as long as you understand it's just a tool to avoid time-wasting look-ups.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 410

If you can find it, I'd be interested in reading it :-) I'm not an SJW, so I can change my mind when presented with facts.

Hell I forgot about that study - quite recent too - It's in the CDC site somewhere (I trust you'll find it if you look :-) Basically as a woman your highest risk of domestic violence is *from* SO woman, not SO man. If you're a man your highest risk of domestic violence is *from* SO woman, not SO man.

In short, if you're a female you're safest living with a man; if you're a man you're safest living with a man too. If you're living with a woman your odds of getting seriously hurt and/or raped doubles (yes, literally doubles) over those that result from living with a man.

Comment: Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 727

When you go bankrupt personally, you don't get to keep all your stuff anyway.

That's why I qualified it with "only negative consequence is lower credit rating" - Greece gets to keep all their existing stuff if they default.

Better to sell it and clear the debt, than to lose it and retain the debt because it sold for pennies on the dollar at auction.

They also do have the power to impose currency controls to prevent the outflow of capital.

Some other countries might trade with them, provided they can then sell the drachmas for another currency - but not too many people are going to want to hold drachmas.

Trade goes both ways - even if others don't want drachmas (they don't want to sell to Greece) they may still buy goods/services from Greece which is a net win for Greece.

Comment: Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 727

You really should look at what happened to Argentina when they defaulted in 2002. It's still causing problems today.

In all fairness, I said they'd get the *ability* to bring the spiral under control, I didn't say they'd actually exercise that ability :-) The way things are now they don't have the option of currency controls!. If they get the option there is still the possibility that they abuse it.

From Greece's PoV, it's better to have the ability to control and not need it rather than needing the ability to control and not having it!

The austerity measures proposed would leave them with indefinite debt that can never be repaid. If the option of staying in the EU means that they'll be debtors for the rest of time then they may as well take their chances and default on the debt instead - defaulting at least gives them a chance.

Think about it this way: Let's say you are in debt, and the only penalty for defaulting is lower credit rating. If your creditor asks you to sell your means of earning money (say, sell all your computing equipment, car and house) as part of "austerity measures" before they give you any more money, you are better off defaulting on the debt. Their austerity measures will handicap your ability to repay the debt anyway, so why not default?

This is the state that Greece finds itself in, and the EU knows full well that if a precedence is set regarding defaults then just about all the weaker/debtor economies in EU will consider defaulting as well. After all, countries leaving the EU can still trade with China, Middle East and the whole of Africa for essentials - maybe the Russians too. It won't be perfect, nor better, but it will be an option. Trading with the strong economies do not work so well when you don't control your own currency.

Comment: Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 727

...Greece probably won't care if no one wants their drachmas; creditors (like Germany) will have to either take it or forfeit the debt.

Wow - is that ever simplistic.

As simplistic as you think it is, it's happened before and it will happen again.

That kind of thinking leads to foreign investment dropping to absolute zero, tariffs and sanctions from your biggest sources of tourism (which makes up something like 20% of the Greek economy) - that's a bright future for Greece you're advocating. If they play all their cards right, maybe in a hundred years or so they'll be back at the level of Portugal.

You appear to be under the impression that this doesn't happen often, of that if it does the results are as dire as you say. In actual fact it happens so often with few highly negative consequences that there is even discussion about how to stop countries simply inflating away their debt.

Yes, it is that common, and countries regularly do this with few highly negative results, mostly because they are already at the bottom and can only go up. Greece is in this position - bowing to the EU pressure for certain austerity policies might hurt far far worse than simply telling the creditors to fuck off and printing their own money.

Regardless of how simplistic you may think this is, the only chance they have might be to print their own money, albeit in a responsible manner. The austerity measures proposed seem to be punitive at best; such measures would definitely result in almost perpetual debt (Some other poster elsethread posted a very informative and insightful breakdown of *why* the austerity measures are worse for greece than simply printing their own money).

Comment: Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 1) 727

Poor economies need weak currencies to enable profitable exports.

Or they can use a strong currency, and lower their wages.

I don't understand what you mean by this (I'm serious, not being facetious): weak economies need to export goods and services/import currency. Greece doesn't need to worry about anyone wanting their drachmas - they should be trying to get dollars/euros/etc *in*, not drachmas *out*. Hence my reply to "printing money that nobody wants". Sure, nobody wants it outside of Greece, but a weak currency for Greece means that, for things Greece does not need to import, it becomes cheaper to live.

Sure - they'll pay more for iShinies and automobiles. But, they'll pay less for food (they *can* grow themselves) and a weak currency gives them more value on any goods/service surplus they possess. With the strong currency, it doesn't matter what austerity measures they take - they'll still drown.

PS. It's nice to have someone disagree on slashdot without first hurling insults about "crying manbabies", "clueless noob", "libertard/republitard", etc. Please keep up the good work :-)

Comment: Re:Germany should pay war reparations for WWII (Score 2) 727

The country that leaves instantly get's the ability to control their economy

How ? By printing money nobody wants ?

Currency control is widely acknowledged as one of the levers used in directing the economy. Surely you are not proposing that currency control has no effect no the economy? After all, Greece probably won't care if no one wants their drachmas; creditors (like Germany) will have to either take it or forfeit the debt.

Managing the exchange rate is something a country can do if they print their own money. They can't do it if they have no control over the currency. Poor economies need weak currencies to enable profitable exports. Rich economies need strong currencies to enable profitable imports. Greece would do better with a weak currency than with a strong one at this point.

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