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Comment Useless (Score 2) 130

This might be useful only if I could bring my own compiler and could keep the resulting binary and I could install that myself on the hardware (never going to happen).

Even than, the Cisco products includes hardware with sophisticated packet processing capabilities they could just built it into that.

Maybe they should first find a way to ship the product in such a way that it can't be tampered with.

Comment Re:Another example (Score 1) 728


But the real question is:
without 9/11 would the war in Iraq have happened ?

Because this why I created my comment:
"Without 9/11 there would probably be no Islamic State"

I'm not from the US, I don't live in the US. So I wonder if the mindset and believes of the people in the US was such that this lead to the war in Iraq.

Comment Re:Another example (Score 0) 728

Maybe I'm wrong but I think you got that backwards.

Here is my take:

Islamic State would not exist without the war in Iraq and without al-Qaeda.

al-Qaeda would not exists without the US training the people in Afghanistan during the conflict with the Russians during the cold war.

9/11 wouldn't have happened without al-Qaeda.

So the harder question remains: would the war in Iraq have existed without 9/11 ?

Wasn't it the torture by the CIA where the claims came from that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction ?

Would that torture have happened without 9/11 ? Maybe not.

Anyway, the conclusion in my mind is: it was the cold war where this all all got started.

Comment Re:Go to bars to drink (Score 1) 79

Actually, they used to work like keyboards.

I don't know if they still do.

But I remember a talk at a CCC conference in Germany where they took a sixpack of beer and put a different barcode on the bottom (the reason the sixpack is a good target is because it's heavier so cashier doesn't look at the bottom). The barcode instead of adding to the bill did the exact opposite: subtracted from the bill the same amount.

But to make these kinds of hack work at your local supermarket you first need to know at least a little bit about what systems they use and how the system work.

Comment Re:This is only going to become more common (Score 1) 46

"People know what a car does and what it is capable of without having to understand how it works..."

Not for much longer though.

Really, I think most people were surprised a Tesla could drive on it's own and change lanes on it's own and Tesla will be able to do much more in the future.

The hardware is already included (although I suspect they want to add more hardware in the next models to make it more capable).

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