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Comment Re:WordPerfect? (Score 1) 147

WAY better than Word 2010.

If your WPD has anything fancy or long, Word will show what it understands and chop-off the rest.

But in LO just works.

MS Office does not have to work well anymore. The Lemmings follow the previous lemmings. (or the head lemming get a free round of golf with a MS rep...)

Comment We have those Surfaces, loads of trouble.[serious] (Score 3, Insightful) 74

At work we keep getting Surface-only issues:
-Surface-Specific updates that won't stick
-BT-gadget not connecting on Surface
-Apps that works well except on Surface.

This both Surface 2 and Surface 3. WTF MS! This is supposed to be your flagship device!

I was sitting on the fence on getting one myself because they look well built until the Snoop-dates. That was the last straw for me.
At home, I'm moving on to Mint or something else.

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