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Comment Re:Decentralized power (Score 2) 405

A friend of mine has one on his off-grid garage/trailer thing, and decommissioning costs involve taking it down - about as much work as removing a large TV antenna - and perhaps hauling the batteries to a recycling facility. The wind turbine runs the lights, computer/network gear and sound system. Inefficient? I don't know how much wind energy is being wasted, but it works. I don't think he's touched it since he put it up almost a year ago.

Comment More blood for the gun god (Score -1, Flamebait) 1163

The gun god demands blood sacrifice! It is the cost of irresponsible, undocumented gun ownership. Hundreds must be slain to protect you from a bit of paperwork and the hurt of libertarian feels. The fact that the NSA effectively has a full manifest of every gun owner's weapons in the US (and planet, if they wish) does not absolve you of this sacred duty.

Comment Re:WordPerfect? (Score 1) 147

WAY better than Word 2010.

If your WPD has anything fancy or long, Word will show what it understands and chop-off the rest.

But in LO just works.

MS Office does not have to work well anymore. The Lemmings follow the previous lemmings. (or the head lemming get a free round of golf with a MS rep...)

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