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Comment: Re:Real Reasons Thorium is Being Held Up (Score 1) 204

by denis-The-menace (#46983597) Attached to: Thorium: The Wonder Fuel That Wasn't

RE: 2) The salt 'plug' that is often cited as a major safety asset for the LFTR has some major engineering obstacles that have been be able to be addressed yet

Can you list a few of these "some major engineering obstacles" ?
The only salt plug I've read about are "Freeze plugs" that melt upon "a bad thing" happening.

Comment: Should have gone with thorium (Score 0) 174

If they would have TRIED with something like LFTR (liquid fluoride thorium reactor) we would have something by now. They HAD a reactor working but moth-balled it in the 70s.

Bravo 1%'rs. Profits are in. Progress is out.

Within 10 years China/India will sell us thorium-based solution for a massive profit.
Just watch.

Comment: Too bad it's impossible* to reuse nuclear waste (Score 2) 154

Too bad it's impossible* to reuse nuclear waste.

*Impossible because the rules in the US are as such that you are not allowed to do anything that could result in threatening the revenue stream to current nuclear energy giants. Guess who helped write them?

Technological solutions exists but China will have a solution within 10-20years and we will buy from them because of these "Super Important" laws.

When that happens, the US will rightfully become the banana republic it so desperately want to become.

Comment: Re:magic (Score 2, Interesting) 135

by denis-The-menace (#46431673) Attached to: Dinosaurs Done In By... Dark Matter?

Remember folks:
Dark Mater is a THEORETICAL stuff that weighs a lot or is all over the place to explain why entire solar systems don't fly out of the Galaxy as they spin.

What if there was no Dark matter and Gravity could distorts time in a way that would explain it all.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.