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by viperidaenz (#47905849) Attached to: Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles

Aside from.... blah blah blah Facebook Apple

You forgot the Great Firewall of China.

As an analogous situation, imagine if the creation of (text)books was originally patented. The patent holder would then be able to ensure that any textbooks whose contents disagreed with him do not get published simply by denying a licence to the publisher for that book.

Fundamental concepts, like books, that have been around since the dawn of civilisation are generally not patentable. Prior art or something.

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First of all, no innocent person was convicted.
But more importantly, law enforcement is supposed to do one thing. Benefit society by making it a safer place for everyone.

Society does not benefit from quashing the conviction.
The law enforcement agency is not punished for their own crime.

If you want to live in a society where a guilty person is set free because of technicalities of how evidence was discovered, with no regard as to its credibility, go for it.

I would rather the judge in this case weighed up the facts and made a rational decision based only on those facts. If it turns out evidence was illegally collected, perhaps they should recommend the collector be prosecuted and leave it at that. Since none of the facts presented at the previous trial have changed, the jury's decision should still stand.

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by DrYak (#47904635) Attached to: Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

Try Kickstarting A Novel

You mean like this ?
This proves it possible although (as in the case of Star Citizen, and the likes) it got successfully funded because the book has big names behind it: Zach Wiener and Boulet.

I'm always amused when wanna-be novelists want people to give them $50,000 to write a novel in a year and discover that no one will give them money. The novel must be written first.

The book COULD be not finished yet:
- ...if it comes from a known guy. Popular author which has already shown able to produce good work. Can have successful kick-starter (I have this great idea that I want to write about, but my current publisher considers it a bit riské and doesn't want to shell out all the money for it).
Basically, any idea proposed by Terry Pratchet would get insta-funded, no matter how weird the premises.
- ...if it again follows the "prototype" rule. Wannabe authors writes "Chapter 1" on his free time and decides that he want to get paid to make the rest instead of having a main job and doing the book on the side. Wannabe authors makes chapter 1 available. Interested reader notice that current work is better quality than the crappy fan-fic which pollute the interweb and that the wannabe authors shows promising qualities. Book might get funded.
- slight variation of the above: a blogger who has shown very good and promising writing ability. Nothing from the book exist yet, the authors hasn't written a book before either, but has repeatedly shown to be able to output massive amount of written material with a good sense of humour.

Notice that, both situation could also work with a publisher. The only reason to go for Kickstarter is if for some reason no publisher is interested in the material it self (the project is REALLY weird, or the main theme is controversial, etc.)

The main difficulties won't be finding potential funds for Kickstart (as in fact, the main difficulty won't be finding a publisher neither, if the project isn't too much weird).
The main difficulty would be the lack of experience in handling a publishing project.

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by viperidaenz (#47904563) Attached to: 3D-Printed Car Takes It's First Test Drive

A rear spoiler on a front wheel drive car can help.
Most cars experience lift at the rear, due to the vacuum created as the body shape moves downwards at the rear.
It doesn't matter if you're in a front, rear or all wheel drive car, if the back wheel lose traction, it's bad news.

But you don't need to worry about that if you're driving on the high way, since you're not going fast enough to lift the rear off the road, or making sharp, high speed turns. So the ricer spoilers do nothing but increase drag, lower the efficiency and reduce acceleration.

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You still need to get the money to and from the Bitcoin exchange. and from a bitcoin exchange. any bitcoin exchange.

Unlike Western Union that you mention (where you're basically stuck with only one single service provider per system), bitcoin leaves you with full freedom of choice of how to process the BTCs you received (coin processor, classical exchange, face-2-face meeting like localbitcoin, or simply keeping them in BTC form to re-use them (just watchout for currently big market fluctuations)).
And your choice of method at your end has no influence at what I chose at my end.
I, the client, could be using localbitcoin, and you the merchant could be using coinbase.

So Paypal, Western Union, or TFA's WebPay aren't directly comparable to bitcoin transactions.

SEPA are more similar: any SEPA-enabled bank in Europe can send amounts of money to any other SEPA bank.
I might be using a Swiss bank, your bank might be German. But both of us can pick any account in any bank as endpoint, as long as both banks support SEPA.
(And bitcoin are a bit faster than SEPA payment).

That's some improvement compared to the current situation of payments over internet, where you're basically forced to have a PayPal account, and have a MasterCard/Visa credit card, just because that's what most of the web is using.

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They made the car extra small to print it quicker.

Can someone tell me why the roll bar is significantly below the heads of both people sitting inside? What's the point? So you're slightly less dead when the car rolls over?

They forgot the front roll bar too, around the windscreen. It's just a piece of glass or plastic.

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