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Comment: They can already cut off your service (Score 1) 207

You don't need a kill switch built in to the phone. You just cut the service off at the carrier.
The capability already exists.

All this paranoia about "Oh no, the government could silence me when I'm at a protest!". They could already do it if they wanted to.
They could ask your carrier to cut off your network access. You'd be restricted to WiFi.
If a kill switch was built in to the phone but you've taken out your SIM and only used WiFi, they wouldn't have access to the kill switch.

If you're paranoid, there is no difference.

Comment: Re:But but... (Score 1) 59

by tepples (#47717167) Attached to: Study: Seals Infected Early Americans With Tuberculosis
I assume this is an allusion to the folk tale "The Seal Wife" (#4080 on the Christiansen list) about a "selkie" (someone from an indigenous culture that makes swimsuits from sealskins) who washes up on an island on the north side of Scotland. She takes off her swimsuit and sets it aside, but a fisherman steals it. Stockholm syndrome ensues.

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