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Comment Re:How do they know (Score 1) 91

One of the cases considered was one in which the person could not get standing to remove a foreign original, but could argue that Google was keeping an excerpt, a link and possibly a copy in the EU, and so could be ordered to remove "their copy". It's not obvious how this will play out against opposing EU judgements that links are not publications.

"Hard cases make bad laws", Hodgens v. Hodgens (1837).

Comment Not a new idea (Score 1) 179

There's a ton of discussion elsewhere (ie, g+), and the Wired article completely misses that he's assuming we know about a classic (and cool) solved problem in computer science, "byzantine generals with collusion".

I suspect it will be attractive to anyone who could lose their master key of a sysadmin quits, and unattarctive to the security services, who don't want to ask for or honour court orders (:-))

Comment Re:75% of intelligence is inherited (Score 3, Insightful) 519

We see the same "sorting" effect in Canada, where being the child of well-to-do parents is absolutely wonderful, and leads to success in business and industry, roughly commensurate with the sum of (intelligence && opportunity). Starting out the child of poor parents gets you no respect, and people assume you're stupid.

The smartest three people in my high schools were a poor kid with parents from the Ukraine, me, with mostly white middle-class parents and the son of a successful businessman. In business success over the years, the businessman's kid came first, then me, then the poor kid. We all did better than the merely not-dumb folks, and really really well by comparison to the dumb kids, with one exception...

Some immensely likeable dumb kids went into sales and did better than any of us (;-))

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 1) 298

If you keep saying something, however impossible, eventually you'll get some people to believe you:
they strongly expect you to be shouted down if you're a liar.

This worked for Rob Ford (the druggie mayor of Toronto), and for two, maybe three, countries' rulers during WWII. So if you're a liar, don't stop lying! Redouble your efforts!

Comment Spiffy, like credit-cards (Score 2) 27

My credit-card supplier will issue single-use or otherwise restricted numbers, to use with "untrustworthy vendors". This allows a similar functionality: with the vendor I can be OscarTheSuspiciousGrouch and use a card number that is limited to legitimate stuff.

In both cases I can credibly demonstrate I'm really "Oscar"

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