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Submission + - Ask the FCC to switch to sane software engineering practices for wifi! (google.com) 2

mtaht writes: The CeroWrt project is collecting signatures for a letter to the FCC strongly suggesting they adopt saner software engineering practices for certifying wifi devices instead of pending regulations.

You can view the letter (signed by Dave Täht, Vint Cerf and many other notables) and add your signature,

Comment Re:As a HW designer, I really dislike the idea... (Score 1) 143

Unfortunately, the amount of low-level firmware is small, and the majority of the flashable chip is full of Linux and a GUI. The radio bits are the firmware itself, and the device driver that maps it to the routing software. All the latter bits are where we need to do repair, for both compliance and functionality, not often the firmware. Recently one vendor had a driver that on error would tie up a channel mindlessly until it timed out, which was just a tiny bit of a compliance problem (;-))

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".