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Comment Re:cable (Score 1) 256

Seriously. Time Warner shut off the internet to my fiancee's (now wife's) apartment on Christmas fucking day when the service was supposed to end January 2nd. I hated having to talk to a poor customer service agent that had to work on Christmas, but Time Warner... Just don't shut off service on a holiday and then you don't have to pay people to work on a holiday to restore service. We sure weren't going to sit in a half boxed up apartment with no internet for a full day when pretty much everything was closed.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

Well you can go live in the communities with the people who want free college and I'll happily keep my community. Calling me a simpleton and then outright refusing to accept that economics has anything to do with the discussion is kind of ironic if you ask me. But I'll just keep this note describing me as a simpleton next to my degree and professional engineering license.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

Philosophy degrees (and many others) don't give anyone skills to invent or supply goods or services to benefit me. If they wanted to help me, they could have skipped college and became a skilled worker that is lacking in new labor like welding, plumbing, or electrician work. I hire those guys out all the time and the only good ones are ageing fast.

I would support free education for degrees that have an economic benefit to society. But those degrees are easy to pay off after college. The people who want free education are the ones going into majors that won't pay back the loans they are taking out or are so overcrowded with graduating majors that they have flooded the market.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

No, no study has shown this. Yes there is a correlation between a wealthy society and high education. But it could just as easily mean that richer people can afford to educate. Rural poor in 3rd world countries aren't poor because they don't have an education. They don't have an education because they are poor. Educating them may improve their chances of moving up the economic ladder, but it sure isn't any guarantee.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

So you mean me? The civil engineer who designs the pipes to get the shit out of your house? Yeah, I really want your life to be shit. Stop assuming just because people don't want to hand out free educations to people with no economic reason to get a degree that they are horrible people who want to shit all over your life. Fuck you and the horse you were handed out. I volunteer all the time and contribute when I see someone doing the best they can. I went to college. The people not able to pay back their loans were the lazy asses drinking and partying for 5 years to get a degree with no job prospects. No amount of philosophy degrees improve my life. But they have done a good job at raising the barrier of entry into a lot of jobs. It used to be that you only needed a high school education for a lot of entry level jobs that would raise people out of poverty. But now there are so many unemployed degree holding people out there that employers have raised the bar to requiring a 4 year degree with nothing to show for it.

Making a 4 year degree a benefit for everyone will just make a 4 year degree the new high school diploma except now the poor have another 4 years with no income before they can get a slightly above minimum wage job.

Comment Re:If it was from any other publisher... (Score 2) 126

That's why I stopped playing Battlefield games. I was tired of having to buy a new version and upgrade my graphics card to support it every 2 years. Plus when they started tracking you online and giving you upgrades with huge advantages over new players, it became obvious if you didn't buy it when you came out, you'd never enjoy it.

Comment Re:Before a human walks on Mars... (Score 1) 285

How many events that would cause an extinction on earth would also affect Mars? The only ones that wouldn't are nuclear annihilation and a stellar impact. But if Mars is populated and we are dicks enough to destroy our own planet, I'm assuming we'd be dicks enough to send a few nukes to Mars just to spite ourselves...

So that leaves a large stellar impact, which is a fairly rare occurrence and has never actually killed all life on the planet. I still rate that a post-apocalyptic earth is more habitable than Mars...

I'm all for going to Mars for scientific purposes, but going because it will "save humanity" is bullshit.

Comment Re:unique id (Score 1) 214

You'll have the grid connection, but you won't have a service agreement. The lights are plugged in, but there's no voltage on the line. The water pipes are hooked up, but the valve is closed. The people who control the gates can pretty much demand whatever they want to initiate service. There isn't a competitor.

Comment Re:Mixed (Score 1) 350

When traffic is nearing capacity, passing is being done constantly. In an ideal flow situation, each lane further left is going faster than the one to the right of it, thus the middle lanes are constantly passing the right lanes and constantly being passed by the left lanes. The basic idea being is that if there is open space in the lane to your right, you should be in it regardless of speed or the number of lanes. If people are passing you on the right, it's because you didn't fill in that space with your car while not passing.

Once traffic gets dense enough that you can't get to the speed limit, it all becomes moot as it's more of a parking lot than a highway at that point. Which is a typical Atlanta rush hour.

Comment Re:Mixed (Score 2) 350

No, the right lane is for driving. The remaining lanes are for passing. I might let you off the hook in Atlanta or another urban area where there are 5+ lanes and left exits. If people are getting on the highway, sure move over a lane to let them in and then get back right when there is space. If there isn't space to move over and if you don't want to get slowed down by entering traffic, speed up and pass the cars in the right lane.

Of course all this is theoretical in the US. In real Atlanta traffic, semi-trucks stay in lanes 3 and 4 of a 6 lane highway forming a nice rolling wall down the middle of the interstate that makes it hard to get between the exiting lanes and the passing lanes and an absolute misery with the inevitable asshole mentioned above is going 55mph in the left lane, causing a bottle neck that the semis have trapped you in.

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