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Comment: Re:X-Files vs. Bab-5 - ouch! (Score 1) 476

by danbert8 (#48897711) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?

Sure Betazoid powers came and went with the writers and varied from episode to episode (can they read emotions from Ferengi or not?). In their defense, TOS was the same way about Vulcan powers... Every alien species has a huge discrepancy between how they were portrayed at the start and how the canon eventually developed.

Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 128

44 hours per unit isn't comparable to a car factory. How much footprint does the 3D printer take up, and how many of those can fit in the footprint of a car factory? I'm sure you'll get it down to a minute if you can put 2640 of them in the building. What you are saying is that it takes thousands of man-hours to make a car, how is that every going to be competitive?

Comment: Re:its a tough subject (Score 1) 660

by danbert8 (#48886407) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

Malicious intent is not necessary for a crime. Not getting vaccinated and working with children should be criminally negligent if you transmit the disease to them. Natural process or not. Think of it like having a pool at a daycare center. Choosing not to provide rescue equipment because you are cheap doesn't make you faultless because drowning is natural and you didn't have malicious intent.

Comment: Re:The (in)justice system (Score 1) 291

by danbert8 (#48847349) Attached to: Innocent Adults Are Easy To Convince They Committed a Serious Crime

Actually the number of laws each year is going up. Not that I can give you any statistics because no one knows how many there are... No wonder innocent people will admit guilt. With the sheer ridiculous number of laws out there, no one is truly innocent in the US.

Comment: Re:"Could", (Score 1) 401

by danbert8 (#48597345) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

So Canada and Siberia are wrong because you say so. Explain to me why the majority of the population of Canada is scrunched up along the southern border... Is it because they don't want to live in the cold or because the availability of light for half the year is unbearable.

As for people being welcome in my culture, I welcome people of all backgrounds, colors, peaceful religions, and means. I am an American and that was supposed to be the whole point.
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

Comment: Re:"Could", (Score 1) 401

by danbert8 (#48593453) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

No, America has no friends because we torture innocent people even though we know it doesn't do us any good. We act like policemen of the world and thrust our political beliefs and morals on the rest of the world while we shit in our own living room back at home.

Pollution probably doesn't make the top 5 reasons to hate America worldwide.

Also, it's convenient when you get to define pollution to be whatever you want. Considering that the gasses you exhale as part of staying alive are considered pollution now.

Comment: Re:"Could", (Score 1) 401

by danbert8 (#48593395) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

In 500 years, billions of people could be living on the moon. How big was New York in 1500? Do you really think over 500 years people can't MOVE? It's not going to disappear in a tidal wave. If anything, it might turn into a city like Venice which is still managing to survive despite sinking into the sea. Even in the worst predictions of global warming, I fail to see how there won't be enough landmass to support all the people we currently have. In fact, given improving technology, it wouldn't surprise me if we could double, triple, or quintuple the population in 500 years and still have a higher standard of living. I mean well more of the landmass of the world is currently unlivable because it's too cold, not because it's too hot. Antarctica, Canada, Alaska, Greenland, most of Russia... Too damn cold.

Sure most of the population currently lives near the ocean, but that won't change in 500 years, just the location of the coast. People will move inland over generations and I'm sure they won't complain that more latitudes will have tropical weather.

Comment: Re:More cooling, then? (Score 1, Insightful) 401

by danbert8 (#48593367) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

This would get modded flamebait. Warmer periods in earth's history have been more life prolific. I have yet to see studies seriously listing benefits of a warmer climate and actually comparing that to any negatives. It's all catastrophe and death. Because if heaven forbid we might benefit from it, there's no reason to tax or subsidize things, which appears to be the end goal of climate research, to engage social change.

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