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Comment: Re:Complete article (Score 1) 427

by danbert8 (#49378313) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

I just think it's absurd to postulate that climate change will have detrimental affects when we are already managing to convert a desert climate into an agricultural center. Humans artificially change the environment. The fact that we are artificially changing the climate with CO2 doesn't change the fact that we will adapt the local conditions to serve our needs too.

Comment: Re:My issue with password restrictions (Score 1) 159

by danbert8 (#49353151) Attached to: Many Password Strength Meters Are Downright Weak, Researchers Say

Sites that disallow any browser autofilling feature for that matter... Why the hell would a site prevent address autofilling? Are users really more likely to manually type in all their information correctly than have the browser fill it in for them that's been stored for years and never had a problem? I hate websites that block the best tools to keep my information correct and secure as well as save me time.

Comment: Re:Boorish (Score 1) 660

by danbert8 (#49353031) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

I'm just saying my wife had an older 2001 Focus where the engine gernaded... Seems to be a common problem around 80-120k miles for one of the two engine options. The valve seats crack and then decide to fall out, rattle around in the pistons, and then make your car a worthless pile of steel. The new one is a whole different animal. I'm just glad to see the RS is finally coming to the US, though I'll probably just stick with the ST I have...

Comment: Re:Boorish (Score 4, Informative) 660

by danbert8 (#49345723) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

Yeah, let's not confuse badges with production and design. A Ford Focus is a European car that they brought to the US in limited models to replace the shit pile they had. The Toyota Tundra is an American car, the Chevy Spark is a Korean Car, and the Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe were the exact same car...

Comment: Re:Not faultless (Score 1) 536

And you give them your social security number, address of closest relative, the combination for your high school locker, and a pair of your significant other's underwear. I mean they can pretty much demand anything... What are you going to do? Live without water, electricity, heat, or communication?

Comment: Re:We should lobby to break the cable companies (Score 1) 536

According to the map my new rental townhouse in a dense suburb in a major metropolitan area has 4 options when the reality is there is only a single option: Comcast. I'm sure the HOA got some cash from Comcast to only allow their copper into the neighborhood...

Comment: Clock you say? (Score 4, Funny) 92

So if the earth is approximately 4.54 billion years old and this clock is representing a day between creation and doomsday... Hmm, 1440 minutes in a day, 3 minutes till midnight... Carry the two...

We can expect the Earth to exist for another 9.5 million years!

Whew... I was about to panic.

Comment: What's the deal with the Spark EV? (Score 3, Interesting) 229

Pardon the Seinfeld title... The Spark seems like a good candidate for an electric car. Small, lightweight, city car. Indeed there is an electric version! But only for sale in CA and OR... What's up with that? I am in the market for a tiny city car and I am already considering a Spark. I would totally get the EV version if it was for sale in GA. There are electric cars coming out the wazoo in the area I am in, but no Spark EV for me? Seems like a missed opportunity especially considering the marketing potential of the Sparky Spark.

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