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Comment Re:It's not for them (Score 2) 400

Except by the time someone wants it or uses it, it'll be way behind the times. I'm sure the car manufacturers were "future proofing" their cars by putting in 8 track players too.

Make it replaceable if you want to plan for the future. My 1997 car has a better radio (not stock) that works far more reliably than my 2013 car with an integrated touchscreen infotainment system. I can also upgrade the 1997 radio again in 10 years, whereas the 2013 radio will be stuck with the same shit as long as the car lasts.

Comment Re:What I want (Score 2) 400

Hey, I'm sure there is a great reason why the HVAC controls need to be integrated into the radio and have components of the system put in like tetris blocks all under the dash. I'm guessing it has to do with the $2000 technology package that adds the value of a $200 double din radio.

Comment Re:Cars like pc's/phones/tablets (Score 2) 400

That is shockingly true. The "Source" button in my car is functionally useless. It switches between sources, but it includes everything, inputs that aren't hooked up, satellite radio stations with no subscription, and FM and AM "sources" that have no saved presets. Are you telling me that a car computer that knows there is nothing in the USB port isn't smart enough to skip that source? Why can't I disable the AM and Satellite sources if I never use them? Why the hell is there FM 1,2, and 3 on a goddamn touchscreen? When there were buttons for saved presets, it made sense. You only had 6 buttons, so if you wanted more presets, you needed a way to differentiate them. I have a damn touchscreen and 10% of it is dedicated to the artificially limited 6 presets. Give me 18 buttons (there is plenty of space and memory to store them) and then just have on damn FM source. Or let me save as many stations as I want and dynamically adjust the size of the buttons to fit.

The problem with car manufacturers is they put a damn touchscreen computer in the dash and then program it to behave like a standard radio with fixed buttons. Then it sucks as a real radio AND it sucks as a computer.

Comment Re: It's the interface, stupid (Score 1) 400

Oh don't even get me started. Rather than plow through 17 CDs in an audiobook, I ripped them to mp3s and put them in folders by disk. MyFord Touch doesn't allow any sort of sorting by filename or directory tree. Thus I had to strip all metadata and rename the files to 001, 002, etc to actually get them to play in some semblance of order and EVEN THEN there were still random times where 087 would be out of order or some other bullshit.

I don't use half the features, and the other half don't even freaking work like you'd expect them to.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 586

Right, but scientifically, there might be value in telling a patient they are getting a placebo when administering a drug to see if they get better despite not believing they are getting treatment. It is the inverse of believing they are getting treatment when they aren't. Both might be scientifically valid. Though I think I have read that some people get better on placebos even if they are told it is a placebo. People are funny creatures...

Comment Re:commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 317

Yes, but what you are saying is that over time the wealthy keep getting wealthier and the poor keep getting poorer. And the evidence does not support your theory. The wealthy do keep getting wealthier, but the poor are also getting wealthier, albeit at a slower rate. In the first world, even the poor generally have a home, a car, air conditioning, a refrigerator, tv, internet, and access to free healthcare and education. It may seem crappy as opposed to what the wealthy have, but compared to what your ancestors had, the poorest of the poor are living pretty well.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 317

Well when people talk about a college education being a right and that the government should just pay for everyone to get a college degree, a college degree becomes the new high school diploma. If everyone can get one, then what do you know, employers will make that the minimum requirement. Because if they have an open position, why wouldn't the hire the best educated one that applied?

Comment Re:Again, false solutions ... (Score 1) 127

Very poor citations: "Livestock systems occupy 45% of the global surface area" Really? Let's assume that they were stupid and really meant 45% of the LAND area of the globe. Even then estimates from 2000 put all agriculture usage (not just animal agriculture) at 30% of land area:

Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 1) 274

I disagree. With more and more tasks going to be handled by computers and machines in the future, I would argue we have hit and passed peak education. As you see with people who have smart phones in their pocket all the time, knowledge will slowly decline in the future as computers do most of the thinking for us. Thankfully computers are more consistent in their thinking and will eliminate a lot of problems in the world caused by smart people missing things.

I forget who said it, but the honest truth is that we are all idiots. We are just not idiots all the time. Some people just happen to be idiots more often than others.

"If Diet Coke did not exist it would have been neccessary to invent it." -- Karl Lehenbauer