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Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 1) 554

You are right, the planet doesn't care. Life isn't easy to maintain and it will suck in the future. But it also sucked in the past and we still managed to build up that world spanning civilization. The climate may have helped to a certain degree, but despite different climates, humans have managed to settle across most of the horrible environments the world has to offer from tropical places filled with disease to deserts with practically no water, to the arctic reaches. I'm not to worried about a few feet of sea level rise or a degree or two of warming on average.

Comment Re: The science is not settled (Score 1) 554

Considering the Earth orbiting (roughly) the sun is something we can measure and use to refine and improve orbital models is a prime difference between it and climate science. Give the Earth a few more climate cycles that we can judge against the models we have developed and then maybe I'll put more stock into climate change predictions.

Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 3, Interesting) 554

That last one is pretty key. For some reason that is the primary focus of all anti-CO2 actions despite that being the least tested hypothesis. The geologic evidence is the exact opposite being that the warmer periods of the planet have had the most prolific life and the coldest periods have had most of the mass extinctions.

What makes people think the climate of pre-industrial humanity is the "ideal" climate? Transitioning may be hard, but shouldn't we determine what the optimal climate is before spending resources trying to control it? Wouldn't those resources be better spent on transitioning if a warmer planet is indeed better for life?

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 582

Obviously you don't live in an area with traffic... I cut through residential neighborhoods because I can go 5-10mph in them instead of the 0-3mph on the main arterials. If it weren't for the unnecessary stop signs for a side street with 7 houses on it, traffic might be able to get up to 25mph. Forget about the highway... And I do get to the racetrack as often as I can.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

A.5 Require new residential developments to consider traffic flow and allow for through streets that do not have residences along them.

Ah wait, who am I kidding. They have those and the residents petition the local government to put up unnecessary stop signs and speed bumps to enforce a 25mph speed limit for a wide road with painted lines, shoulders, sidewalks, and fences between the right of way and any houses. Nothing says fancy neighborhood like having a line of cars waiting to go through a stop sign where no one ever comes from the side street.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

Being a new transplant to Atlanta, what the hell? The speed limits are plenty high, but that doesn't stop a rolling roadblock of 7 cars wide on I-85 going 55mph in a 70 zone...

The related issue here is a common problem in Atlanta. Residents of huge residential developments complain about traffic cutting through their neighborhood. The problem is that their neighborhood was designed without traffic flow around and through in in mind so they didn't provide any arterial or feeder roads and expect all the cars to go around the multi-square-mile development onto the existing arterial streets that are parking lots.

They protest the cars going through their neighborhood and put up unnecessary stop signs and speedbumbs to discourage drivers. But this just slows them down and pack the residential streets into a slow moving parking lot as well. Does this make things safer for kids? No. Does this make things better for residents? No. The solution is to sacrifice some "residential" streets and upgrade them to higher speed through streets and allow the traffic to get where it's going, Impeding them just makes them angry, impatient, and distracted which doesn't help anybody.

Plus I drive a small, low car and speedbumps are the bane of my existence. I hate anyone who thinks they are a good solution anywhere.

Comment Re:Skeptical (Score 1) 176

Your analogy is flawed. This would be more akin to someone saying "I agree that the evidence fits evolution, but I believe that God created the earth with conditions to allow humans to evolve."

I agree with the theory, I don't agree with their extrapolated models. I also think that research dollars spent trying to figure out how warming will damage the environment would be better spent researching how to take advantage of a warmer climate. I already believe that a warmer planet will be a net positive for life in general and if humans are smart enough to adapt (we usually are) we will prosper on a warmer planet.

The devastating impact on humans will come from wasting resources trying to stop the ship instead of using them to steer the ship where we want it to go. We may be accelerating natural warming or causing unnatural warming, but what we cannot do currently is control the climate. Geo-engineering the climate and trying to stop fossil fuel usage causes known harm today to try to mitigate future harm. Instead we could cause no harm today and migrate towards taking advantage of the benefits a warmer climate brings.

Comment Re:Skeptical (Score 2) 176

There's also a different between people who say CO2 doesn't cause warming or isn't significant and those that think the projected warming won't be catastrophic. I'm not a climate change skeptic, I'm a climate change catastrophe skeptic. Sadly the religion of AGW doesn't allow for categories of "deniers." They all get lumped together as equivalent to evolution deniers.

Comment Re:I'm Skeptical (Score 1) 176

I don't remember if it was Forbes, but yesterday there was a link to the 25 happiest companies. The first one opened with title, a sentence of text, a huge picture, and plenty of space for ads I presume... Fuck that, I'm not clicking and loading a new damn page 25 times to read a bullet list. Sounds like something Forbes would do.

Comment Re:do most accounts need to be secure? (Score 1) 165

They irritate me too and I do have a Facebook account. I would prefer to login that way, but then it takes you to the permissions page and it's "gives access to all your friends, photos, contact information, etc. and permission to post as you on your wall, on other's walls, and in private messages."

I'm like how about no... I'm not giving away permission for someone to assume my entire identity to not have to create a login to post a stupid comment on your stupid site.

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