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Comment: OMG!!!! PINK MARX!!! (Score -1) 101

by udachny (#46632973) Attached to: How a 'Seismic Cloak' Could Slow Down an Earthquake

I fully support ideas of Marx where it concerns the abolition of the State and income tax resistance.

Given the nature of today's date, let's go further.

Marx insisted that the bourgeois exploits the proletariat through the "constant revolutionising of production and uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions". So let's declare revolutionizing of production to be illegal and prohibit any form of non-incremental but sudden advances where it concerns production, manufacturing and technology. Introduction of personal computers was not an incremental step, introduction of the Internet itself, the combustion engine, powered flight, nuclear power, molecular biology and DNA based technology, and more, none of these are evolutionary, these are revolutionary technologies and must be abolished, prohibited and abandoned in favor of more evolutionary technologies and production techniques, which do not serve to undermine the status quo of the every day lives of the proletariat.

Of-course all private property must be abolished, inequality must be squashed, this has to start with the 1% but it cannot stop there, it must be taken to its logical conclusion. As long as we have inequality there can be no true Marxism / Communism, so we have to find the lowest common denominator, which everybody must agree, is the ultimate goal that provides the conformity necessary to prevent rise of capital formation. Let's find that lowest common denominator taking into account that private property starts with our own bodies, let's look beyond the obvious, such as land, factories, cars, houses, and such, let's look at the root of this evil, the moment of conception itself. Nobody can be allowed to utilize naturally occurring DNA based advantages, which are also manifestation of private property and thus capital formation, we must eradicate this inequality at the moment of formation. This requires that all sperm and eggs used in conception are equalized, there can be no deviation from the standards and norms in order to achieve maximum parity.

Of-course among the already living there are other forms of inequalities that can also be addressed immediately. There are, after all, people who through no fault of their own lost limbs, eyesight, normal functioning of their natural bodies, which is where the problem of inequality is very sharply observed. Nobody should be in a position to utilize his or her property to rise above the normal, thus normal must be understood to be the poorest in all properties, including body functions and capabilities. This means that upon reaching a certain age, all people must undergo a mandatory equalization procedure, consisting of the following elements:
* Removal of limbs
* Lobotomy
* Removal of other discriminating organs, such as eyes, tongue, nose, external genitalia.

Only by ensuring that no person can reasonably elevate his or her worldly status via acquiring possessions, especially if starting from an unequal playing field, which includes having more in terms of body capabilities than anybody else, only then can true Marxism / Communism be built in the land of equality and parity.

In the spirit of Marxism / Communism access to all valuables must be open to all international claimants, so for example an American peasant must be sharing fruits of his labor with anybody in the world, including any Indian or Chinese or middle-eastern comrade and while taxes must be resisted by the majority, a minority must be forced to pay them anyway, and while the State must be abolished, taxes still must be collected on behalf of the.... State?

We must all subscribe to these notions or we must at the very least admit that Marx was one of the biggest jokers of them all and as such he firmly asserted his position in the OMG Pink Pony movement.

Comment: Re:This is why I became a leftist (Score -1) 132

You were never a libertarian to switch to socialism, you were and currently remain a simple-minded pile of goo that has no will or ideas of its own.

Socialists, leftists, social conservatives is what destroyed the USA economy, libertarians were the people that created it out of nothing before the socialist / fascist thieves destroyed it (and when I say fascist and socialists, I mean these specific subsets of the larger collectivist mob).

Protection from competitors? That's a socialist or a fascist value, not a libertarian one, libertarian values exclude government protections to anybody and at anybody's expense.

Preserving the status quo? That's socialist or fascist values, libertarians expect the market to change at any time.

Fat government contracts? That's a socialist or a fascist value.

Massive amounts of money flowing to corrupt politicians? That's the result of socialism and fascism, more correctly: collectivist mobocracy that is willing to sell any principle for a promise of a lunch paid by money out of somebody else's pockets.

Creating debt slaves? That's a socialist or a fascist value, not a libertarian one at all. Debt slaves are created by governments spending beyond their means.

Unemployment is not a problem anyway from point of view of libertarians, the market clears at a correct prices, however socialists and or fascists prevent the prices from being discovered within market settings.

Should anybody earn any particular level of wages? No, there is no rule that says anybody is entitled to anybody's money. Of-course the economy during more libertarian times in the USA grew value of wages, while lowering costs year to year before socialist and or fascists took over the individual freedoms and allowed the government to usurp unauthorized powers.

Shareholder value must be maximized of-course, in a free market economy people are shareholders as much as they are employees.

You are a socialist, which means you are a brainless gnat.

Comment: Re:Taxi licensing laws aren't about good service. (Score -1) 72

by udachny (#46593181) Attached to: Taxis By Algorithm: Streamlining City Transport With Graph Theory

Except all of these business related regulations and taxes and inflation produce the exact opposite results. So if you wanted to have fewer cars on the roads, you'd have to have a very efficient transit system and this includes very accessible (as in a very cheap) taxi service.

It's when anybody can afford a cab ride and cabs are extremely accessible (easy to order, so there is no shortage) you'll reduce number of cars on the roads, not when you create artificial barriers to entry, which keep prices up and prevent many people from even thinking about using cabs, so instead they drive cars.

Comment: Re:One thing's for sure... (Score -1) 870

by udachny (#46588153) Attached to: Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

..backup account..

I guess I should now grovel at your throne and beg for forgiveness, or something like that?

- what you should do is shut your trap whenever you have an urge to spew diarrhoea of the kind you have here. You "created" jobs by buying stuff?

You have no idea when the jobs are created, what it takes to bring stuff to the shelves (figuratively or literally), before any purchase is made, many tons of work is done that precedes 'your highness, the consumer'. People put in their own money to create products, people spend their own time to create products, if this means hiring others, that's what is done and all of it is done before you see 1 item on any of the shelves.

Every single product, even products that are currently sold, all of them are created by investors paying salaries. Even if the product is a proven success, the money for salaries comes from revenues that could otherwise already be pure profits, a decision is made to create more products at every step of the way and you are not in any way the reason for anything, Mr. turning consumer goods into shit.

I created my products and I still keep creating new lines of products and employing people to do it without asking you for a dime first, you have no idea what you are talking about, you never had an idea of what you are talking about, you will never have an idea of what you are talking about. You shouldn't be begging me for forgiveness, you should be thanking your lucky stars that people exist that are not you who do this shit so you can turn perfectly fine consumer products into piles of shit.

As to 1930s, the gov't wouldn't allow the prices to drop and would rather print tons of money to buy perfectly fine consumer goods, especially food items and throw them into ditches and cover them with dirt just to avoid the absolutely necessary deflation and falling prices. So the people suffered twice, first time when the gov't damaged the economy by creating the enormous piles of money starting in 1925 to buy bad UK debt from France and thus inflating the bubbles in the stock market, and then, after the market correction, the second time with all of the gov't nonsense aimed at 'fixing' the problem - all of the money printing and asset buying that took place to prevent falling prices (just the way they do it today with housing, stock market and bond market), they hurt the people the second time by preventing prices from falling enough that the people could actually afford to buy food that they needed.

Any of the suffering and starvation and market damage and unemployment that resulted from the implosion of that stock market bubble was caused by the government that was working full time in full gear to prevent prices from falling as they should have. But as I said, you will know nothing.

Comment: Re:Oh, how cute (Score -1) 289

by udachny (#46575903) Attached to: Jimmy Carter: Snowden Disclosures Are 'Good For Americans To Know'

What I think is irrelevant, but here it is: I think any living person that is working or has ever worked for any level of central government should be banished and imprisoned for crimes against humanity regardless of their records. I have 0 interest and 0 respect for anybody that has ever held any public office. A (current or former) public official talking about privacy and rights is a huge joke upon all individuals.

I think it is everybody's responsibility to stop participating in government oppression, as in: stop voting, stop sending them there, stop allowing them to be elected, stop allowing them to rule you, stop paying all taxes of-course.

Comment: Oh, how cute (Score -1) 289

by udachny (#46575269) Attached to: Jimmy Carter: Snowden Disclosures Are 'Good For Americans To Know'

How precious, a former POTUS talks about freedoms and rights and privacy, so cute.

He added, "For the last two or three years, when I want to write a highly personal letter to a foreign leader, or even some American leaders, I hand-write it and mail it, because I feel that my telephone calls and my email are being monitored, and there are some things I just donâ(TM)t want anybody to know except me and my wife."

- yeah, well, good luck with that. If the Internet and the phones are tapped, what are the chances that none of the dead-tree communications are tapped?

Comment: Re:It's not arrogant, it's correct. (Score -1) 466

by udachny (#46568783) Attached to: AT&T Exec Calls Netflix "Arrogant" For Expecting Net Neutrality

You pay for access to the network of your provider and this has nothing to do with the provider - supplier communications.

In the real world suppliers pay for delivery and trucks cost more than bicycles to deliver larger goods, the costs are baked into your purchase.

I agree with only one argument: there shouldn't be any government subsidies from anybody to anybody, but of-course there shouldn't be any income related taxes either, any government projects beyond minimal protection of individual freedoms.

You must an individual freedom to own and operate private property without government stealing it from you and throwing you to jail or murdering you. Everything else must be purely a function of the market, if you don't get it, then it is you, who is an idiot.

Comment: Re:It's not arrogant, it's correct. (Score 2, Insightful) 466

by udachny (#46567311) Attached to: AT&T Exec Calls Netflix "Arrogant" For Expecting Net Neutrality

And yet, AT&T wants more money because they think they have the right to charge Netflix more to pass through their tollbooth.

- it's not their 'tollbooth', it's their road. On a road you can charge different rates for different types of vehicles, this is the same situation. An eighteen wheeler can cause more damage to the road that requires more maintenance than a motorcycle, this is the same thing: a movie that needs to be streamed a million times takes up much more capacity and energy and basically uses the system much more than millions of small individual requests do.

See, I even used an appropriate car analogy.

Comment: Here is how I do it (Score -1) 218

by udachny (#46552723) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Re-Learning How To Interview As a Developer?

I post an ad, you call, first I want to hear clarity of voice and ideas. I ask you to come by to meet and to see the place.

When you do, I ask you to tell me about yourself. Then I tell you about the company and the projects and technologies we use. I tell you what I am looking for in an employee. Then I ask you to ask me questions. Then I let you go ask a few questions to the current team members.

You come back, I tell you to think about it and send me a message.

Since I hire people with very little upfront experience, I don't expect them to be able to know much, I train the people and I tell them this upfront. I also tell them right away that they only start getting paid when they become productive team members, which means that they start contributing tangible code to a project that ends up used in the project. Until they become productive team members they are not paid, they are unpaid interns.

I have to like the person and they have to like the place and the projects. If this clicks we start. There are no 'gotcha' questions, there is not much technical interview at all. I tell them about the tech we use and the projects we run and I let them think about it.

OTOH when I need specialised help of an experienced developer/manager I always get a contractor that I am either familiar with or that somebody that I know can vouch for.

Comment: Re:Taking bets here.. (Score -1, Informative) 103

by udachny (#46536961) Attached to: NSA General Counsel Insists US Companies Assisted In Data Collection

Wait, didn't you know that you are submitting your tax data to IRS on VOLUNTARY basis? As in, if you ask them whether you must submit the data, if it is forced upon you, they will tell you that it is voluntary?

But good luck to you if you try to exercise voluntarism and not submit that data...

Comment: Re:FreeBSD 9.1 (Score -1) 220

by udachny (#46521675) Attached to: Malware Attack Infected 25,000 Linux/UNIX Servers


pass in log inet proto tcp from any to $ext_if port ssh
pass out log inet proto tcp from any to $ext_if port ssh
pass log quick proto tcp from $SSH_ALLOW_IPs to $ext_if port ssh \
        flags S/SA keep state
pass log quick proto tcp from any to $ext_if port ssh \
        flags S/SA keep state \
        (max-src-conn 15, max-src-conn-rate 5/3, \
          overload <bruteforce> flush global)

just saying...

Comment: Foreign? :) (Score -1) 320

The National Security Agency has built a surveillance system capable of recording âoe100 percentâ of a foreign countryâ(TM)s telephone calls

- sure, sure, 'foreign'. Maybe they can do it in a foreign country, maybe they can't, but you can be damn certain that is what they are doing in the USA.

Comment: Re:Have fun (Score -1) 358

by udachny (#46486885) Attached to: EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger

None of your fucking business what I buy and how much I pay. You don't like a particular type of a device, don't buy it. If you like a device and it doesn't do what you want, get a competing product or get an adapter. Also fuck off, if I want a device with a UNIQUE (as in one off, no other than mine has it) charger connector, I MUST BE ABLE TO HAVE IT.

I must be able to have a device with an connector that nobody else has on purpose. Somebody steals it, at least they have to get a non-existing adapter or even modify the device and it must be MY CHOICE to buy a device with a completely non-standard equipment and none of you, motherfucking collectivist cocksuckers, can dictate what equipment I can and cannot buy, and to avoid stupid questions, yes I mean anything at all, including nuclear materials, plans, equipment and bombs if I wanted to.

Comment: Motherfuckers (Score -1, Interesting) 358

by udachny (#46486575) Attached to: EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger

Between their mothers and the fuckers of their mothers, these motherfuckers don't know which end is up and how to get their collective heads out of each other's collective asses.

What a bunch of useless, time wasting, circle jerking, cocksucking, cum swapping pieces of stink.

Forcing people to STOP INNOVATION, forcing people to have a particular MONOPOLISED idea of a product, PREVENTING COMPETITION, destroying choices, preventing consumers from having choices..........

So if tomorrow somebody comes up with a new type of a device and they had an idea to provide a different type of a charger that is not based on the same technology, now they cannot.

Fuck them, the corrupt pieces of shit that they are. Good intentions can go fuck themselves. People are not supposed to be slaves of these dictator rulers, as they perceive themselves. Let's just wait for the inevitable economic demise of that conglomerate.

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