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Comment: Re:They're right you bunch of freetards (Score 0) 611

by udachny (#49677617) Attached to: FWD.us To Laid-Off Southern California Edison Workers: Boo-Hoo

Jesus fucking christ, precisely, I hire people who satisfy my requirements and I pay money to those people. Amazing! That's just amazing.

Am I doing it out of 'nepotism' or 'fraud'? No, I am building products and services that I am HOPING to sell and I am also doing some custom work for clients that I found already.

The money that I pay as salaries did not have to be paid for those products that I decided to build before having a single client outside of myself. So I am the employer and I created the jobs by hiring people and training them and giving them tasks to do and paying them money out of my own fucking pocket. Out of MY bank account into THEIR bank account for things I want them to do.

Whether or not I sell my products and services further to somebody else does NOT concern the people that I am paying to work for me, as far as they are concerned when the month is over they get paid. It doesn't matter to them if I burn the product or sell it or do whatever with it, they get paid either way.

I wish I could buy a yacht for 10,000USD but I can not. I have the 10,000USD to spend on a yacht but nobody is supplying yachts at 10,000USD. There is no fucking supply of yachts at 10,000USD.

If somebody can come up with a way to sell me a yacht at 10,000USD, guess what: they got themselves a customer, a market that otherwise doesn't exist because there are no yachts at 10,000USD.

In fact I would love to buy a yacht at 500USD. Even a more complicated question: where are these fucking yachts at 500USD? There are none, there is no supplier that can do it. The problem is lack of supply, never lack of demand.

You (or somebody) asked earlier: how come the companies are looking at 'customer confidence' numbers in the USA to figure out what to do with their stock? Well, the fact is that USA is an unproductive country and the unproductive country that it is, people in it have very limited ability to buy things. The word conman comes from confidence. The confidence trick is what is being at play here, it's not whether people have jobs and productive jobs at that to buy what they want, the question is: will they go into more debt to buy what they cannot afford?

Now, when your economy is built on confidence and specifically on confidence of consumers to go into more debt rather than on productivity - you have yourself a problem. In a productive economy it is not about confidence of a consumer, it is about employment rate. REAL employment rate, not fictitious bullshit pushed by the government propagandists. Real price of money, real inflation, real employment, real productive output.

Without a real economy all that we can talk about is confidence tricks.

Back to the question at hand, who creates jobs. Jobs are created by people who hire other people for money. Not by some ephemeral down the line client who may or may never materialise, but by the person who puts his own money on the table.

Learn something useful in your life rather than listening to garbage political propaganda of the collectivist state.

Comment: Re:They're right you bunch of freetards (Score 0) 611

by udachny (#49674409) Attached to: FWD.us To Laid-Off Southern California Edison Workers: Boo-Hoo

Finally, you are realising that every employee is provided by a job by the employer. EMPLOYER - the person who decided that the job is necessary (for whatever reason at all) and figured out where to get the money to hire the EMPLOYEE.

Cause and effect, basics of reasoning. Cause: person A wants to do something, finds the money and as a result hires person B. Effect: person B has the job, the job was created by person A.

What the job is and what is produced is secondary. It may or may not end up being paid for by somebody else LATER. ....

There was no life in the Universe, not even planets or stars existed until there was a SUPPLY of material that allowed those to be created. Was there a demand or market for material to create stars before material existed? No. But once there was SUPPLY the market was FORMED.

Cause and effect. Not the other way around, no matter what liberal idiotic agenda wants to present, the agenda of people with political ideas that go directly against logic, reasoning, reality.

Comment: Re:They're right you bunch of freetards (Score 0) 611

by udachny (#49669191) Attached to: FWD.us To Laid-Off Southern California Edison Workers: Boo-Hoo

Same user, backup account given the mob bombing my account.

Every business is speculation that somebody will buy your product. Customers do not create jobs, people who pay money to the employees create jobs.

Whether those jobs produce something that some third party customer buys or that job is simply satisfying some demand of the employer it doesn't matter, the job is created by the person paying money.

Do you understand the concept of moving money out of your own bank account to somebody else's bank account or not? If you do, then you should imagine person A moving $$$ to person B in exchange for person B doing some work.

Person A created the job for person B by paying for it.

There may or may not be some other customer paying for the PRODUCT that was created in the process of doing the job, but the job is created by the person paying money in form of a salary to somebody.

Comment: Re:projecting UV images from below liquid resin? (Score 1) 95

(same user, backup account)

Ok, so the solid part is created at the bottom of the vat is what you are implying, not at the top, which is what I originally assumed. I guess that makes more sense, as UV passes through a very thin layer of the resin it gets cured at the very bottom of that liquid resin container, so the model is created at the bottom part of all that liquid, not at the top.

Comment: Whitelisting real mobile carrier towers (Score 2, Interesting) 140

by udachny (#49271741) Attached to: How Police Fight To Keep Use of Stingrays Secret

I am thinking that some sort of a white list for real towers, their signal and locations will need to be developed and actively maintained to stop this fucking abuse of power on the technology level.

On the individual rights level the fucking police state is completely destroying those with all of these unauthorised searches (which is what they are), the Constitution is used to wipe the fucking government officials asses.

(oh, and /. it's been 16 seconds since I pushed the 'reply' button, has it? I am a quick fucking typist, you morons).

Comment: Re:Unbelievably? (Score 0) 89

by udachny (#49259359) Attached to: Mike Godwin Interviewed

Ok, let me be perfectly clear: I am against any vilification of any group by anybody and I am also against grouping people into any types of groups in the first place, that's how you get socialist movements, fascist movements, any sort of movements that destroy individual liberties.

As I said, I have no love for Harper, but I don't have any love for anybody who promises to solve people's problems by creating special treatment for them, I am against all forms of collectivism, against any type of privilege. No, money shouldn't be stolen from a single person even if you push agenda of 'helping the poor' or 'kids' or whatever.

My position is that in order to have a working society you have to have a rule based society, where rules cannot be bent for anybody under any circumstances, regardless of their circumstances, regardless of any cry to arms based on any negative experiences of any particular group.

The system based on rules is an ideological system, because it does not give anybody any preferential treatment, doesn't promise anybody to help them or to save them from anything. But that's the only way to build a society that is stable and doesn't rely on stealing from some to give to others, it is not based on any feelings and it shouldn't be.

Societies are falling apart today because of all the group entitlements, feelings, desires for 'social justice', where the term 'justice' is so perverted that in reality it means slavery if you actually care to look. Slavery of some for the benefit of others. You can't have it without locking the people you want to enslave up and throwing away the key, but you can't do that while pretending to be just at all.

Comment: Re:Unbelievably? (Score 0) 89

by udachny (#49258665) Attached to: Mike Godwin Interviewed

I have 0 issues with robocalls, senate, duffy, a couple of billions, gutting the environmental legislation, hopefully gutting anything that has anything to do with government subsidising anything, including any science whatsoever.

In fact I would say I like at least half of what he is doing, I would like to stop all forms of socialism, he is not stopping them though, he is creating new ones (any type of secret police crap or so called 'security' and wars, I completely disagree with that).

Democracy is a hydra and the mob is a vampire that gives hydra its power. Do I like Harper? No. I would rather have a libertarian and/or an anarcho capitalist and/or an objectivist who confirms to his ideology in the strongest way possible. That's how you get rid of crap that secret police, like so called 'security', wars, but also of any type of socialism and fascism.

Comment: Re:Unbelievably? (Score 0) 89

by udachny (#49258169) Attached to: Mike Godwin Interviewed

So Harper started concentration camps and is throwing Jews and Gypsies in it, he is killing off the disabled and mentally handicapped? Maybe he nationalized something, maybe he is opposed to capitalism and private property ownership? Oh, wait, nationalization of private industry, like the health care sector in Canada happened under an actual nazi (AFAIC).

No, Harper may be many things but he is no Hitler. As to democracy - there hasn't been a more duplicitous system of government that promotes 'feel good' solutions while undermining the fundamental health of a nation through destruction of individual rights and creation of large, hydra-like government structures that actually destroy the economy and society.

Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 0) 280

by udachny (#49155499) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average

Well, I am actually, I run a company and I hire and train new developers and I also ensure they understand my view of the world and generally they agree with most of it. I like it when they try to bring up arguments to the contrary, it shows that they are actively involved into the thinking on these ideas.

Comment: and Boris Nemtsov murdered in Russia near Kremlin (Score 0) 411

by udachny (#49151277) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

What a day, Leonard Nimoy dies.

Boris Nemtsov is murdered.





Putin says this was a horrible murder.... as he was seen hiding the fucking gun in his back pocket.

Not a good day.

Comment: Re:Is that really a lot? (Score 0) 280

by udachny (#49141643) Attached to: Drones Cost $28,000 Per Arrest, On Average

Nonsense, nobody is being abused by somebody offering them something at the market rate. Minimum wage abuses people who have so few marketable skills that they cannot productive in any position that pays that wage, so the government makes it illegal for them to work officially.

Do you really believe that a person who has marketable skills that employees want will work for what is considered minimum wage today anywhere in the world? Do you really believe that minimum wage law forces employers to hire all the people who have no skills as opposed to hiring as few people as possible and making them work as much as possible to somehow be able to afford that worker in the first place based on his productivity?

The reality is that minimum wage hurts people without jobs much more than it hurts employers and the truth is that nobody is abused when they are offered a pay rate commensurate to their actual market value.

Comment: Re:Black Mirror (Score 0) 257

by udachny (#49139371) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

(same user, backup account, since my other one is currently prevented from posting by various intolerant moderators.)

My moral failings? Unlike you I do not assign a moral value to being intelligent enough to take advantage of a situation by creatures living in this Universe.

I do not begrudge anybody taking advantage of anything that is accessible to them easily, I begrudge the society stealing from some to provide this sort of an advantage to others in order to buy their loyalties, (which is exactly what this is - buying votes).

I have plenty of imagination to live my life by my values, using 5 flag methodology and running my own business though I came from nothing at all and worked my way to where I am doing what I want to do, so none of your supposed insults can touch me at all on this level.

Comment: Re:Most taxes are legalized theft (Score 1) 324

by udachny (#47922089) Attached to: New Global Plan Would Crack Down On Corporate Tax Avoidance

A child is going to have parents and if a child has no parents then there are relatives, friends and finally private charities that can take care of orphans.

The only 'veritable idiot' here is you, somebody who still does not understand what reality is.

Most certainly nobody at all under any circumstances, regardless of what is happening in the least should ever be compelled under the barrel of a gun to pay for anybody's life, including lives of any number of children.

A child is a responsibility of his or her parents and if they cannot deal with it, other people step in, but nobody should be forced to.

Comment: Re:Government doesn't get it. (Score 0) 184

by udachny (#47882301) Attached to: Ontario Government Wants To Regulate the Internet

A gang sweeping through the jungle with machetes to eliminate the Tutsis does not violate human rights of the Tutsis, it just murders them, but there is no human right violation there, only murder.

Human right violation is a violation of the right of an individual to exist without being harassed by supposedly 'legal' powers that authorities hold. If the gang was an arm of a government, then it would be violating human rights of Tutsis while murdering them.

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